Artist Feature: LaShan Gilkey

I started this last week, but never finished it. But here it is:

Many of you are probably saying "Who?". Well, she's better known over here as Tamieka, the incredible vocalist on tracks like "Wheels Fall Off", "Desire" and "Half a Day". She saw our blog and was overwhelmed by the love that all of you showed her, so she's decided to share a track with us.

This track is called "Respect Women", which was co-written by Tamieka and Static. The song includes production from Rudy and Static. From Tamieka's own words: "This song is about the embracing Women because we go through so much.Women need to know that we should have close relationships because we have so many issues in common"

So sit back and listen to the incredible vocals of Tamieka.

Also check out Tamieka's myspace and holla at her:

And a question for all of you: where is the chorus of this song from?


talkingcrazy said...

Excellent post Buddha, as always ;)
I love Tamieka's voice, she sounded great on Wheelz fall Off and this song is great as well!

eric said...

Keep ur head up..Tupac..His bday was yesterday..great timing. dope track.

B L said...

woowww..the infamous. Much love and respect to Tamieka.. she's cold. Is she from Lville??

Buddha said...


B L said...

know what's crazy... i thought I recognized the name.. I went to school wit her!! Hell nah, i woulda never guessed!!

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