Music: David Banner - Crank It Up (Feat. Static)

Y'all know i'm addicted of Static's OG side, so i wanted to talk about "Crank It Up"!
Produced by Young Sears, it's great to see Static featuring on this one, cause the song has been released as a single & he's in the video (not like Jay-Z - Change The Game, where they didn't call him to be in the video), for those who haven't seen it yet, there it is:

So being in the video was perfect at this time for him to be in the spotlight as a solo artist & introduce his "Suppertime" album.

And here's some other footage from the video shoot, thx to Jerome Shanklin for providing the videos, good looking.
Big boss Neeze is in control!

But i can't let you go without giving you an extra for the instrumental lovers like me!


B L said...

please do NOT sleep on his harmonies on Crank it's easy to do cuz of it's gutta nature.and cuz he's not "exactly" singin BUT..peep the second time he repeats the hook "Big's ...v-tweeeelves...Veeee's" plus his lil part in verse 2??..RIPS it. Another one no one else coulda pulled off better!! Plus Sears acted a donkey on this beat too!!

Farid said...

Yep i agree, the "Veeeeeee's" at the second time is sick!
"Diamond in the back, the sun roof top.... Coooooooooops", no one can compare.

POOHBEAR said...


B L said...

LOL exactly Farid!!! u feel me?! He murdered everythang!!

B L said... more thng..NEEZY! me out w/ this question bruh..what set is that Static is thowin up when he hops on DB's shoulders in the 2nd verse.. i seen him thowin that up in a lotta pics that a Louisville set??

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