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Music: Timbaland - Hello/Smoke In Da Air

I'm sure we're all familiar with the song "Smoke In Da Air" from Timbaland's first album. Static murked his rap.

And I'm sure some of you may know "Hello" by Timbaland from his "Shock Value" album. Check out the chorus


  1. How the hell am I supposed to bump this good music with dude talking all over the track? Drop appreciated, but damn homie.

  2. This was just a quick sample of what's to come!

  3. Would you rather not hear anything at all? This is all we can do right now man, calm yourself.

  4. Thanks for the snippet, but why are you tagging every 5 seconds? I could barely hear the lyrics. Once is enough.

  5. Because Neeze told me to tag it You will get to hear the full version of the song at one of our upcoming Skype sessions.

  6. Because we have had a lot of exclusive joints taken from this site and placed in other places and people not giving our blog the credit that it deserves. It is meant for you to get an idea of what is too come... I hope the curiousity continues to drive you back to the site. Maybe you will help us promote the site and get more readers...Until then we will continue to hit our readers over the head with exclusive music that you cant hear ANYWHERE else because Im the only one that has it!!! Lastly, How many Skype listening sessions have you been too?

  7. @ NEEZE enjoying myself everyday..thx Tim, Buddha,& Slam for all the efforts. @Anonymous they dont have to let us here or see SHIT ...sit back spread the word and enjoy like the rest of us..4eva

  8. Can't wait till the full version is released! Much more timbo than the SV1 version!


  9. What's a skype session and will i ever be able to download the song?

  10. We usually go on Skype (computer program) once a month and play music for everyone through a conference call. And yes, eventually you will be able to download the song. I'm not sure when though.


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