Music: Nicole Wray - Testing Our Love (Suga)

Here is another joint that Playa did for Nicole Wray back in the day. Although this song gets overshadowed by "Eyes Better Not Wander" and "Raise Your Frown" (as they should, those two tracks are classics) let's not forget about this nice jam. What's interesting is that even though all three of the songs had similiar production, Playa was able make all these songs different from each other.

On a side note, for fans who want to know what's going on with Nicole Wray a Youtube friend of mine, remnzt6, has started a Nicole Wray blog. Check it out and make sure you give the site lots of love:


DRoc said...

Thing about this one my dude is it had the most romantic lyrics. My guy Static was a romantic cat. Shit just ask his wife.

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