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Twista speaks on Static Major

Here is an interview Jonathan Hay over at did with Twista a while back as they discuss Twista's latest album.

Dubcnn: Static Major, who I went to school with [both Middle and High School] from Louisville, Kentucky, is also appearing on your album, and Static Major just like Michael Jackson – although not on the same success level, was definitely gone too soon… How did that song come about for your new album?

You know what; we didn’t actually link up personally to do the track. But I did meet him personally before. The vibe was close though, seeing that he wrote for Aaliyah, who also worked around my hometown - - and just being a fan of his music and the things that he wrote. It was amazing to talk to his management and the people around him to find out that he was such a big fan of my music - - and that really touched me. You can tell on the song [Gotta Get Me One] that my musical influence was part of his creation for the song, which came together for [Category] F5. It was a perfect fit and I wanted to honor his memory and have it on the album. It reminded me of the Biggie thing [The Biggie Duets album, Duets: The Final Chapter] – the tribute to Biggie with Bone and everything and I was like, you feel some sense of calling when you get the opportunity to do something honoring like that. Some people don’t feel like it is a good idea, because they feel like if the person is not around, then you shouldn’t do it. But to me, I feel like things just don’t fall into people’s lap out of the blue like that. I take it as a blessing and a calling to continue the artists’ legacy.

Dubcnn: I always wondered, when you are doing a project like that - - and when you’re in the recording studio, and you have the headphones on and that deceased artist voice comes through and you are recording to it – it that kind of like a surreal experience… and do you feel a certain way during that process?

Yea, you do… like me; I do feel a certain way. I don’t know how other people feel when they do it, but when I’m doing it and I know they aren’t here - - and I’m listening to their vocals [while recording] I feel like I’m doing the music with them in spirit. That is the best way I can explain it.

Dubcnn: That is deep Twista. Yea, Static [Major] was an amazing artist. Oh yea, even on that track [Gotta Get Me One] I hear a lot of talent - - and I don’t know what to call it, but I hear a lot of passion flowing out of that track from his vocals. He was great…

Read the rest of the interview here:


  1. I wonder if when he said he met him before if he was talkin bout at the "crank it up" David Banner video. I always tripped how there was a scene where stat was standin next to Twista, Lil Jon, T.I. and the whole PSC...I always wondered if he would collab w/ any of them cats..

  2. wow i dint know T.I. was in crank it up, i jus watched it & paused on a frame that you see them next to each other, it blew my mind.Favorite singer & rapper.

  3. yea I noticed Twista in there too, also Twista worked with Timbaland on Tim's Bio, which Static was on several times along with Aaliyah and the rest of the crew


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