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Music: Static Major "If I Was Your Man" (Live)

What's up yall, your boy Slam is back, you know I have too much love for Static, my fellow Static lovers and Neeze to completely disappear forever. But anyway, this is Static performing "If I Was Your Man" live from back in 2005 on New Year's Day. The video as most are is courtesy of Jerome Shanklin. But man, I would love to hear the full studio version of this song. I thought someone had mentioned one time they had it, and if you are reading this, please get it to us! I think Neeze mentioned to us that at one time, this was going to be Static's first single on Suppertime, but that was an early version of it.


  1. I should also mention that this song was produced by LT Moe.

  2. Most Def gotta get this in CDQ. This song gets it in .......4life

  3. Man I'd pay $10 for this track alone...fireeeee!!!!

  4. I'm willing to kick in $10 also, anyone else?? haha

  5. talkingcrazy will probably pay $100.

    ...I'll chip in 10% of that.

  6. Hi guys, i originally put this up on our extended fansite network sometime ago, i asked Neeze about this track he said that it was meant to be Statics first single for suppertime at on time.
    Trust me when i say a whole lot of peeps been asking me for this. I already asked Neeze for this and he said to be patient and that he hears us so i guess its just a matter of time before we hear it.


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