Music: Static Major - Your Valentine

For all the lovers out there, this song will definitely set the mood for Valentines day. For the single folks out there, sit back and enjoy Static's smooth falsetto.


Tim "Neeze" Barnett said...

Crazy! If u r a fan, u hv to start fucking with us ans help to inform others abt the site. We need ur hlp to expnd the site! Shw up if ur real!

B L said...

real shit neezy. I checks in errday, multiple times a day team. plus i been spreadin the word. Static for life! plus this is bout to be on heavy spin this weekend! yes SUH!!!

SPINNER said...

@ NEEZE.I m on it spreadin the word about the site and the listening party.Plus all i listen to is Static , and his camp. As well as all Playa. So when u here me comin u know what i'm off of.........................4life fam

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