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Music: Static Major - Miracles

I don't think I even need to introduce this song. If you're a true Static follower, you will recognize this title immediately.

This is taken from Static's myspace:
On “Miracles,” he opines, “I got $20 in my pocket/a quarter tank of gas,” reasoning, “the ‘hood draws to [the subject matter] because in the ‘hood they believe in miracles every day. The light bill’s getting ready to go out and the something happens and – boom! – they can pay the light bill.”

So kick back and listen to Static at his best. This song was produced by J Valentine according to Rudy.

And a quick blog update for everyone:
I (Buddha) won't be around as much for the next month because I'm going on vacation, so please don't be mad if I don't respond to your e-mails right away. The rest of the team will gladly assist you with any questions that you may have and I know they will continue to run this blog smoothly without me.


  1. "I said there' more than one skin a cat".
    Yep. he was the best.

  2. Static at his best, one of the best i've heard from him so far.

    And have a good time on vacation Buddha. Be Safe


  3. This was a major hit!! Keep the songs comin'!

  4. First time hearin it and still a tru fan.Could never make the Skype parties man. Love it. StaticMajorIsMusic.... blogsite has da perfect name


  6. J Valentine did his thing on the beat, this is a classic song, I only wished it coulda seen a proper release with the right setup & blew up the way he wanted it to, album closer or a single, the game is still missing him, you hear his influences but there's something that just can't be imitated or duplicated

  7. This is def. something everyone w/ hard times can relate too. Nice up. Static's music is very universal w/ OG flavor

  8. So many different styles no wonder he had trouble deciding on what to put on his album, how do you measure genius, you just can't, man if he put out a hundred albums i would buy them all.

  9. I AM WITH Sebastian ON THIS ONE TOTALLY ......4LIFE


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