Music: Mr. Dalvin & Static - True O.G.

Oh yeah, this time i'm not kidding, True O.G music now from the Da Bassment days!
I remember back in 95, when i put my hand on the Dangerous Mind Soundtrack, i was surprised to see & solo song from Dalvin & another one from DeVante, but i was wondering who was Static ??? I heard his name before, & i've seen this name when Jodeci gave some shout outs, but Jodeci never really had some guest in their album, except people from their camp, so seing Static featuring on both song with Dalvin & DeVante meaned to me that this man was dope!
So here's that "True O.G" song, you now know that O.G Music from Static is my preferate side of him, well, he's killing it in this one, his rap is so smooth, it's a thin line between rap & sing and Static walk right on that line.
P.S: as you can see, we got some spanish addicted to Static music :)


B L said...

yes suh he murked this!!! "breakin like in DIICE gaaaames.... Drake eat ya heart out! U ain't doin nuttin new nigga!! it's the 'riginator...static major!!!

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