Jim Jonsin Sues Lil Wayne For $500,000 over Lollipop?

Found this on another website and figured I would post it here as it semi relates to Static...


Last year, Lil Wayne got hit with a lawsuit for one of his tracks that leaked called “I Feel Like Dying“, because of a sample clearance problem. Then in April last year, Wayne sued Jim Jonsin who was the producer of the beat saying that it was his job to make sure they had the rights to use the sample.

Now, Jim Jonsin has filed a $500,000 lawsuit against Weezy over his hit single – “Lollipop“. Jim, who is the producer of “Lollipop” and helped write the track is saying that Wayne hasn’t paid anything in royalties for his work on the song that went to number one in the USA.

I really don’t know why Jim Jonsin is only just filing this lawsuit though… like why has it took him so long :?: Also, it looks like Lil Wayne is getting sued for most of Tha Carter III album singles. First it was “Mrs. Officer“, then “Got Money“, and now “Lollipop“. Plus we all know Weezy is currently in jail, so I’m guessing Birdman will help sort this problem out, because the last thing Wayne needs is more legal trouble!


producer James Moore said...

lmao as soon as I seen the title I just had to laugh, cause he's been getting sued over every song & every time I see a lawsuit from a producer pop up (Play-N-Skillz, Deezle, Jim Jonsin) I wonder if Static got whatever they agreed upon for giving him the whole song ... in Wayne's defense, he really doesn't have anything to do with any of that, as the artist, that's on Baby & Slim and Universal, although I haven't heard of other Universal labels running into this problem as much as I have from Cash Money, not to mention Wayne going out & saying he doesn't like to use original material for mixtapes "because producers be wanting their money" smh, emphasis on "their" money, he has a problem with people getting what's owed to them? lol

Pint said...

That goes w/ being a fool, not knowing the business, and thinking that ur entitled to any & everything, but what Mr Carter will soon find out is that what comes around, GOES AROUND...his fall will be the hardest....i never liked him, and by not givin props to Static OR Jim, like he done everything by himself, meglomania like that always comes crashing down...Tony Montana thought the world was his too...until

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