Feb 25, 2010

Family and friends gathered together to visit Static.


Anonymous said...

Watching ths video made me think of an aunt who passed away a few years ago. The first year after a few of us met there and brought flowers and some other things to place at her grave. One of her brothers brought roses. Well, one of my cousins, her grandson took the roses. Nigga told me he had a date that night and the flowers were going to waste there. I started to laugh. Some people weren't as amused as I was. Some were cying, I never do. The ones who hadn't let go didn't see the humour and couldn't understand what he was trying to do.

I guess what i'm trying to say is that it makes me glad to see his family and friends smiling.


B L said...

Aye that's real bravery i thought the same thng watchin this..they was in good spirits. Much love to Avonti and the rest of Static's fam. And Neezy too. Yall all stay in my prayers.


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