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Music: Static Major - La La Land (Demo)

Let's have some fun with this one. I would like all the readers to give it a shot and guess who Static was demoing this song for. This gives everyone an opportunity to interact with each other and best of all, we will play the final version on the 25th. So let the guessing begin and hopefully you guys aren't too far off. If you already know who it's for, please don't ruin it for everyone else :)

Much love goes out to Neeze for coming through with this long request from me.


  1. he was demoin'it for Brandy!!!

  2. Can't wait to hear the version by the artist!

  3. i c long beautiful hair n the pic..was it AALIYAH?! Static and her had great collabos together so I would not be suprised

  4. I'm telling you guys, the song is crazy!

  5. This song sounds risky!!! OMG is it Aaliyah?

  6. yea i have to agree with the anonymous above. The tags say dr. dre and who else worked with dr. dre that would sing a song like this! It wouldn't be Brandy b/c i don;t think she would sing about getting moist(maybe Ray J though) haha and it could be aaliyah but my vote goes for Celine Dion! i mean Truth Hurts

  7. I think it is Truth Hurts. A lot of her Static songs were sensual.

  8. Ok i know i already guessed Truth but after seeing more clues on Slam's other blog i want to change my guess to Brandy. Partly b/c of the squeaky clean clue from the other post and also the line in the song that says "from the other side of town". I am lookin a little too much into this. Ima be quiet now.

  9. Some very good guesses so far, but I don't want to give it away. Keep the guesses coming!

  10. Cannot wait to hear the final version. Please post it like you did this one. I will be at work during the listening party you are having

  11. Its Obviously Mary J. Blige. sounds like Family Affair

  12. aaliyah or Brandy!! the picture in the video looks familiar to me! so i'll go with Brandy

  13. i think it's either Truth Hurts, Aaliyah or Brandy! i can't really picture Liyah on that beat, it wouldn't fit her voice cause that typa beat needs a husky voice that can also be smooth and sensual...something that Truth Hurts can't give (i mean the smooth side) so i can really see Brandy lay her sultry and smooth vocals over that beat ,belting and keepin' it sensual at the same time! i'm not a big fan of hers but she's really a vocal beast! can't be denied ! so i'mma go with Brandy!

  14. Very good analysis Jhena. I'm not going to say you got it right, but in terms of looking at it from that point of view, you certainly bring up a good point.

  15. Looks like Tweet. Why not? I can see her on it... it has those harmonies... if not then Brandy for sure.

  16. I'ma go w/ the Brandy people as far as guessin who it's for...but this song BANGS!! I swear he had the platinum touch!!! How is EVERY SINGLE song you write catchy?? Boy he musta took some hellafied notes when he was watchin Devante n em i'm tellin u..


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