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Music: Da Bassment - Ain't Nothin' But A B-Party

So on this track, we have Timbaland, Magoo, Static, Smokey and Black all on one track. For the people that don't know, this was going to be the first single off the Bassment compilation that Devante was going to put out. This material has never been on the internet...until now, all thanks to my man Neeze. A lot of you may recognize the hook because they reused the hook for the song "Smoke In Da Air" off Timbaland & Magoo's first album "Welcome To Our World".

Exclusive song is provided by Neeze, courtesy of Swatt Music

Upcoming Skype Listening Party: Friday April 2nd 8 PM ET

What's up everyone, we are planning to put together another Skype listening party for all the fans this Friday April 2nd at 8 PM ET. We will probably follow the same procedure as last time and broadcast it live on UStream so everyone can hear. A link to join the UStream will be posted on the blog a half hour prior to the start time. We plan to play some unheard Static songs that we haven't posted on the blog yet, so this might be your best chance to hear them. We hope you all can make it.

Music: - Kali Girls (Formerly known as "Lax") - Beach Girl

Myspace Bio:

What would you get if Gwen Stefani, Kelis and Fergie formed a band when they were 16?

You’d have the blueprint for Kali Girls, the all-girl group led by Brianna, Jamie, and Cristina--three powerhouse singers that are ready to bring their own unique style and sound to the yard with their yet-to-be-titled debut album on Blackground Records, the same label that brought you Aaliyah, JoJo and Timbaland. A mixture of delicious beats and playful R&B ballads, their debut plays to each of the girl’s personalities: Jamie, 17, prefers Nike’s to heels; Cristina, 16, is all about the charm; and Brianna, 18, is the eclectic one. But one thing rings true for all of them… they’re ready for you to listen.

“We’re really excited and anxious to get this album out there,” says Cristina. “It’s what we’re meant to do.”

If the girls are meant to have the 1 song on everybody’s playlist, then they’re right on track. Produced by the late, great Stephen "Static/Major" Garrett, the prolific…

Artist Feature: Stefon Washington

Now you're probably wondering to yourself, who is this guy and why are you featuring him on the blog?

Well check out the song "Ain't Like You" on his Myspace page:

Does he sound exactly like a certain someone? Well, he should because Stefon4U was Static's protege for 2 years. He was in the studio every day with Static and you can definitely hear the influence that Static had on him. Just check out the harmonies. Stefon also helped with some background vocals for some of Static's songs.

Check out the Static shout out at 3:35...

Check out his mixtape:

Also hit him up on Twitter if you have any questions or just want to show him some love:

I will try to get an interview with him soon, so he can give us the fine details of what it was like working with Static in the studio.

Static Major March Madness Championship Winner: Playa "Cheers 2 U"

Thanks to everyone who voted and made this whole thing successful. In the end, "Cheers 2 U" from Playa came out on top.

Click Here to View the Full Bracket

Music: Static Major - Gotta Get Out Tonight

You've already heard the remix to this song, so it's only fitting to put Static's solo version.

It's important to note that the original demo was produced by Scott Storch and was going to be a Pussycat Dolls' song. I'm not sure if they ever ended up recording the song. The song is a banger though!

Exclusive song is provided by Neeze, courtesy of Swatt Music

Music: Tamieka - Desire

I've been gone for a minute, but I was gonna post this track a couple of days ago so here it is. I believe this song is produced and written by Static. This definitely shows that Static wasn't limited to just R&B, because this poppish track is crazy. And what can I say about Tamieka? Her voice is off the chain.

Music: Aaliyah "Back In One Piece" featuring DMX (Written by Static)

It seems that even to this day, I continue to discover songs that I like that I didn't even know were written by Static. This Aaliyah collaboration with DMX appeared on the "Romeo Must Die" soundtrack. Static had a big involvement overall on the soundtrack, and I'll be highlighting more of the songs later on.

Interview: Rudy "Groove" Sandapa

Interview coming soon with Rudy, what would you want to know about him & his time spent with Static Major?

For those who aren't familiar with Rudy, he is the producer who did "I Got My," "All The Way to Heaven," "At the Bar," and "Dirty Mind."

Edit: the interview is on!
A big thanks to Rudy for taking the time to do it, he was very cool & very opened, we spent around 2 hours doin it! All the team was there, Buddha, Slam & last but not least thanks Dimu for having my back!
Everything went well, Rudy shared a lot of stories behind songs, about being in studio with Static, & a lot more... Again thanks to Rudy for comin over.
P.S: don't laugh about my french accent! It was between 1 & 3am for me, don't blame me :)

Interview put together by: Farid, Dimu, Slam, Buddha
Interview recorded by: Buddha
Interview done by: Farid, Dimu

Interview: G. No aka The Latin Bird on Static Major

YouKnowIGotSoul: I heard the tribute you did to Static Major with your version of “Ride Till The Wheels Fall Off.” Did you have an opportunity to meet and work with Static Major?

G-No: No, I didn’t meet Static. But I've made an interview through MySpace back in 2005 that I will publish in my black music book. And Smoke gave me a Playa song includes a Static verse that I recorded, it's in my Mac but I can't release it just yet!

YouKnowIGotSoul: What made you decide to do this tribute to Static?

G-No: In 2010 many people are still Static fans. But who was a Static fan in ‘95? Me! *Laughs* When I heard his rap in "Gin & Juice" with Devante I said damn, who's that cat? And then when I realized it was the same Static in Playa in ‘98 with this soulful voice, I was truly impressed. My tribute to Static is like a tribute to the Jodeci era. He confessed to me in that interview that "Da Bassment was like Motown in a whole new level". He was right, rnb became…

Music: Play-N-Skillz - Let Em Go (Feat. Static)

Once again, Static on his hood side, he got writings credits 2 songs for that Play-N-Skilz album, but he's also featuring on that one. Harmonies as always, are his trademark, he's only in the hook & in the bridge, but everytime he puts his vocals on a track, seems like the song takes another level, his touch definely add something special to a song.

You now know that we always come with an extra, so here's for the instrumental lovers...

Music: Rell "It's Obvious" featuring Jay-Z (Written by Static, Produced by Timbaland)

If you are not familiar with Rell, he's a soul singer who was previously on Roc-A-Fella records from the late 90's to the mid 00's. Here is a song that Static wrote for him but to this day remains unreleased. I had a chance to interview Rell, and I asked him about this song. If you know Rell's music, this song didn't really fit his style, and you will hear him speak on that and working with Static in the interview.

Question Of The Week #10: "Playa - Never Too Late" Got Something From?

We can't talk about Playa without mention Jodeci, i'm speaking for myself as a Jodeci follower first, but i think everybody should feel the same about if you love Playa, you also love Jodeci.
We can still hear some of Jodeci in Playa, they learnt a lot from them, especially from DeVante for Static.
Ok we all know about that song, but there is something that i never really noticed on that track, there's a part in "Never Too Late" that comes from a Jodeci song, so i wanna put y'all to work, & find out wich Jodeci song i'm talkin about, we'll see who the real Da Bassment lovers are!

Digital Black Interview

Myself and Neeze just finished up this great interview with Digital Black. He really touched on a lot in here, so make sure you listen to the whole thing and of course leave your feedback. As you can hear from the interview, Neeze once again provides a great asset to us because he lived this and he helped guide this interview at certain points.

Digital Black Interview Part 1 (What's he's been up to, Memories of Da Bassment, Thoughts on a 2nd Playa album)

Digital Black Interview Part 2 (What led to the downfall of Playa, Meetings with Def Jam, Memories of time in the group)

Digital Black Interview Part 3 (Favorite Playa songs, Memories of Static, Static's Legacy)

Interview put together by: Slam, Dimu, Neeze
Interview recorded by: Slam
Interview done by: Slam, Neeze

Interview with Spark1One

Get to know the man behind "Stallion", and listen to him speak the truth! Big thanks to Spark for the interview.

Interview put together by: Slam, Dimu, Buddha
Interview recorded by: Buddha
Interview done by: Slam

Static Major March Madness Matchup 56 Winner: Static "Infatuated"

Music: Mr. Dalvin & Static - True O.G.

Oh yeah, this time i'm not kidding, True O.G music now from the Da Bassment days!
I remember back in 95, when i put my hand on the Dangerous Mind Soundtrack, i was surprised to see & solo song from Dalvin & another one from DeVante, but i was wondering who was Static ??? I heard his name before, & i've seen this name when Jodeci gave some shout outs, but Jodeci never really had some guest in their album, except people from their camp, so seing Static featuring on both song with Dalvin & DeVante meaned to me that this man was dope!
So here's that "True O.G" song, you now know that O.G Music from Static is my preferate side of him, well, he's killing it in this one, his rap is so smooth, it's a thin line between rap & sing and Static walk right on that line.
P.S: as you can see, we got some spanish addicted to Static music :)

Interview with Truth Hurts

Slam got an opportunity to interview Truth Hurts. I'm sure Slam will be able to speak on the whole thing some more, but here is part of the interview that she spoke about "Addictive" and Static.

Listen to the rest of the interview @ Slam's blog:

Interview put together by: Buddha, Slam
Interview recorded by: Slam
Interview done by: Slam

Music: Truth Hurts - Real

For the ones that listened to the Truth interview, you guys may have heard Truth Hurts talking about the Timbaland/Scott Storch produced track "Real" off her debut album. Personally, this song was a slower grower for me but I grew to like it.

You guys may have also heard Slam mentioning something about the demo of that song, so here it is for everyone courtesy of Tim Barnett. I'll say it once and I'll say it again, it's always interesting to notice the small changes from Static's demo to the final version.

Static Demo is provided by Neeze, courtesy of Swatt Music

Rudy - The Mixtape (2004)

Y'all know about Rudy aka Rudy "Groove" who has worked a lot with Static, & to this day the most popular song they worked together is "On The Hotline" for Pretty Ricky.
They also did together "I Got My". He also produced by himself songs for Digital Black, "Meet Me" & one of my preferate song "Messed Around" with Static on the writtin & vocals on both of them.
Rudy is from Australia, & i guess they met when the Aaliyah crew was there when she was doin the movie "Queen of the Damned"
What you doesn't know is Rudy has released a mixtape as a solo artist, & planned to release a solo album.

1. Intro (0:21)
2. Victoria Secret (Ft. Goodfella) (2:35)
3. What If I (1:41)
4. Front 2 Back (Ft. Goodfella) (2:37)
5. More (3:17)
6. Hit That (Ft. Revelion) (3:57)
7. Lose Control (2:57)
8. Some Of You (Ft. Shade Sheist & Revelion) (2:58)
9. Be My Woman (2:48)
10. Can't Refuse (Ft. Revelion) (3:25)
11. I See You (3:11)

LIVE Interview with Spark1One tonight (8 PM EST)

Want to know how "Stallion" was created? Curious about the hardware/software that he uses to make beats? Wondering what Spark's favourite colour is?

Well, he will be on Skype tonight to answer all of the q's and many more. He may also play us some joints...

We learned the hard way that Skype isn't able to hold a lot of people in a conference call, so it will be broadcasted on Ustream.

Join Us:

Two Mixtapes from Jimmy Sprinkles (Playa & Pretty Ricky + Static Material)

Jimmy Sprinkles sent me these two mixtapes that he put together.

This is a mixtape of Playa songs he put together including unreleased songs and tracks from sondracks:

Playa Mixtape

This is a mixtape of Pretty Ricky material that features some Static material as well. There is also a Static song included on here that I had previously never heard before.

Pretty Ricky Mixtape

Jimmy Sprinkles on Twitter

For Those People Who Post Under Anonymous....

Please take a few seconds to type in a name or alias. We are trying to create a community on this blog and we want everyone to know everyone else. Additionally, in the future we might decide to release music if we can get comments from enough unique visitors, so this will be important. It's also very easy to sign up for a google account which will automatically have your name on the post, just go to This Link. Thanks guys.

Happy Birthday Buddha!!

Just wanted to give a quick Happy Birthday shout to my man Buddha. Just so everyone knows, this dude puts in a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes to make most of what we have on this site possible. In fact, he might have single-handedly contacted every person he could find that has any connection to Static. I got mad respect for him for everything he does for the site. Enjoy your day Buddha!!

Smokey Performs "Cheers 2 U" Live and Shouts Out Static (3/6/10)

I had a chance to see Smokey perform last night out here in Hartford, CT. In his set, he did "Cheers 2 U" and paid tribute to Static in the middle of the song. I was really happy to hear him do that, and to be honest, I almost shed a tear. Not only did I hear him perform, but I had a chance to hang out with him and this dude is really cool and down to earth. Hope you enjoy the video, sorry for the poor quality, what do you think?

Also, if you want to see more of his performances or some pictures, head over to my blog at You Know I Got Soul

Static Major March Madness Matchup 47 Winner: Static "Infatuated"

Music: David Banner - Crank It Up (Feat. Static)

Y'all know i'm addicted of Static's OG side, so i wanted to talk about "Crank It Up"!
Produced by Young Sears, it's great to see Static featuring on this one, cause the song has been released as a single & he's in the video (not like Jay-Z - Change The Game, where they didn't call him to be in the video), for those who haven't seen it yet, there it is:

So being in the video was perfect at this time for him to be in the spotlight as a solo artist & introduce his "Suppertime" album.

And here's some other footage from the video shoot, thx to Jerome Shanklin for providing the videos, good looking.
Big boss Neeze is in control!

But i can't let you go without giving you an extra for the instrumental lovers like me! (URL has been converted)

FYI, we will be converting to our new url of tonight. Don't worry, the old domain will still work, but it will redirect to this new one. To do the conversion, we had to take the blog down.

*Slam Update: Should be up and working now, if you are having any issues accessing it, please e-mail me at

Music: Brandy - Come As You Are

One of my favourite Brandy songs of all time and also one of my favourite Static songs of all time. I certainly felt this song would have at least advanced to the second round of the March Madness, but oh well.

You may also recognize this beat because it was in a clip from Jay-Z's Fade to Black DVD.

As you can already tell, the drums are slightly different from the Timbaland/Jay-Z clip.

Here's something for you to listen though:

This is Static's demo of the track for Brandy. The elements of the beat are the same, but it seems Timbaland revamped the beat by adding more sounds to the final version (Brandy).

Edit: Shout to Dude over at the Brandy forum for hooking me up with another version of "Come As U Are".

This version was on the Afrodisiac album sampler. Notice the crazy bass line on the song? The drums are different as well, from both the Static version and the final version of the song. I wonder why Timbaland changed it.

Jimmy Sprinkles Static Major Tribute on WUML 91.5 FM (Lowell, MA)

On Sunday night February 28th, Jimmy Sprinkles did a tribute to Static on his radio show on WUML out of Lowell, MA. I called up the show and he gave a shout to our blog over the air (at the 7:00 mark). Big shout out to my man Jimmy Sprinkles for repping our blog and also helping to contribute to keeping Static's memory alive.

Click Here to Listen to the Recorded Show

Click Here to go to the WUML 91.5 FM website

Click Here to Follow Jimmy Sprinkles on Twitter