Smokey Performs "Cheers 2 U" Live and Shouts Out Static (3/6/10)

I had a chance to see Smokey perform last night out here in Hartford, CT. In his set, he did "Cheers 2 U" and paid tribute to Static in the middle of the song. I was really happy to hear him do that, and to be honest, I almost shed a tear. Not only did I hear him perform, but I had a chance to hang out with him and this dude is really cool and down to earth. Hope you enjoy the video, sorry for the poor quality, what do you think?

Also, if you want to see more of his performances or some pictures, head over to my blog at You Know I Got Soul


B L said...

I thnk he ripped it ( at which i'm def not surprised) but real talk it hurt me to see him performin that by hisself. I know he's a solo artist now, and so is digital (black), and i don't know what their relationship w/ each other is right now..but I woulda at least been a lil more comforted seein the 2 of em perform..nevertheless he held Stat down and I got "major" respect for him for doin that.

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