Album: Static Major - The Demos (EP)

1. Da Bassment - Nothin' But A B-Party Ya'll
2. Static Major - Never No More (Demo)
3. Static Major - You Saved My Life (Demo)
4. Static Major - We Need a Resolution (Demo)
5. Static Major - Read Between The Lines (Demo)
6. Static Major - Come As You Are (Demo)
7. Static Major - Fire Lovin' (Demo)
8. Southernaire All-Stars - Ghetto
9. Static Major - More Than a Woman (Demo) (First Version)


pooh said...


Otad12 said...

Hey, something is wrong with the link!

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pooh said...

nice cover btw :)

Anonymous said...

Its working just fine for me. Thanks so much yall. Love the blog!

Anonymous said...

Goodness..his voice is so so beautiful. Man...

AzzIzz said...

OMG, I wasn't expecting all these demos, thanks!

Anonymous said...

yh thanks fo dis

SPIN DR. said...

My HAts off to the STATIC/MAJOR ARMY marchin up on the Industry......4life OGTSM

SPINNER said...

SMA goin to Jail , cuz yall Murdered THAT EP.Yall doin more than the industry did For this Great man who WE REPPIN. STEPHEN "STATIC/MAJOR" GARRETT.....4life

Anonymous said...

I've noticed the lyrics on More Than A Woman had almost completely changed and the others are near enough, why?

DJ Slam said...

"More Than a Woman" that's on this EP is an earlier version that was never used. If you read the comments in the CBox, Static thought he could do something bigger with the record. In fact, it's not even named "More Than a Woman."

Tim "Neeze" Barnett said...

@Kelley and Anonymous.. We recorded all of the Timbaland records once we got back from Austrailia. After recording that record and listening to it all night Static didn't like it. He felt that track deserved better. He then went the next day and recorded Dont Know What to Tell Ya. After listening more he re-recorded the song that you know as More Than a Woman. He did the same with Hotline for Pretty Ricky..

AzzIzz said...

And that's how the Genius works. I'm in love with that early version and if I would be him I would leave it, but Static knew how to make a hit!

Kelley said...

Thanx Neeze!

Anonymous said...

thanks neeze & slam - and yh i think he made the right decision changing but the original is still sick

Akiel said...

So Don't Know What To Tell Ya might be on the next one?????

Anonymous said...

anyone notice how the demo's structure of "more than a woman" is similar to "steady ground." more specifically the part where aaliyah sings "ain't no doubt in mind, guess it's a case of destiny.."

both versions are dope nontheless.


Anonymous said...

thanks, much love for these.


Anonymous said...

does anyone know the lyrics to the More Than A Woman demo? specifically the chorus

Anonymous said...

ye same i didnt understand what he said in the chorus

Gilbert said...

Thanks for the info Neeze, couple of questions thou do u know how many tracks Aaliyah and Tim recorded for the last album or at least the ones Static wrote other than the 2 on the album and DKWTTY, and do u know of any other Aaliyah, Static, Tim records that are unrelased as well? And will any of these tracks ever get released?

Anonymous said...


I dont know where to draw the line (with you)
Its almost like hes reading my mind (I dont know)
I dont know where to draw the line (with you)
Cause my answer is yes, every time.

Anonymous said...

more than a woman

verse 1:

He massage my back and my (head?)
He caress my heart and my soul
My nights aint never complete if he aint there holdin me.
Passion grows instantly
(---?) right to my feet
Aint no secrets to keep
He's my man Im his piece..and I dont know


Verse 2:
Constant pleasure for me
Make a girl shake at the knees
Yes he's my property
Got a whole lot to offer me
He's always there to be reached
We'll make love on the beach
Dont take a lot to see..
Im on the edge of my seat..cause I dont know..


Anonymous said...

So I'm guessing "More Than A Woman" was going to be called "I Don't Know".


Tim "Neeze" Barnett said...

@Gilbert, those were the only ones. When we went in it was to finish the album. She used them all. Thanks for supporting the movement. Long live the true King and Queen of R&B Music!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the lyrics :)

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