Pleasure P - Your Body Calling

Interview: Goodfella

Drake - Look What You've Done

Johnny Gill - Long Long Time (Featuring Keith Sweat and Eddie Levert)


01. Still Winning
02. Let’s Stay Together
03. In The Mood
04. Just The Way You Are
05. Black Box
06. Long, Long, Time (feat. Eddie Levert & Keith Sweat)
07. 2nd Place
08. Who Is He
09. It Would Be You
10. My Love

Music: SMR & Static Major - Super Lover

Exclusive: The Producers of “Aaliyah” Take Us Behind the Scenes Into Making of This Classic

YouKnowIGotSoul has always respected and greatly admired the work of Aaliyah. Despite her untimely passing that ended up cutting her rise to super stardom short, we have a great appreciation for the legacy she has left behind. Now ten years since the release of her final album, we have discovered that the support by her fan base has not wavered over the years, and is astonishingly still as strong in numbers as ever. It seems that Aaliyah truly had a special impact on anyone she came into contact with, whether it be in person, on TV, or though her music. We took this opportunity to commemorate the ten year anniversary of her “Aaliyah” album which many considered her best work. For this article, Tom and Kyle from YouKnowIGotSoul tracked down many who were involved in that final projects for a series of original interviews to discuss their contributions to the record and give a never before seen detailed behind the scenes look into the making of this classic. Participants in these interviews included: Bud’da (producer), Rapture of Keybeats (producer), J-Dub (producer), Digital Black (of Playa), Tim Barnett (Static Major’s personal assistant), Tank (artist/writer) and Craig Kallman (CEO of Atlantic Records). As avid fans of Aaliyah ourselves, we hope to help contribute to the legacy of Aaliyah and do our part to keep it alive; it’s the least we can do for an artist whose music had such an impact on our own lives.

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Music: Timbaland - Automatic (Feat. Six Two, Attitude & Static)

Music: Da Bassment Compilation (Side 2)

Interview: Sunshine Anderson on Static Major

I recently interviewed Sunshine Anderson for YouKnowIGotSoul, and as usual I threw a few Static questions in there because I know she worked with him.

Static Major Top 15 Songs (Results)

As you can see, we had a massive tie so we told someone on twitter to pick 3 numbers out of 7 and the songs in blue made the cut.

How close was this to your list? Any surprises?