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We Are Putting the Finishing Touches on the EP + We Need Your Help

What's up everyone, just wanted to assure you the EP is still on schedule to be available here later today. Neeze, Buddha and myself were up late last night hard at work on getting everything together to make sure we could deliver it today.

We need everyone's help in spreading the word about the EP. We want to use this project as a way to spread the word about Static's name and hopefully introduce a lot more music fans to his talent. So if you know of any sites or blogs or anything that usually posts these types of albums, please contact them and ask them to post this EP.

Also, what YOU can do is PLEASE post this link all over Twitter, Facebook, show a friend, tell a neighbor, anything you can. I know many of you have already brought in new fans and converted them to Static fans which is amazing, but we'd love to have more. It's very simple to post the link on Twitter and Facebook, just click the little buttons we set up above each post.

Finally, if you have not become a fan of the StaticMajorIsMusic Facebook page, please just take literally 2 seconds to click the like button on the box below. Thanks guys, and we hope you enjoy it!


  1. @TSM Yeah posts these albums, so i think you could contact them, and tell em to put this album on there, cos i know loads of people that visit this site to download.


  2. yea im1 music is one..also Realraptalk is a good one.

  3. Also DatPiff and


  4. get 2dopeboyz or nahright..theyre like the leading blogs for hip hop & r&b


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