Music: Static Major "If I Was Your Man" (Live)

What's up yall, your boy Slam is back, you know I have too much love for Static, my fellow Static lovers and Neeze to completely disappear forever. But anyway, this is Static performing "If I Was Your Man" live from back in 2005 on New Year's Day. The video as most are is courtesy of Jerome Shanklin. But man, I would love to hear the full studio version of this song. I thought someone had mentioned one time they had it, and if you are reading this, please get it to us! I think Neeze mentioned to us that at one time, this was going to be Static's first single on Suppertime, but that was an early version of it.

Music: Playa: Live (Mixtape)

I don't know if this is really considered a mixtape, but there seemed to be a demand for all of Playa's live performances in mp3 format, so I've decided to put it together for everyone.

In this folder, you'll find every song Playa performed on BET's Planet Groove, and also Static/Smokey's piano version of "If U Scared, Say U Scared." And of course, I've also put in a bonus track for everyone; so check it out!

Picture Perfect: Stacey Wade photoshoot

I love this photoshoot. I believe these were some promo pics for Suppertime, but I don't have confirmation on that. Props to Stacey Wade.

Music: Playa - Never too late (remix)

I think I owe you all some new music after the lack of updates, so here you go: this is a remix to one of my favorite Playa tracks, Never too Late. I have no idea who produced this. Which version do you prefer, the original or the remix?

*Once again props to Neeze for giving us a chance to hear new music!

original (prod. by Static and Smokey)


Music: Play-N-Skillz - Are you still alone?

What's good everyone? I'm terribly sorry for the lack of updates, my computer got destroyed by some nasty Trojan Horse, but I'm back now (more or less...).
In the meantime, let's listen to some music. I'm sure you have all heard Let em Go by Play-N-Skillz featuring Static, but they also worked together on another track on the same album, called 'Are you still alone'. Too bad Static isn't featured on the track...

Artist Feature: LaShan Gilkey

I started this last week, but never finished it. But here it is:

Many of you are probably saying "Who?". Well, she's better known over here as Tamieka, the incredible vocalist on tracks like "Wheels Fall Off", "Desire" and "Half a Day". She saw our blog and was overwhelmed by the love that all of you showed her, so she's decided to share a track with us.

This track is called "Respect Women", which was co-written by Tamieka and Static. The song includes production from Rudy and Static. From Tamieka's own words: "This song is about the embracing Women because we go through so much.Women need to know that we should have close relationships because we have so many issues in common"

So sit back and listen to the incredible vocals of Tamieka.

Also check out Tamieka's myspace and holla at her:

And a question for all of you: where is the chorus of this song from?

Coming soon: JDub Interview

Is 'I Refuse' or 'What If ' by Aaliyah one of your favorite songs? Or maybe you like P.Diddy's 'Satisfy You' or 'Keep the Faith' by Faith Evans?.......If that's the case, you'd better stay with us, because we have an interview with the man behind these beats coming very soon!

Static Major - Super Model

I know it happened to you at least once in your life, meeting someone that you swear she can be a super model, someone you just cross at the street, at the mall or at the bus stop :)
You heard that song on the previous skype sessions, Rudy talked about it, song was proposed for Usher, but he did used it or even record it, i'm glad Static kept it for his Suppertime.
I've been listening to that son gsince last summer, so i couldn't keep it to myself any longer, song is perfect for the summer, do i need to tell you that it helped me getting some numbers??? lol
Anyway, i've been workin on a little video to express myself on the song, just to say that any regular girl can be a super model, Static again benn reading my mind; enjoy the video!

Music: Static Major - Don't you miss me

Frrrrrrreaaaaaaakyyyyyyy Frrrrrrrrridaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Music: Static Major - Fire (feat. Lil Eazy E)

So we have this hot joint produced once again by Rudy.

Though I don't want to take away the attention from this track, some of us fans noticed that Static wrote another track called "Fired" for 50 Cent (according to Static's myspace anyway).

So the question is, did someone just make a mistake with that 50 Cent song? I've looked on ASCAP along with many other sites and Static's name is nowhere on the 50 Cent track.

In my opinion, this 50 Cent song doesn't have any of Static's elements to it.

There can only be 3 theories to this mystery:
1. Static did write the hook for "Fire" by 50 Cent
2. The hook was written by Sean Garrett, but someone may have saw S. Garrett and thought it was Static. I should note though that S. Garrett isn't even credited so this theory is flawed already, lol.
3. Someone got "Fire" by Lil Eazy E and "Fire" by 50 Cent mixed up.

Let me know what you think and hopefully someone can clarify the whole situation for us.

Music: Nicole Wray - Testing Our Love (Suga)

Here is another joint that Playa did for Nicole Wray back in the day. Although this song gets overshadowed by "Eyes Better Not Wander" and "Raise Your Frown" (as they should, those two tracks are classics) let's not forget about this nice jam. What's interesting is that even though all three of the songs had similiar production, Playa was able make all these songs different from each other.

On a side note, for fans who want to know what's going on with Nicole Wray a Youtube friend of mine, remnzt6, has started a Nicole Wray blog. Check it out and make sure you give the site lots of love:

Music: Sunshine Anderson - My Whole Life (feat. Static) [Duet Version]

Farid introduced most of us to the album version of the song here:

But I don't think anyone knew that there was a duet version with Static and Sunshine. So I present to you the first version of the song before Sunshine re-did the song for her album.

I actually like bother versions of the song, as they both have different elements that I enjoy. On the album version, it's just a straight R&B song and I love my R&B. This duet version just has something special to it and the addition of Static's voice gives the song a nice vibe.

An interesting thing we should note is that the song according to ASCAP was originally called "Foolin' With You," so Sunshine must have changed the name of the song when she put it on her album. Rename it if that title works better for you. I'm just sticking with the album title.

Song is provided by Neeze courtesy of SWATT Music.

Music: Static Major - We just ain't clickin' (Beyonce demo)

What's good everyone? We've decided to make today a Wild Out Wednesday, and therefore we bring you......We just ain't clickin'. This Scott Storch produced song was intended for Beyonce, but I don't believe she ever recorded her own version. Enjoy! Tell us what you think of the song!

*Mad props to our very own Neeze for providing us with some new heat...thank you!!!*

Music: Static Major ft. Goodfella - Roll Call

Hats off to the KY gentlemen Static, YV and Goodfella for making another banger!

Track was produced by Rich Boy. (Yes, that's right, Rich Boy, as in 'Throw some D's'...)

Music: Static Major - Infatuated (UPDATED WITH CDQ)

I've been busy with school and stuff, but I gotta post this track. Without saying too much or anything, name all the tracks that Static references to in this song.

Music: Playa - Weekend (feat. Lil Flip)

Just wanted to bring this track up for those who have been sleeping on it. Definitely check it out because it's heat!

And here is Static performing it live, with guest appearances by Goodfella and Neeze.

Music: Static Major "I Wanna Know"

Another personal favorite I've been holding back until now, and another one I really don't have too much information on. Enjoy!

Complex Magazine's Top 25 Timbaland songs of all time

In anticipation of the 2010 VH1 Hip Hop Honors: The Dirty South, which airs on June 7, Complex and Miss Info have teamed with the network to celebrate this year's honorees with exclusive coverage.

And as we already know, Static and Timbaland were very closely together on a lot of Timbaland's biggest hits. So let's find out which Static tracks made the cut.

#25: Cee-Lo f/ Timbaland "I'll Be Around"
#24: SWV f/ Missy Elliott "Can We"
#23: Young Jeezy "3 A.M."
#22: Missy Elliott f/ Eve, Nas & Q-Tip "Hot Boyz (Remix)"
#21: Ginuwine "What's So Different?"

#20: Aaliyah "We Need A Resolution"
To say Aaliyah and Timbaland found a formula and ran with it would be an understatement. "Resolution," of clanging bottles and blame games, bears quite a few of structural similarities to both "Are You That Somebody" and "Try Again" before it, right down to the half-adlib half-rap Timbaland vocals. But the template was so close to perfect that you can hardly blame the duo for not deviating more.

#19: Fabolous f/ Ne-Yo "Make Me Better"
#18: Bubba Sparxxx "Deliverance"
#17: The Game "Put You On The Game"

#16: Playa "Cheers 2 U"
Playa were perhaps the most underrated of Timbaland's R&B collaborators. The "Cheers" beat bears a striking similarity to Jay-Z's "Nigga What, Nigga Who" (released the same year), but Timbaland's sound was so adaptable that even the same track could be used for multiple purposes. A few changes here and there, and a heartfelt ballad is suddenly a fast rap battle track.

#15: Nelly Furtado f/ Timbaland "Promiscuous"

#14: Timbaland & Magoo "Luv 2 Luv U (Remix)"
Timbaland's longtime rhyme partner Magoo—often pronounced "Mag-ah-noo" if he needed to fill out a bar—has never been mistaken for a lyrical monster. He stumbles in a Q-Tip falsetto at any tempo, and it's not like Tim was that brilliant of a spitter himself ("I'm the man with the power / I get booty calls fifteen after every hour"). But their production was always more than strong enough to carry the both of them across three albums. Here, Timbo rocks Donna Summers through a musical fisheye lens.

#13: Tweet f/ Missy Elliot "Oops (Oh My)"

#12: Aaliyah "Try Again"
There's no doubt that if any human was born to ride Timbaland's beats, it was Aaliyah. Perhaps only she could truly tame a track like this, giving life to its sub-bass synths. Tim does his part on the ad-lib tip, turning wisdom-soaked Rakim boasts into goofy jewels.

#11: Nicole f/ Missy Elliott & Mocha "Make It Hot"
#10: Justin Timberlake f/ T.I. "My Love"
#9: Petey Pablo "Raise Up"
#8: Jay-Z f/ Big Jaz & Amil "Nigga What, Nigga Who (Originator 99)"
#7: Aaliyah "One In A Million"
#6: Missy Elliott "Get Ur Freak On"
#5: Justin Timberlake "Cry Me A River"

#4: Ginuwine "Pony"
Despite its mechanical nature, Timbaland's work has always dripped with a certain sexuality. Not robot-sexy, either—human sexy. Android ballads, perhaps. "Pony" is a great example of this, as Ginuwine lays down absurd equestrian innuendo over sheet-metal beats and croaking frogs.

#3: Jay-Z f/ UGK "Big Pimpin'"
#2: Missy Elliott "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)"

#1: Aaliyah "Are You That Somebody?"
Timbaland's true crossover moment. "Are You That Somebody" was such a hit that it forced the moment where "The Timbaland Sound" stopped being a curiosity and became the norm. Suddenly, urban radio rolled out the welcome mat for hiccuping drums and crying baby samples, Aaliyah was thrust to superstar status, and Timbaland became the most important producer of his generation.

Congrats to Timbaland for making more than decades worth of timeless music. I would also like to point out Static's impact on the music industry, as many of his songs were mentioned on this list. So like it's been reiterated many times, Static wrote timeless classic hits.

Now that you've seen the list, what Timbaland or Timbaland/Static songs would you remove from that list and what songs would you add to the list?

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