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Rudy - The Mixtape (2004)

Y'all know about Rudy aka Rudy "Groove" who has worked a lot with Static, & to this day the most popular song they worked together is "On The Hotline" for Pretty Ricky.
They also did together "I Got My". He also produced by himself songs for Digital Black, "Meet Me" & one of my preferate song "Messed Around" with Static on the writtin & vocals on both of them.
Rudy is from Australia, & i guess they met when the Aaliyah crew was there when she was doin the movie "Queen of the Damned"
What you doesn't know is Rudy has released a mixtape as a solo artist, & planned to release a solo album.

1. Intro (0:21)
2. Victoria Secret (Ft. Goodfella) (2:35)
3. What If I (1:41)
4. Front 2 Back (Ft. Goodfella) (2:37)
5. More (3:17)
6. Hit That (Ft. Revelion) (3:57)
7. Lose Control (2:57)
8. Some Of You (Ft. Shade Sheist & Revelion) (2:58)
9. Be My Woman (2:48)
10. Can't Refuse (Ft. Revelion) (3:25)
11. I See You (3:11)
12. Dance Tonight (2:40)
13. Nothing Compares (3:22)
14. Off Limits (3:27)
15. What Do I Do (4:31)

We got our boy Goodfella on the mixtape!
Also on "I See You" we got Static on the background, & we can hear a portion of "How I Like It (Doggystyle) on the hook that he did for J. Valentine, production style is a Static/Rudy work.
Stay tune for the audio samples coming soon.


  1. I remember this mixtape...Static also wrote and produced victoria's secret...

  2. If u wanna buy it it's at

    lol i be finding all kinda sites for these mixtapes..gotta do ya homework bra

  3. Great find jasmine! :)
    I was about to leak it tho...

  4. Shit I'll wait for da leak too..


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