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Static Major Top 15 Songs (Results)

As you can see, we had a massive tie so we told someone on twitter to pick 3 numbers out of 7 and the songs in blue made the cut.

How close was this to your list? Any surprises?

Interview: Storm Jefferson

Here is an interview we did with Storm. You guys may not know him by name, but he was mixed a lot Static songs from 2000-2002 including Playa material and also Southernaire All-Stars music.

If you have any questions for him or just want to say what's up, contact him on facebook @

Static Major Discography: Please Give Us Your Top 10 Favorite Static Solo Songs


We expect contributions AT LEAST from the following (Yes, I'm calling people out!!): Spinner, BL, James Moore, Benjani, Bravery, Pooh, Yung Major, Jimmy Sprinkles, Dimu

Above you will see a picture of a Static discography that was put together to highlight songs he wrote for other artists including Aaliyah and Ginuwine to showcase his talents to those who weren't familiar. Well, we'd like to build a similar concept except make one that includes all of his best solo songs that we've heard so far. Please e-mail us a list of your top 10 best Static songs (order doesn't matter), and we'll combine all the lists and rank according to a final tally. Here is the list you can choose from:

Private Number
I Got My
Ride Till The Wheels Fall Off
U Know
4 A Long Time
All I Know
Holla Back
It’s the Way
Wish I Woulda Knew You Then
Your Valentine
Dirty Mind
It’s Urgent
At the Bar