Static Major March Madness Matchup 40 Winner: Ginuwine "So Anxious"

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Popular Losers Static Major Tribute

A musical duo from California and also a friend of mine on Twitter, had a tribute show for Static a couple of days ago.

Here's some footage provided by them:

Follow them at:

and check out their Myspace at:

Static Major March Madness Matchup 39 Winner: Ginuwine "Final Warning"

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Playa Performing Live in 2003

Shout out to Jerome Shanklin for the video. Playa will go down as one of the most underrated R&B groups of all time.

Static Major March Madness Matchup 38 Winner: Nas "You Owe Me"

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Skype Listening Party (February 25th) + Special Guests to Reminisce on Static's Life

EDIT: It is now February 25th at 7 PM.

We will be having a Skype listening party that day and many of you may already know that was the date that Static passed two years ago. We're going to try making this listening party the biggest one yet, with guest hosts and exclusive music from every Static era. That's right, that means music from Da Bassment, Playa and finally, Static Major.

*DJ Slam Edit: We are trying to get some special guests that were involved in his life to speak on their memories and talk about his legacy. This is going to be huge!

Join us that day at 7 pm EST. Mark those calendars!


Interviews from the Skype Session!

Devante Swing:

Mark Gunn:

Susan Weems (Of Suga):
*Coming Soon*

Static's Mom:

Skype Technical Difficulty

There's a problem with Skype right now...please hold on as we try to fix it. Sorry!

Music: Static Major - La La Land (Demo)

Let's have some fun with this one. I would like all the readers to give it a shot and guess who Static was demoing this song for. This gives everyone an opportunity to interact with each other and best of all, we will play the final version on the 25th. So let the guessing begin and hopefully you guys aren't too far off. If you already know who it's for, please don't ruin it for everyone else :)

Much love goes out to Neeze for coming through with this long request from me.

Remembering Static Major 2 years later

Even though I never personally met the guy, it seems like I knew all about him through his music. So when I found out he had passed, it was difficult to accept even for me, because I grew up listening to a lot of songs that he wrote.

Fortunately for us though, his legacy will continue to live on, so take this time to comment on what your favourite Static song is, your reaction to his unfortunate death and just any memories you have!

Static Major March Madness Matchup 37 Winner: Ginuwine "Pony"

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Static Major March Madness Matchup 36 Winner: Aaliyah "Loose Rap"

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Music: Static Major - Night To Remember

Another track off our sucessful Christmas mixtape. This one is produced by Solo and features Tameika.

Static Major March Madness Matchup 35 Winner: Aaliyah "Rock the Boat"

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Music: Yaushameen - Everytime You Go

Ok, here's another exclusive join for y'all, i don't have a lot of informations about this song, but my guess is the song was a Southernaire Allstars song, cause there's Yaushameen, Native (or J-Bird) on the track, Static doin the hook, i can also hear a little bit of Black in the last hook.
The song is sampled, got a little work for y'all, what is the sample ?? It's easy to find...
So i'm counting on Neeze to bring us more informations about that song, but for now let's take a listen to it.

Static Major March Madness Matchup 34 Winner: Nicole Wray "Raise Your Frown"

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Static Major March Madness Matchup 33 Winner: Aaliyah "We Need a Resolution"

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Where Are All The True Static Fans?

Buddha, Tim and myself are putting in a lot of work to put together this Skype Party for all of you. On our blog, we are getting over 100 unique visitors a day, which is continuing to grow. Unfortunately, we've had A LOT less than that add us on Skype to get ready for the party next week. We'd like to get as many of you as possible to come, and the fans are the real reason we are doing this. Please sign up for Skype and add us as contacts and come to the party if you hadn't planned on it already!

Add us:


Static Tribute Guest Feature: Spark1One

The man behind the track "Stallion" will be there! I speak to him a lot; but if I didn't know he was a super talented producer, I would have thought he was just some average guy. He's a very humble person and I'm sure will have a lot of great memories to share with us.

Static Major March Madness Matchup 32 Winner: Static Major "Private Number"

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Question Of The Week #8: Roll Call: Will You Be At the Static Skype Tribute?

With the Static Major Skype Tribute session coming up soon, I just have one question for everyone.

Will you be there?

I need to see how many people are showing up! The more the better. Trust me on that!

Shout out to Dimu for the dope banner.

Static Tribute Guest Feature: Willy Will

You've heard Willy Will's production on the monstrous "Slow Jams", and you've probably heard his beats' on the radio as well because he's signed under Polow Da Don. So for any young producers, here is your chance to ask someone who is already part of the music industry.

Follow Will at

Static Major March Madness Matchup 31 Winner: Static Major "I Got My"

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Music: Yaushameen - The World Is Mine (feat. Playa)

Static Tribute Guest Feature: Goodfella

You've heard Mr. Goodfella on a lot of tracks with Static, well now you can listen to his story...on the 25th!

And make sure you cop his new album "Organized Rhyme":

Does Anyone Need Help Setting Up Skype? Have Questions About It? We Can Help!

For those who aren't familiar with using Skype, it's a free program that you can download which allows you to place calls to other Skype users absolutely free. There are no charges involved unless you want to sign up for a plan to call people outside of skype. You don't need any type of web cam, you don't even need a microphone to join in. Once in on the call, you can listen in, and there will be a large chat room attached with everyone on the call where you can type out what you want to say. It's very easy to set up, and we are willing to walk anyone who needs through the process.

To get started, you can click the link below.

For further help, you can e-mail me at

Static Major March Madness Matchup 30 Winner: Static Major "Coffee"

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Static Tribute Guest Feature: Smoke E. Digglera

As many of you know, we're going to have a lot of guests on the 25th, so what I'm going to do is feature one of the guests each day so you know what's to come.

And we start off with Smokey aka Smoke E. Digglera, who will take us through the journey from the Bassment era to the Playa era.

Feel free to post any questions you may want to ask Smokey during the show, and I will try to incorporate them into the interview.

Static Major March Madness Matchup 29 Winner: Static Major "Infatuated"


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Music: Static Major - After Dark

Static wrote this track and then decided to rewrite it because he thought he could make a bigger hit out of the beat. The end result? On The Hotline by Pretty Ricky.

Attention Playa Fans! Your Votes Needed Part 2!

Slam here again, thanks to everyone who visited and voted the last time Playa was up, but here it is again. If you are not familiar, I'm doing my own personal March madness on my blog for r&b. Playa is up against Dru Hill, it should be a tough matchup. Just click the banner below to head over there, thanks in advance!

Static Major March Madness Matchup 28 Winner: Static Major "Speed of Light"

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Nicole Wray Interview

In this interview done back in 2004, Nicole Wray talks about her relationship with Missy Elliott and her own music situation. So if you're a fan of Nicole, definitely check out the interview and see what's up.

And check out that acapelle at 4:20. One of my favourite Static written songs ever!

Static Major March Madness Matchup 27 Winner: Static Major "4 A Long Time"


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Music: Goodfella & Static - Outta My Mind

Here is another song from Goodfella and Static. For the people that are interested in purchasing Goodfella's music, he will be releasing an album next week, which will include a lot of the material I've been featuring and much more! It will be available on iTunes soon.


Static Major March Madness Matchup 26 Winner: Static Major "Drawls"

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Music: Static Major - Through It All (feat. Smoke E. Digglera)

EDIT: Smokey will be coming to the Skype listening party as well, so I should re-post this with...the instrumental to the track. Big shout out to Smokey for the instrumental.

Fun Fact: Whitney Houston was going to record this.

Static Major March Madness Matchup 25 Winner: Static Major "Till The Wheels Fall Off"


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Music: Static Major - Your Valentine

For all the lovers out there, this song will definitely set the mood for Valentines day. For the single folks out there, sit back and enjoy Static's smooth falsetto.

Music: Goodfella - All Good Now (feat. Static)

Song is produced by Spark1one.

I can confirm that both Goodfella and Spark will be at the listening party on the 25th. We will also have some surprises coming for everyone, so everyone better be there!

As for the song itself, it's a cool track but Spark1one did his thing on the beat.

Static Major March Madness Matchup 24 Winner: Playa "Together"

If someone wants to put the REAL version of together on youtube I can replace this one :-)

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Music: Static Major - Drawls

Here is a joint that Static/Devante did back in 2005 in LA. Do you recognize the sample? Of course you do! It was the intro on Ginuwine's "100% Ginuwine" album.

Now it has to be asked, did Devante do this on purpose or was it a coincidence? And a better question, who do you think flipped the sample better: Timbaland or Devante?

And for the sample heads out there, the song samples the Mcguyver theme

Static Major March Madness Matchup 23 Winner: Playa "Push"

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Website Feature: Liyahloveloyalty

Normally I don't make posts like these, but as I was browsing around an Aaliyah forum, I noticed their new banner. And guess who is on it?

None other than Static Major!

Shout out to all the members of the forum on that site. If you're a fan of Aaliyah, definitely join the forum. They're all real cool people.

Music: Pretty Ricky - Juicy (feat. Static Major)

Probably my favourite Pretty Ricky song ever. Check out the Keith Sweat sample on the beat.

Static Major March Madness Matchup 22 Winner: Playa "Gravy Train"


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Static Major March Madness Matchup 21 Winner: Playa "Never Too Late"

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Music: Static Major - Running Back 2 U

Thank you to everyone that gave us feedback.

Static Major March Madness Matchup 20 Winner: Playa "Birthday"

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Thank You Everyone For the Feedback!

Thanks everyone who took a minute to leave us some feedback. We got more than we expected and it was very helpful. As promised, we've got a treat for everyone coming in the near future. Please be patient while we get it together. Thanks!

Static Major tribute at Timbaland's concert

Shout out to Dimu for the heads up.

Music: Goodfella - How I Do It (feat. YV & Static Major)

Static's flow on this joint is in another galaxy.

And stay tuned because we have more Goodfella coming up. We will be doing an interview with him sometime soon so keep an eye out for that. He was one of Static's favourite people to work with and I'm sure he has a lot of stories that he could share with us.

Static Major March Madness Matchup 19 Winner: Playa "Don't Stop the Music"

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ATTENTION: Feedback Needed, Tell Us Why You Love This Site! (We Got a Treat for You If You Do!)

We are looking for feedback on why you guys like coming to this site. Basically, we are looking for ways to improve the site in the future by figuring out what your guys favorite feature about the site is. In a nutshell, tell us why you keep coming back. Constructive criticism is good too, we just want something that will be able to help us and hopefully we can give you more of what you want in the future.

Oh yea, we got a special treat for anyone who decides to take the time to help us out here.

Static Major March Madness Matchup 18 Winner: Playa "Wrong Side of the Bed"

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Twista speaks on Static Major

Here is an interview Jonathan Hay over at did with Twista a while back as they discuss Twista's latest album.

Dubcnn: Static Major, who I went to school with [both Middle and High School] from Louisville, Kentucky, is also appearing on your album, and Static Major just like Michael Jackson – although not on the same success level, was definitely gone too soon… How did that song come about for your new album?

You know what; we didn’t actually link up personally to do the track. But I did meet him personally before. The vibe was close though, seeing that he wrote for Aaliyah, who also worked around my hometown - - and just being a fan of his music and the things that he wrote. It was amazing to talk to his management and the people around him to find out that he was such a big fan of my music - - and that really touched me. You can tell on the song [Gotta Get Me One] that my musical influence was part of his creation for the song, which came together for [Category] F5. It was a perfect fit and I wanted to honor his memory and have it on the album. It reminded me of the Biggie thing [The Biggie Duets album, Duets: The Final Chapter] – the tribute to Biggie with Bone and everything and I was like, you feel some sense of calling when you get the opportunity to do something honoring like that. Some people don’t feel like it is a good idea, because they feel like if the person is not around, then you shouldn’t do it. But to me, I feel like things just don’t fall into people’s lap out of the blue like that. I take it as a blessing and a calling to continue the artists’ legacy.

Dubcnn: I always wondered, when you are doing a project like that - - and when you’re in the recording studio, and you have the headphones on and that deceased artist voice comes through and you are recording to it – it that kind of like a surreal experience… and do you feel a certain way during that process?

Yea, you do… like me; I do feel a certain way. I don’t know how other people feel when they do it, but when I’m doing it and I know they aren’t here - - and I’m listening to their vocals [while recording] I feel like I’m doing the music with them in spirit. That is the best way I can explain it.

Dubcnn: That is deep Twista. Yea, Static [Major] was an amazing artist. Oh yea, even on that track [Gotta Get Me One] I hear a lot of talent - - and I don’t know what to call it, but I hear a lot of passion flowing out of that track from his vocals. He was great…

Read the rest of the interview here:

Static Major March Madness Matchup 17 Winner: Playa "Cheers 2 U"

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Music: Playa - Grateful

Static Major March Madness Matchup 16 Winner: Ginuwine "So Anxious"

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