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StaticMajorIsMusicPresents: The Christmas Mixtape

Download Link:

Merry Christmas everyone!

Executive producers: Buddha, DJ Slam, Neeze, Farid
Mixed by: Farid
Mixtape Cover by: Luke

To DJ Slam: Hard work does pay off no matter what anyone says! I learned that from you. I appreciate it, bro!

To Farid: The original Playa fan! Big props for putting this whole mixtape together. I owe you one for sure.

To Neeze: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this and never losing focus on the ultimate goal. I definitely consider you more than a facebook friend. You’re family to me. Same goes for Farid and Slam!

To the fans: We hope you enjoy this mixtape and continue keeping Static’s legacy alive.

To Stephen “Static Major” Garrett: Even though you aren’t with us anymore, your music will live on through us.

- Buddha


  1. it!

  2. Thank you so much, Static music is treasured.

  3. Merry Christmas and thanks!

  4. thanks. Cant wait to listen to this.


  5. Thanks a Million & Merry Xmas!

  6. love you guys for this!!! thank you so much!!

  7. No doubt Kyle, it's been fun working with you on this site and the mixtape and everything, it's really good to see we are making big things happen with this!

    Tim, thanks again for everything. Without your help, none of this would have been possible. You don't know how much it means to use to be able to experience this music from Static that would otherwise never been able to hear!

  8. Tim "Neeze" BarnettDecember 25, 2009 at 8:15 AM

    @bfears, I appreciate you stopping by our Blogspot! I hope that you will help us in continuing to spread the word about it. I hope that you enjoy! Merry Christmas and may Static continue to live on through all of us!!!!

  9. DJ Slam, Neezy, Farid, and Buddha. THANK YALL. THis really is CHRISTMAS for me. 1 love. Now i'ma rock out to this mixtape in Static's Buddha, Stat's harmonies on that bridge on 9 to 5 w/ Native is SICK huh?! LOL

  10. Thx again Tim, & thx to Buddah & DJ Slam for having trust in me on this one, that was a pleasure contributing to spread Static Music & legacy alive.
    #1 Static page!

  11. Tim "Neeze" BarnettDecember 25, 2009 at 10:23 AM

    @Buddha, @DjSlam, @Farid, thanks for helping me spread my dogs music! I know that every1 will enjoy!

  12. Props for the mixtape. Static's talent will never be forgotten. Happy holidays.

  13. I Ain't Trying To Sound Unappreciative At All, Because I Love The Mixtape. I Was Just Wondering If We Will Get To Hear "Slow Jams - Static Major & Goodfella" Tha Full Track In (CDQ) Kuz I Saw It In The Update #1 For The Christmas Mixtape. GET @ ME, & Merry Christmas, This Is Dope !!

  14. @Anonymous Yeah, we forgot to put it on. I have it right now. We're gonna do an interview with Willy Will (the producer of the track) soon, so I'll post it soon. Sorry about that!

  15. I asked Neezy about this song...but will we ever get to hear "she ain't so bad" that was on the never released, "30 years to life" soundtrack??

  16. No Problem Homie, Thanx Alot, That Track Is Butta, I Downloaded It From Youtube, But The Quality Wasn't All That & The Track Was Cut Off In the Beginning & At The End. I Love That Track. That Twista "REMAKE" Is Nuthin Compared To How Raw Tha Original Track Was Wit Goodfella. THANX AGAIN HOMIE !!!! This Blog Is Tha Bidnezz !!

  17. Ay Buddha, I Know This MIGHT Be Stretchin It But Could You Ask Willy Will If We Could Get Tha Slow Jam "INSTRUMENTAL" Too, Kuz That Track Is BANGIN'. Not Tryin' To Push But That Track Is So STATIC. It Takes Me Back To Tha Old Jodeci, Bassment Days. Tha Sound Has That Vibe. He Knew How To Pick Tha Right Instrumentals. That "Lust" Instrumental Was Tight Too. 'Ask 'Em Homie. Thanx Again.

  18. @BL: Neeze has never heard "She Ain't So Bad" so I have no idea lol. I'm sure he has it somewhere and probably titled under something else.

    @Anonymous: For sure!

  19. Apreciate the tape but those tags are annoying as hell.

  20. Untagged version will be out in due time.

  21. Tim "Neeze" BArnettDecember 26, 2009 at 1:10 PM

    @anonymous...If you cant appreciate what we are doing (including the tags), then dont listen to it!!!! The tags are part of the cd. Its not like all of the other mixtapes where they are all through the songs. Its only at the beginning of each record. Cmon now....

  22. Tim "Neeze" BarnettDecember 26, 2009 at 1:12 PM

    By the way, I know the song She Aint So Bad, but it was done in the Bassment era and I dont have all of the music from then, just some of it. Sorry fellas.....

  23. I gotta agree with Tim on this, it's not even like the tagging is that serious. Most tagged songs are a lot worse than this!

  24. Ok coo Neezy, damn i want that joint man!! Check out '30 yrs to life' movie and they play like 10 seconds of it at the beginnin of a scene in the move...i'ma track Timbaland HIMSELF down for that joint!! WATCH, lol and when i get it ima give it to yall!! yall goin HARD for static by the way and i'm lovin it. 100

  25. I agree with Tim as well, I'm really grateful you guys are putting the music out, tags or no tags, and these tags were not annoying at all!

  26. Damn.... that dude would've been poppin' on an enormous scale. One question...has anyone else been having a problem getting it onto itunes? Other than that, the tape iz fyah.

  27. I think you gotta extract the file with WinZip or whatever


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