Music: Static Major - Easy Come Easy Go

A song that I originally didn't really like, but grew to love the more I listened to it. This is now one of my favourite Static songs ever and Rudy gets a lot of credit for the killer beat. With a lot of his beats, you can hear traces of "On The Hotline", but he manages to switch it up enough so that you know it's a Rudy track.

Here is what Static had to say about the song: "Tracks like “Easy Come Easy Go” offer Major’s thoughts on love and relationships, of which he says, “You could be madly in love one day but tomorrow, I might not be feeling you any more. So let’s make the best out of it while we’re together right now because tomorrow you might feel differently about me.”

Fan-made Video: Static Major - The Girls

Check out this cool video by IttzLolanielly86.

I wasn't a huge fan of this song before, but I think this video has changed

Music: Static Major "Can I Kick It Wit Ya"

Man this beat is like nothing I've heard Static sing over before. I'd really like to know who produced it, but unfortunately I'm not sure. What do you think?

Music: Static Major - Miracles

I don't think I even need to introduce this song. If you're a true Static follower, you will recognize this title immediately.

This is taken from Static's myspace:
On “Miracles,” he opines, “I got $20 in my pocket/a quarter tank of gas,” reasoning, “the ‘hood draws to [the subject matter] because in the ‘hood they believe in miracles every day. The light bill’s getting ready to go out and the something happens and – boom! – they can pay the light bill.”

So kick back and listen to Static at his best. This song was produced by J Valentine according to Rudy.

And a quick blog update for everyone:
I (Buddha) won't be around as much for the next month because I'm going on vacation, so please don't be mad if I don't respond to your e-mails right away. The rest of the team will gladly assist you with any questions that you may have and I know they will continue to run this blog smoothly without me.

Music: Static Major - All The Way To Heaven (Early Version)

With the assistance of people like Neeze, Rudy, Goodfella, Spark1one and many others, we've been able to learn what Static was like in the studio. However, we've never had the opportunity to listen to how a Static Major song is actually made, from beginning to end. So here is a special treat for everyone, as we are about to let you hear an early version of the Rudy produed track, "All The Way To Heaven".

As you can probably notice, a lot of Static's signature background vocals are missing from the track. This really makes me appreciate the man's music because his harmonies, although unique and different, never sounded over the top or unnecessary. He was able to find the perfect combination of everything to make the song sound "just right".

Here is the final product for those who have not heard it:

Music: Static Major - Private Number (UPDATED WITH CDQ)

Here it is, my favorite Static Major song, and probably one of my favorite songs OF ALL TIME! As a bonus, you can see him performing it below live. A lot of people say it sounds a lot like "Some Ol' G" from Ginuwine which Static also wrote, and I agree. I asked Tim about this and her pretty much said this was recorded years after that, around 2001. Unfortunately, a mixed version of the song is not available right now, but I'm constantly on the hunt for it.

Also, if you listen closely in that video around the end, he's singing a part from Michael Jackson's "Human Nature." Pretty cool stuff.

Edit: It is Slam's birthday tomorrow, so I had to hook him up with something.

Music: Static Major/Pleasure P - Patience (UPDATED WITH CDQ)

UPDATE: See all of you on Thursday!

Neeze was singing this song on Skype last night, so it was only fitting that I posted this track

And here is Pleasure P's version of the joint.

Music: Static Major - How I Like It (Doggystyle)

We've heard J.Valentine's version, but here is Static's solo version. Got to say thanks to a good friend of mine for hooking me up with this joint and some other hot ones. It's great to see people out there who are willing to contribute with anything that they have.

Music: Static Major - I Wish I Knew You Then (UPDATE with CDQ of the track!)

I'm sure all y'all know about this song, it has been put on Static page back in 2006, but you might still wondering who the lady is on the song?
It's Tanya White Aka Freckles!

I promise you to give you more about her later...
But for now let's listen to that song again, probably my preferate song by Static (i hate sayin that cause i say it on almost most of his songs lol)

Buddha Edit: You may also recognize her name because she wrote "Trouble" by Ginuwine.

EDIT#2: Once again, we have the pleasure to give you the listen (of one of my personal fav track) of a cdq version of a supposed Suppertime track, enjoy!

Music: Da Bassment - Gin N Juice (Remix)

Here is a good quality version of the remix of Gin N Juice by Da Bassment

Can you name all the Bassment artists in the video?

Music: Static Major "It's Urgent"

Unfortunately, all we have is the non-cdq version of the song.

Music: Static Major - My Lady

I just called to let you're my laaaaaaaaaady.

Pleasure P No Longer Releasing "Suppertime"?

I can't confirm this is true or not, but what I can confirm is he has released a new single called "Change Positions" off of what he is now calling his "The Pleasure Principles" album. Maybe we can get confirmation from someone who is closer to the situation.

Music: Off Safety ft Static Major - Letters

I came across this song a couple of years ago. I believe Off Safety was signed to Swatt Music at the time. Unfortunately we only have this low quality version of the song, but hopefully we can find a CDQ soon. Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

Music: Static Major "Point of No Return" (Remix) featuring G. No aka The Latin Bird

It's always good to see some people out there who continue to help rep for Static's legacy.

Interview: Shannon "Big Shann" Miller

Here is an exclusive interview courtesy of Dimu and the rest of the StaticMajorIsMusic crew:

Shannon "Big Shann" Miller (Vice President Of DeVante Swing's "Da Bassment") Sat Down Wit & Discussed Life In "Da Bassment & Wit "Static Major". Talks About Meeting DeVante Swing & Creating "Da Bassment", Studio Sessions, Music, High Speed Police Chase Wit DeVante, 1995 Urban Aid Tour, Jodeci, Mike Tyson, Notorious B.I.G,, Suge Knight, Gin & Juice Video etc. Shares His Stories, Laughs & Experiences Of What Jumped Off Tha Careers Of Ginuwine, Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Playa, Tweet, Magoo & Others. He Also Took Time Out To Give All Tha Listeners Out There Some Insight On Life, Tha Music Industry & HAD SOME SINCERE WORDS FOR "MAMA STATIC" !!

Peep Tha Interview, This Is One Good Hearted Brutha !!!

Big thank you to Shannon for taking time out of his busy schedule to conduct this interview with us. This is a must-listen for all Bassment fans!

Music: Static Major - Never Let You Go

What's good everyone? It's time again for another freaky song for another Freaky Friday, and that song today is 'Never Let You Go'. From the sound of it this was meant for an earlier version of Suppertime.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

*All exclusive material provided by Neeze of SWATT music.

Music: Static Major "The Girls"

I'm lovin this song right here. This one is produced by Big Tank, who also produced "Private Number." Martina pointed out to me that the beat sounds familiar to Beyonce's "Upgrade U," and I can definitely hear that.

*All Exclusive Music provided by Neeze of SWATT Music*

If You Had the Choice, What Would Be Your Suppertime Tracklisting?

I think now would be a good time to put this out there since you all have had a chance to hear nearly a couple hundred Static songs at this point. So the question is, if you were in charge of putting together Suppertime, what would the track list be? I know it's going to be hard to decide, but let's limit it to 15 songs max. Also, even though we haven't included a few songs on the site like "Lova Lova" and "Won't Get Us Nowhere," if you have heard them feel free to include those on your list if you feel they would make the cut. I'm anxious to see what everyone is going to choose!

Music: Jodeci - Can We Flo?

Once again, let's just start from the begining!
Jodeci days, & you know DeVante likes to put his protege in the spolight, in videos cameo or in Jodeci songs.
This time let's talk about that 95 album "The Show, The After-Party, The Hotel"

In this album, you got the best out of the Bassment crew: Timbaland, Missy, Stevie J. & Playa.
Just remember on a smokey interview, he said that sometimes DeVante woke up one of them to come & record vocals instead of K-Ci or JoJo, & no matter what time of the night (or early in the morning) they had to do it, no second chance for the lazy boys.
So here's Playa doin some background in the song Can We Flo?.

We can hear some Playa harmonies in the hook behind JoJo's lead vocals, & on the bridge at the end, the "ooooh" is done by Playa, & again DeVante shout out Static "Yo Static get my fur out of the closet G", thats' what i'm talkin about, DeVante was about to do it big with Da Bassment Crew, & guess which artist of the camp come first at the shout outs in the album ????

If you don't already know this song, shame on you!

Question Of The Week #11: Static written or Static influenced?

As much flack as Pleasure P gets on this blog (lol), we need to also keep in mind that he's been repping Static as hard as anyone has.

So today I present to you two tracks by Pleasure P that may or may not be written by Static.

The first one we have is "Chocolate Coated Candy", which is produced by Rudy.

It's never actually been confirmed that this was written by Static. I had just assumed it was because it was a Rudy produced track.

The next track we have is "Lick Lick Lick", which will probably be a lot harder to solve because it doesn't sound like a Rudy beat.

As I listen to some of the runs that Pleasure is doing on this song, I can definitely hear Static on it. It might just be influenced by Static though, considering they worked together on Pretty Ricky's first two albums and also on Pleasure's solo album. Let me know what you think.

In other news, be on the look out for Pleasure P's song "Change Positions", which will be the first single off his "Suppertime" album.

EDIT: We've gotten confirmation from Rudy that "Chocolated Coated Candy" was written and produced by Rudy. Although Static had nothing to do with the song, you can hear the influence that he had on both Rudy and Pleasure P. Shout out to Rudy for helping us out. Everyone should follow Rudy on Twitter @ and show him some love.

Interview: Tim Byrd

I know you must be wondering who the person behind these eyes is now...

Well, that person is producer and songwriter Tim Byrd, who has worked with musical heavyweights like Timbaland, Aaliyah, Boyz II Men and Static. Staticmajorismusic got the chance to interview Tim and to ask him about his experiences with working with Aaliyah and Static, among other things. And, as a special treat, Tim has decided to share the song he did with Static for Outsiderz 4 Life with us! Having said that, I'll stop talking now and let you enjoy the interview and the new music...

Major shout out to Tim Byrd for kindly taking the time out to share his stories with us and for providing us with some exclusive heat from Static!

1. How did you get involved in music? Which artists have you worked with?
I've always loved music every since I was 5 years old. I was in a lot of singing groups growin' up. When hip hop came along, I was a breakdancer, rapper, singer and dj, you name it. So I've always been involved with music.
When I discovered songwriting and producing and found out I was good at it, it opened the doors for me to work with people like: Ski (Producer of "Reasonable Doubt"), Outsiderz 4 Life, Dave Hollister (formally of Blackstreet), Leon Silvers, Teddy Riley, Boyz II Men, Timbaland, Aaliyah, Nicole Wray, Static & Black of Playa.

2. Is there a difference between writing and producing songs in your opinion? Which do you prefer to do?
Well, in my opinion, producing and writing took on a whole new persona when Teddy Riley came on the scene. Prior to Teddy, we had producers like Quincy Jones who's role was to find songwriters, arrangers, musicians, studios and engineers to produce a product to deliver to the label. The person who wrote the music was a writer and the person who wrote the lyrics was a writer. The producer at the time was equivalent to a director of a film. When Teddy came along, he was the songwriter, the arranger, the musician so on and so forth. Being that he was all that in one, the producer also became a writer as well. But I still believe that there IS a difference between producing and writing. A producer produces the final product to what we hear on the radio or cd just like a director of a film. A songwriter, to me, is like a script writer. They write the screenplay, but the director brings it to life. I love doin' both.

Click here to continue reading and to listen to 'Pressin' tha issue', written by Static and produced by Tim Byrd.

Freaky Friday: New Song + First Ever StaticMajorIsMusic Contest

What's up guys, so as we continue to bring you new Static songs each week, the team here at StaticMajorIsMusic got our hands on one that isn't finished. As you can hear, Static only recorded the hook for the song. So, as a team, we came up with the idea to create a contest out of it. Anyone who wants to participate, download the song, and create your own verses on the track. (between 1:15 - 1:42 and 2:45 - 3:13). After all the submissions are received (the contest will run for a week), we will determine the winner and award that person a reward, which will be an exclusive prize that is a must for any Static fan. Additionally, we will also hand out consolation prizes for anyone who participates. So please give it a try, and send all submissions to Most of all, have fun!!

Static Major "Freaky Guy"

G.No Interview with Lingerie of Pretty Ricky

I just found this interview that G.No conducted with Pretty Ricky's new leadsinger Lingerie. Since it touched on the subject of Static I thought I'd post it here. Enjoy!

Music: Stefon4U - You Saved My Life

Static's protege Stefon has been hard at work recently. He has just dropped a mixtape and has been recording songs on a daily basis. To show you the influence Static had on him we present you one of these recently recorded songs; at our request Stefon recorded his very own version of Kieran's 'You saved my life'
Enjoy this special and very exclusive treat:

Let us know what you think!

Major shout out to Stefon for recording this!

Music Monday: Static Major "City Life" featuring Native

Here is a personal favorite of Neeze's that he was kind enough to provide for us.

All Exclusive Songs are Provided by Neeze Courtesy of SWATT Music.

Coming Soon: Shannon Miller Interview (Static/Da Bassment Era)

Dimu: StaticMajorIsMusic has caught up with Shannon “Big Shann” Miller. For those that are unaware, “Big Shann” served as tha Vice President For “DA BASSMENT” working alongside DeVante Swing to shape the vision of what has influenced the direction of music in the 90s/2000s & has elevated tha careers of Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Ginuwine, Tweet, Magoo, Playa & tha list goes on. Many of you remember him on tha album credits for Sista’s album back in ‘94 as well as his appearance in both of DeVante’s “Gin & Juice” videos. This man is a major contribution & major piece to tha puzzle that basically birthed tha style & sound of not only “Da Bassment” but R&B as a whole. He’s given us tha privilege of snatchin’ em up for a few ticks so we can get tha full scoop of what went down in the early days of Static’s career & “Da Bassment” crew. As some of you know, Farid & I hold down tha “Bassment/Jodeci” sector of Static’s legacy, so submit any questions you might have for this musical veteran."

Music: Jodeci - What About Us (Mr Dalvin Remix)

As a Jodeci follower 1st, i had to hook you up with this one!
Most of y'all probably think that the 1st Static apparence is on the Mr Dalvin remix of "Brand New" for Sista, but this same year was released the single "What About Us" from Jodeci with Swing Mob remix (wich include Timbaland & Magoo) & Mr Dalvin remix.
Static was DeVante protege, but also Dalvin, cause he included Static in 2 remixes & they both appears in the "True O.G" track.

The song came out in 94, but you can only find that Dalvin remix on the tape single & the 12" single, & i gotta thank my man Stingy for ripping a good quality of the song, so i could notice that Static is singing the bridge at the end of the song.
This is strictly for the Bassment lovers here, young Static on a Jodeci track means to me again that he was definely one of the best out of the Bassment crew, & like they all said at that period, you had to get DeVante's atention by doin your best, & he did.

Music: Static Major - Hummers and Escalades

It's another Freaky Friday, and that means brand new exclusive music to start off the weekend. Today we bring you 'Hummers and Escalades', a Young Sears produced track that features Black. I have the impression that this track was meant for Playa, though I have no confirmation on that.
Anyways, enjoy the song, and keep your seatbelts on...

Major shout out to the one and only Neeze for providing this song. Thank you!

Interview: Kieran Roberts

YouKnowIGotSoul in conjunction with StaticMajorIsMusic had a chance to catch up with Kieran Roberts to talk about everything from his debut album, to the follow up, to having the chance to work with Static and all of his experiences involving that, to upcoming movies he's working on. I hope you enjoy it and support his music!

Interview Done By: DJ Slam
Interview Recorded By: Talking Crazy
Interview Edited By: DJ Slam & Talking Crazy

Music: Metro City - Why

According to ASCAP, Static has done a couple of songs with RnB group Metro City, including 'Playa Play On', '4 Life', 'I swear' and 'Why':

I don't believe the other three Static-penned songs were ever released (or Metro's album, for that matter) , but I'll do my best to try and find the other songs for you.

Check out some more songs here:

Interview: Tim Byrd part 2

3. You said in a previous interview that you would not sign a record contract with a major label. Why not?
If the money's good I would. LOL...But I said that because of lack of control and vision. I remember when a group I was workin' with (Outsiderz 4 Life) signed their 1st record deal. I read the contract. It said that the artist was responsible for promoting their own product. So over the years I thought, the only reason we need the label for was to finance the project. When they do that, they're givin' you a loan that has to be paid back from future royalties. It's like payin' back a college loan, lol...I believe that no one knows your vision or direction better than yourself. Why not use your own money to produce and promote your product? Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at the labels at all. But I believe in being self contained. No matter how long it takes. Like I said earlier, if the money's good...I'm there. LOL!!!

4.Is there a specific reason you started your own production company? What are your plans for your company, do you have a specific goal you would like to reach?
Of course. I wanted control of what I created. Plus, I have a wide range of musical influences and some of it comes out in my music. There might be a day where I'm influenced by The Beatles and that comes through in a track I'm makin'. The one thing that I hate the most is the phrase '"track like".....Can you make me a 'track like' Timbaland?, Swizz Beats? So on and so forth. Recently, I've fallen in love with music licensing. I have a partner, Aaron Kane. We decided to form TAVA Entertainment as a way to produce great songs and music or whatever we want for artsits, film, TV, video games, websites and even business presentations. Our goal is to have our music heard everywhere. I know it sounds cliche, but it's the truth. It's not about the fame, it's really about creating what we're happy with and having it accepted.

5. Would you say your production and writing style has changed throughout your career? If so, how?
Oh yea, my production and writing has changed throughout my career. In the beginning, I had no identity with my music. I loved music so much that I would remake my favorite songs and call it my What really changed my life, and it's funny that this happens to be on a Static page, was when I met Playa. Real Talk. I worked with Boyz II Men prior and learned a lot from them, but it was different. With Boyz II Men, I learned the mechanics of approaching a song. Meaning that everything was thought out over and over again. Not a bad thing at all, I love Boy II Men till this day. But when I was in the studio with each member of Playa alone, the approach to writing a song was more organic. It was honest. To me, it was like whatever comes out of your mouth 1st, is what you really feel. And that's how Playa approached songwriting. That changed my life and style of producing and writing forever. I've witnessed Timbaland producing music the same way. I guess it was all that time with Da Basement, ya know?

6. Which (musical) accomplishment are you most proud of?
I'd have to say bein' apart of the Blackground Records family. That was my high school and college of the music industry from creating a song to the business.

7. Could you share your memories about working on the Outsiderz 4 Life project, and specifically producing the song ‘Ain’t Never’ featuring Aaliyah? Did Aaliyah co-write the song (according to ASCAP she did)?
Well, I went to high school with Outsiderz 4 Life so I've known them since we were teenagers. When they started their group, it was called Sudden Impact. They were in Boyz II Men's Motownphilly video. So we use to write songs together in one house just like Playa, Ginuwine, Missy, Magoo & Timbaland did with Da Basement. We wrote 30 songs at home after leaving Boyz II Men and before getting with Blackground. My memory of workin' on that project was when Barry Hankerson (Aaliyah's uncle) heard our demo, he loved it. He set us up in Sony Studios in NY to record those songs because he felt the sound would come out better. He felt that the vocals on the demo sounded like a demo. Rightfully so...We had to redo 30 songs. The group couldn't recapture the feelin' we had when we were recording at home. So, I decided to have someone fed-ex the ADAT Tapes of what what we've done at home to Sony Studios. We used the same demo vocals that Barry felt needed to be redone. Barry came to the studio to see how things were goin'. He loved the way we redone the vocals....LOL...They're the same vocals he heard when he 1st met us. LOL...That's when we showed him this song we wrote called ""Ain't Never. But we all felt a girl should do the bridge part. We asked Jomo, Barry's son, did he think Aaliyah would want to do it. Mind you, we met Aaliyah 2 nights before and she loved the group because they always made her laugh. We didn't hear anything from him. A couple of days later, she shows up at Sony Studios. And she loved the concept of the song. We'd written the bridge already for the female part but didn't have the last line. So I asked Aaliyah, what would she say to finish the bridge out. She told me that she wasn't comfortable with her writing but trusted the writers and producers she worked with. I eventually talked her into comin' with the last line in the bridge: ""Well I can't lie, I guess it's time that I, Tell you both bye bye...and that's the line she wrote. She didn't think it was enough to warrant a credit but as you see, I put her down as writer as well. One thing I can say about Aaliyah, HUMBLE....Very HUMBLE...While recording her on that part, I was shocked to find out she only wanted the producer and engineer in the room...She said she get's nervous when people watch her record...I was like, but you're Aaliyah, I'm nervous just sitting on the other side of the booth...LOL...And It's funny that R Kelly and Usher came out with Same Girl, same concept, and we wrote Ain't Never in 1997 and recorded Aaliyah's part in 1998. No, I'm not sayin' they stole it from us...LOL...

8. What is the reason the Outsiderz 4 Life album was never released? Are you disappointed in this?
After Aaliyah passed away, things changed. Blackground, as we all were, was suffering from a loss of their star artist. Barry, who ran Blackground, lost a family member. Boy bands were fading. Outsiderz 4 Life were perceived as a boy band because they didn't play any instruments. It all can be blamed on us as well. We didn't promote ourselves as we should've. We were comfortable with the fact that we had the HOTTEST and EDGIEST label behind us. So Outsiderz 4 Life and myself can take blame in why the album was never released. I was disappointed because it was a great album...But when hind site is 20/20, you tend to see why things turn out the way they do..But I learned a lot from that experience.

9. How did your collaboration with Static Major happen? Did you know him beforehand?
I actually met Playa back in 96 or 97, can't remember. I had an R&B group I was producing at the time. I did a song for them that landed a spot as opening act for Playa. We talked briefly but not much. After Outsiderz 4 Life and myself signed with Blackground in 98, Barry Hankerson arranged a meeting with Playa in '99 because they loved our writing. It wasn't until 2001 when I worked with Static & Black. It wasn't for a Playa project, we needed songs for Ousiderz 4 Life. We were all at Music Grinders in Cali workin' on songs. Playa was tryin' to finalize their 2nd album at the time. I was in the studio and Static happened to be in the same room. I wanted to play some tracks to him. So I played some tracks and he loved this slow track that I had and kept havin' me play it over and over again. So that's how I ended up co-labbin' with Static.

10. Which songs did you do with Static Major and could you share your memories about these songs and (working with) him with us?
The song I did with Static wasn't for Playa and at the time, he hadn't thought of a solo project. This was pre-Static Major...But it was a slow song for Outsiderz 4 Life called
"Pressin’ tha Issue". He heard the track like 3 times....asked could he hold the cd of the instrumental...that same day an hour later, he had a full song. No pen or pad. amazing....that day changed how I approached songwriting and producing. Watchin' him work, you could tell he looooovvvveeed music. It wasn't for the money for him. He really loved music and being in the studio. I didn't know Static like Black, Smoke or Neeze did but one thing I do know, is love for music and Static treated music like it was his body part. Real Talk. It was so natural for him.

11. Has Static Major influenced you in any way and if so, how?
OH HELL YEA!!! Before I met Static, I would write lyrics, erase them and try to come up with something better to say...that means it would take me 2 hours to write the 1st line of the 1st verse because I wanted to make sure it was After working with Static and even Black and Smoke, I learned that I was thinking too much. That the longer it took for me to make the perfect song, the longer it would take the audience to get it. That's what influenced me. The honesty. How organic it was. I started approaching songwriting and producing as therapeutic instead of trying to come up with the coolest lines. See, Static came up with the coolest lines without tryin' because that's the way he spoke. He wrote how he spoke. I find myself bein' influenced by how he arranged his harmonies....The dude was outta here. And I'm glad I got to work with him.

12. What are your plans for the future (what are your upcoming projects/which artists are you planning to work with)?
Tava Entertainment's future plan is to have our music featured in various areas: Artists, Film, TV, Video Games, Documentaries, Websites..etc...I just love makin' music. I'd love to work with Black again. I saw on YouTube where Smoke sang to one of my tracks, don't know how it got to But the reason I'm not trippin is because it was an honor to be around what music was suppose to be like. That's what I got from Playa as a group and Static as a songwriter/artist.

13. Is there anything else you would like to share?
Yea, be on the look out for Tava Entertainment's Compilation CD. It's called Tava Entertainment presents: The Tava Files. We're still putting the finishing touches on it so we don't have a tentative date...You can check out some our music at you need some instrumentals for your project, go to to listen...Also wanted to thank Martina for reachin' out to me and settin' up this interview...Tim Neeze ""Barnett for keepin' Statics dream alive by creating, because he is...Static, You've touched so many...RIP my dude.

It's May 4th, Static Major Day In Kentucky!

I was just informed it's Static Major day in Kentucky today! There might be a gathering later at his house in honor of the man, so if anyone would like to leave some comments here to pass on to his wife Avonti, his children, or even his mama, we can definitely pass it along at the end of the night!

Music: Static Major - Good Lyfe (Demo for Kieran)

We came across this song a while ago, not knowing at the time that it was a demo for Kieran.

Now I'd love to give you some more background information about this song, but I'm sure you will get all the details you'll need, as well as the full background story on the collaboration between Static and Kieran from the interview DJ Slam has recently done with Kieran. The interview will be up soon...

In the meanwhile, you can listen to Kieran's version of Good Lyfe on his facebook page.

Music: Static Major "In The Hood"

It's Music Monday, so here's another new one for you guys. Once again, I'm not sure of the history of this one, but I have a hunch this was a demo for someone that we might not yet have discovered. Let us know what you think.