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Music: Static Major "Brand New Start"

What's up yall, Slam here. As you know, your main man Buddha will be gone for awhile, and since he does a lot of the work behind the scenes and with posting, I'll be looking to hold it down in the meantime. I couldn't think of a better way to start things off then with this. It's not going to be here for a couple of days though, but I'm sure you all will be able to find it. Since Buddha has left us for a few weeks, we'll be looking for a Brand New Start once he returns. In the meantime, you can check out one of Static's best songs, but only if You Know I Got Soul ;-).

Exclusive song is provided by Neeze, courtesy of Swatt Music

Music: Static Major - Touch

Here's another dope track from Suppertime for you: Touch, one of my personal favorites of the moment.

And, as a bonus, we've uploaded the versions Static recorded with Kasanova:

I have no idea which version was recorded first. I personally like Static's solo version and Touch pt.1 best. Which version do you prefer?

Music: J-Shin - Sayin' "Oh"

I bet not many of us knew about that Static penned song from j-Shin 3rd album "All I Got Is Love" released in 2006, on the Jim Jonsin label (around the time he did lot of work for Pretty Ricky), so you know how this J-Shin collabo with Static came from.

On the 1st listen you recognize the Static touch, J-Shin is no newbie to the game, he got a very good 1st album, & i can tell that he made it on that track.

Music: Olivia "Last Chance" (Co-Written by Makeba & Digital Black)

You've heard the original recorded by Makeba, now here is the version that was sold to Olivia. The song was never put out on any album, and to date remains unreleased. Which version do you like better?

Olivia "Last Chance" (Co-Written by Makeba & Digital Black)

Exclusive song is provided by Neeze, courtesy of Swatt Music

Music: Rudy ft. Static - I see you

As you may know Static has worked on a great deal of songs with producer and singer/songwriter Rudy. One of these songs is 'I see you', which was featured on Rudy's mixtape.

If you listen carefully, you might recognize a part from another Static-penned song. Question:which song am I talking about?

Music: Static Major "Body Rock"

Another treat for you guys, and this one is a Slam personal favorite. It's not often we got to hear Static singing on a slow jam like this, so that makes it even more enjoyable. As you can hear, the song isn't finished, and from what I can tell, he might even have been having a little fun and "freestyling" one of the verses. Let us know what you think.

Music: Shake Anderson (ft. Static on background vocals)

I was looking around on the internet and accidentally found out that Static did some background vocals and arrangements on Shake Anderson's 'Stories by Sammy Louis' album. The songs that Static worked on are 'Tumblin Down' 'Wasted Away' and 'Don't Come Round Here No Mo', and you can listen to snippets and buy the songs here:
I don't think Static actually wrote or produced the songs.

Jim Jonsin Sues Lil Wayne For $500,000 over Lollipop?

Found this on another website and figured I would post it here as it semi relates to Static...

Last year, Lil Wayne got hit with a lawsuit for one of his tracks that leaked called “I Feel Like Dying“, because of a sample clearance problem. Then in April last year, Wayne sued Jim Jonsin who was the producer of the beat saying that it was his job to make sure they had the rights to use the sample.

Now, Jim Jonsin has filed a $500,000 lawsuit against Weezy over his hit single – “Lollipop“. Jim, who is the producer of “Lollipop” and helped write the track is saying that Wayne hasn’t paid anything in royalties for his work on the song that went to number one in the USA.

I really don’t know why Jim Jonsin is only just filing this lawsuit though… like why has it took him so long :?: Also, it looks like Lil Wayne is getting sued for most of Tha Carter III album singles. First it was “Mrs. Officer“, then “Got Money“, and no…

Music: Static Major - I Won't Go (UPDATED with Kieran version)

For those who love Static's R&B music, here is a special treat for you:

Shout out to Geechie.

Farid Edit: Talkingcrazy talked about Kieran who recorded some Static songs, so here's his version of "Hell No (I Won't Go)". Do i need to tell you that Static version again is better ? Yes Jasmine you right, everytime an artist record his own version of a Static track, he always keep some of his vocals on it because he can't hit the notes that he do, & Kieran accent on the verses is too raw, Static accent is smooth, but i'm sure you know what i'm talkin' about, no more talk, just listen, & enjoy a good version by Kieran, but can't compare to the boss.

Music: Makeba "Last Chance" (Co-Written by Digital Black & Makeba) (Produced by Young Sears)

Neeze dropped off this song for us and explained that it was originally intended to be recorded by Brandy, and eventually Olivia was flown out to Louisville to record the song. To this day, I don't think the Olivia version has been released, but I think Neeze might have that for us too. When I first heard this song, I immediately thought it fit Brandy's style, so I wasn't surprised she was intended to record it.

Makeba "Last Chance" (Written by Digital Black)

Music: Sunshine Anderson - My Whole Life

Dr. Dre, Timbaland and Kanye West are just a few of music's renowned producers who call on Static's services. Artists like Brandy, Toni Braxton and Sunshine Anderson are recording some of his songs right now. Static can be seen singing the hook in David Banner's new video, "Crank It Up," now in heavy rotation on BET.

Those lines come from an interview Static did back in 2004 in Velocity Magazine, where workin with Sunshine Anderson was mentioned. But i bet most of y'all don't know about that song.

The album "Sunshine At Midnight" released in 2006, didn't blow up like her 1st one, & that's maybe why the work Static did for her has been almost ignored. On the 1st listen i couldn't hear the Static touch, but after hearing some of his demo, i can compare that song to the work he did for Truth Hurts, another powerful female voice, & now i can easily imagine Static vocals layed on it.

Produced by Nottz, we also got Aura working on tha…

Ginuwine/Static news...

So I'm sure you guys have read the interview Ginuwine did with Vibe Magazine where he discussed his falling out with Timbaland.

A lot of it is probably true, but I should also mention that Ginuwine is currently working on a new album so this may be used for publicity. Whatever the case is, Ginuwine's new album entitled "Elgin" will be executively produced by Bryan Michael Cox, who has been in some controversary with us Static fans. He has denied ever working with Ahmad Belvin on that awful "For A Long Time" remake and I'll give him the benefift of the doubt...for now.

Anyways, I came across his blog today and he talked a bit about Ginuwine's next album.

I am currently Executive Producing Ginuwine’s upcoming album. I am very excited about this project. We have some incredible songs on deck already. I have been writing with my mentor Greg Curtis, my cousins Wyldcard & DL2, Adonis, Rico Love…

Music: Playa - I'm Available (Updated With Single Artwork)

Another Playa joint for everyone. This one is produced by Timbaland.

*Slam Edit: Neeze sent over some pictures of the promo single for this song, enjoy!

More pictures from the Australia trip...

Here's a picture Neeze decided to share with us.

You can see the producer Bud'da on there, along with Jeffrey "J-Dub Walker. And of course, Tim Barnett's name is on there as well.

Though this is a Static blog, we're going to be looking out for the Aaliyah fans as well.

Music: Pretty Ricky - Too Young

Here is a bonus track off Pretty Ricky's 2nd album Late Night Special. You can probably already tell by the chorus that Static wrote this joint. I still think it's amazing how Static was able to create hits with any artist.

More Info about the Aaliyah - Danc'n song...

Since we have noticed that a lot of people have shown a huge interest in the 'new' Aaliyah song, and because you have all been very patient with us, we've decided to dedicate another post to it and give you some more background information on the song.

Danc'n, along with the other songs we have previously informed you about, was recorded in Australia at the time Aaliyah was filming 'Queen of the Damned' and recording her self-titled 'Aaliyah' album. Since she was so busy filming her movie, Static and her other producers and songwriters had to fly in to Australia. The songs Aaliyah did with Timbaland were not recorded in Australia however. The song was produced by Keybeats, probably well known to you, and Digital Black 'composed another sheet to this'...

Lastly, to everyone who hasn't already joined our Ning network yet, we strongly advise you to join asap, because you never know what you might find over there....

And here is a fan-made video fr…

Bukshot - Them Boys (Ft. Bizzy Bone & Static)

Bukshot is a rapper from Lousiville, he got that Dirty South rap style.
We know Static rep the ville & like to work with local artists, so here's one of those colaborations... Static is always doin his thang, but sometimes you can hear that Static talent is way far from some local artists.
"No White Flags" album released in 2004, with some Jazze Pha & Young Sears productions, i don't know yet, but my guess is Young Sears produced the song where Static appears.
If you wanna know more about Bukshot, you can go to his Myspace

Bukshot - Them Boys (Ft. Bizzy Bone & Static)

Music: Playa "Left U A Message" featuring G-No The Latin Bird (Unreleased Playa Song)

My man G-No recently leaked this snippet of an unreleased Playa song that have his vocals featured on it. The full version of the song features a verse from Static and two from G-No. From what I'm hearing, this song has potential to be great, it's really smooth! G-No's new album "Latin & Blues" will be released soon and features a duet with Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs N Harmony.

Music: Static Major feat. Chink Santana - Show Up, Play Big

This is it, the moment you have all been waiting for (or at least I have): Show Up, Play Big is being posted. This is absolutely one of my favorite joints and it has been on constant replay for a while now, so I hope you will enjoy this as much as I have. The song features a rap by Chink Santana and is co-written by Freckles.

What do you think of the song?

Music: Brandy - La La Land (UPDATED)

Exclusive song is provided by Neeze, courtesy of Swatt Music

EDIT: So another version of "La La Land" has surfaced the internet...

Still no confirmation on who wrote this version of the track. The verse and bridge is still the stuff that Static wrote, but the verses are different. This leads me to my question...which version of the song do you prefer?

Artist Feature: Kieran

As you probably all have just read Buddha has made a great discovery about the 'You saved my life' track Static wrote for Kieran. As it turns out, this is not the only track Static and Kieran did together, take a look at this:
Now if you scroll down you'll see some tracktitles that might ring a bell: Hell no (I won't go), Running Back 2 U, sound familiar, right? Kieran indeed recorded his own versions of these songs. We can also confirm that 'Good lyfe' is a Static-penned track.

For more information about Kieran check out his myspace page:

and this interview that Buddha just found:

Stay tuned, there's more to come!

Buddha Edit: And just as Martina posted this, I found Kieran's facebook page

Check out the music player located on the left of the page. …

Music: Static Suppertime Mixtape Vol. 1 (2004) DOWNLOAD LINK

1. Stay Laced (Featuring Lil Flip) (4:14)
2. The Hood (Featuring Lil Flip) (3:41)
3. Rida (Featuring Lil Flip & Cassidy) (2:45)
4. She Say (Featuring Playa) (3:58)
5. Rollin (3:49)
6. Hard Tymez (Featuring Lil Flip) (2:40)
7. Weekend (Featuring Playa) (3:50)
8. Tipsy (3:23)

I've heard back in 2005 somebody talk about that "Suppertime Mixtape", but i found it in 2008, & unfortunaly, the mixtape was just available in mp3 format.
Released with no real promotion (but Louisville resident as i know, had this mixtape for a while), i guess lot of us didn't know about it until lately.
This is for the hood lovers, got Lil Flip on it, Young Sears productions, it's OG Music here! We also got Playa songs on it.
I guess Static wanted to give us just a taste of what Suppertime could be, the "Vol. 1" meaned it had to has other volume coming, but for this one like i said, it's OG Music except the last track...

Edit: You can listen & buy the mixtape here

UPDATE: So we…

It's a Sad Day :,-( "4 a Long Time" Has Been Re-Recorded

You all gotta feel my pain on this one. I can't confirm the details on exactly what happened here, but this song leaked today, and as you can see, it's Static's song. I'm not even going to speculate on how he ended up with the song, because I have an idea. All I gotta say is, if you know the story behind the song, and how much it meant to Static, and then you hear someone else singing it who can't even relate, it breaks me down! Plus, this cat is using Autotune, I'm just going to bite my tongue. FANS, PLEASE EXPRESS HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THIS, MAKE YOURSELVES HEARD!

Edit: bmc_1201

@StaticIsMusic I had no idea. I had nothing to do with that...

Music: Static Major "Lush"

This song originally appeared on the rumored "Suppertime" track listing a few months back, and you also may have heard it in some of our listening sessions, but now we present to you the full version. Enjoy and please leave your comments!!

Aaliyah - Aaliyah straight out of Australia

So if you're a big Static fan, you should already be familiar with the classic "Red Album", otherwise known as the Aaliyah - Aaliyah album.

Well here is something Neeze decided to share with everybody. This CD contains all of the recordings that Aaliyah did while recording the album in Australia. Some of you may be asking, where are the Timbaland joints? Well, songs like "We Need A Resolution" were done after the trip to Australia.

From that list, we know tracks #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9. So you're probably wondering to yourself, what about the other tracks? Were they Aaliyah songs?

I can confirm with you that a bunch of them were Aaliyah songs. We will be on the hunt for them...

Music: Static Major - Till The Wheels Off Off

A lot of the newer fans would have probably been introduced to Static by this track, and a lot of the older fans were happy to see that Static was still doing music when this track was first released.

Song features Tamieka and is produced by the Trackstarz

Music: Hug Bizza "Work Ya Body" featuring Static Major

I can't say I know much about Hug Bizza, and I actually discovered this song on Jimmy Sprinkles radio show. After visiting Bizza's MySpace page, I see he's actually also from Louisville so maybe that is how the collaboration came about. Maybe someone or Neeze could shed some light on this one.

Hug Bizza "Work Ya Body" featuring Static Major

Music: Playa - Don't Stop The Music (Instrumental)

Static Major Is Music announcement:
Despite never being officially announced, I'm sure it was already quite obvious that Dimu is part of the team. Even though he doesn't do any postings for the blog, he's helped us out with numerous interviews, and has also done a lot of behind the scenes stuff.

Plus it was also his birthday yesterday, so here's a treat for him because I know he loves instrumentals a lot.

Check out this sick Timstrumental, big ups to the folks at for this hook up.

Music: Playa - "Don't Stop The Music" + "Cheers 2 U" Singles

After listening to some Bassment tracks, let's just get back to Playa for a moment...

Playa - Don't Stop The Music (CDS-1997)

1. Don't Stop The Music (Radio Edit) (3:26)
2. Don't Stop The Music (Snippet) (1:19)
I-65 (Snippet) (1:39)
One Man Woman Feat. Aaliyah Haughton (Snippet) (1:30)
Push (Snippet) (1:28)
Together (Snippet) (1:06)
All The Way (Snippet) (1:33)

Like you see, except the "radio edit" of the track wich isn't an explicit version, nothin is new, & you might wonder why they put the "radio edit" & a "snippet" of the same song "Don't Stop The Music"? Well i don't know the answer lol, but all i know is the "snippet" version has a different mix at the begining.
I'll be giving away the snippet at the Skype session on tomorrow, so stay tune!
The instrumental of the track (posted right before i wanted to, Buddha read my mind, it's scary lol), only available on 12" single, so prop…