Music: Da Bassment Compilation (Side 2)

Interview: Sunshine Anderson on Static Major

I recently interviewed Sunshine Anderson for YouKnowIGotSoul, and as usual I threw a few Static questions in there because I know she worked with him.

Static Major Top 15 Songs (Results)

As you can see, we had a massive tie so we told someone on twitter to pick 3 numbers out of 7 and the songs in blue made the cut.

How close was this to your list? Any surprises?

Music: Da Bassment Compilation (Side 1)

Featuring music by Timbaland, Missy, Playa, Ginuwine, Sugah and many others...

Interview: Storm Jefferson

Here is an interview we did with Storm. You guys may not know him by name, but he was mixed a lot Static songs from 2000-2002 including Playa material and also Southernaire All-Stars music.

If you have any questions for him or just want to say what's up, contact him on facebook @

Static Major Discography: Please Give Us Your Top 10 Favorite Static Solo Songs


We expect contributions AT LEAST from the following (Yes, I'm calling people out!!): Spinner, BL, James Moore, Benjani, Bravery, Pooh, Yung Major, Jimmy Sprinkles, Dimu

Above you will see a picture of a Static discography that was put together to highlight songs he wrote for other artists including Aaliyah and Ginuwine to showcase his talents to those who weren't familiar. Well, we'd like to build a similar concept except make one that includes all of his best solo songs that we've heard so far. Please e-mail us a list of your top 10 best Static songs (order doesn't matter), and we'll combine all the lists and rank according to a final tally. Here is the list you can choose from:

Private Number
I Got My
Ride Till The Wheels Fall Off
U Know
4 A Long Time
All I Know
Holla Back
It’s the Way
Wish I Woulda Knew You Then
Your Valentine
Dirty Mind
It’s Urgent
At the Bar
Eye Candy
Point of No Return
Playa Tales
Brand New Start
In the Hood
The Girls
Never Let You Go
Show Up
Bus Stop Breezy
After Dark
Speed ofLight
Outta My Mind
Mixed Girl
Spendin All My Cash
Can I Kick It Wit Ya
I Wanna Know
Body Rock
Roll Call
Picture It All
Easy Come, Easy Go
Don’t You Miss Me
On Fire
My Lady
All The Way to Heaven
Night to Remember
Off At

Interview: Chris Lee (Close Friend of Static)

Here is an interview we did with Chris Lee who knew Static very well since they were young. He shares some great insight into Stephen Ellis Garrett the person.

Music: Static Major - Playa Tales

This song was done around 04/05 and was produced by Timbaland.

Interview: Tank on Working with Static and Aaliyah

I recently had the chance to interview Tank for YouKnowIGotSoul and of course you know I had to ask him about working with Static and Aaliyah. Here is the portion of the interview where he discusses both, and I'm glad to have finally gotten to the bottom of whether or not Static wrote all of both of those songs for Tank. In my opinion, neither sounded like Static penned songs, but Tank explains it for us.

Click Here to read the full interview on YouKnowIGotSoul.

YKIGS: I want to ask you about a personal favorite artist of mine that you worked with years ago and that’s Static Major. What was your relationship like with him and what was it like working with him?

Tank: That was my guy, it was family so it was easy to make magic with Static, that’s what he knew how to do. I came up listening to songs that Static…my first tour, I was singing songs that Static wrote, big hits that he wrote for Ginuwine and he wrote for Aaliyah. So it was an honor and then it turned into family and from there it’s just what it was at that point. He’s sorely missed, great writer, great entertainer, great everything.

YKIGS: On your second album “One Man” he was credited in the writing credits for “Unpredictable” and “So Many Times” and I was just wondering, because they sound like more of your style than his, did we co-write those with you? How did that go down?

Tank: No he wrote those himself! I produced “Unpredictable” but he wrote it, and he wrote “So Many Times.” That’s all Static and that was probably maybe Static maybe coming into my world. We had an appreciation for each other’s craft so it worked perfect going into the studio with him. I didn’t second guess anything he wrote or anything he told me to sing, I just did it.

YKIGS: I also want to know what you remember about working with Aaliyah on the songs “I Can Be” and “What If” from her “Aaliyah” album. What do you remember most about those sessions?

Tank: Well unfortunately with those sessions, she was shooting “Queen of the Damned” over in Australia, and that was just when I was getting ready to start a promo, so I didn’t get to make the trip. But she told me specifically what kind of records she wanted, and she kinda wanted a little dangerous, a little sexy, that type of thing. I got to go in the studio and tailor make something for her, that was amazing that she called me from way overseas like “Tank, I need these kinds of records, I know you can write them for me.” And I was happy that I was able to deliver, that they were records that she actually loved them when she recorded them, she did her thing.

Static Major Army (Explanation)

*I'm stressing right now, this is just for fun, this is no type of serious rankings*

I know you all have seen Static Major Army being thrown around here a lot lately, so I thought I'd take a minute to explain what's going on. Apparently Team Static Major or TSM (created by BL) was already taken, so we had to get creative and found something new in Static Major Army or SMA. This is by no means any disrespect or trying to make a mockery to anyone who serves our country, we have great pride and admiration for those men and women. It's simply a play off of the "major" in Static's name which happens to be a military ranking.

So without further adieu, here is the rankings that have been assigned, please take a minute to salute:

1) General Big Mamma
2) Lieutenant General Tim Neeze Barnett
3) Major General Buddha
4) Brigadier General Slam
5) Colonal Martina "Loose Rap" & Farid "The Freak"

6) Lieutenant Colonal BL
7) Major Stephen Ellis "Static" Garrett
8) Captain Spinner
9) First Lieutenant Pooh Bear
10) Second Lieutenant Yung Major

Here is a picture of Static co-signing the movement:

Oh and of course, what would an army be without it's theme song:

Interview: Rey from Metro City

Check out this very insightful interview we recently completed with Rey from the group Metro City. They have worked on a couple of songs with Static years ago, but unfortunately none of them have ever released. Maybe they will see the light of day at some point. Rey really tells us a lot about how Static was as a person and in the studio. Enjoy.

Thankful (Playa: Grateful)

Thanksgiving is all about family and being around the ones you love, so I thought it was only right that I stop by SMIM this morning to visit what I've come to consider my other family.

When it comes to Static, I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm thankful for the opportunity to get this site started in the first place so we could continue his legacy. I'm thankful Static has brought together a community of such great people who I can interact with on a daily basis; heck a lot of you I even call friends now. I'm thankful for Static's music because he's left us with some amazing songs that I'm so happy I was able to hear. Finally, I'm thankful because I know he's looking down on all of us, and even know I never had the chance to meet the man, from everyone who has graciously taken the time through interviews and such to talk about him as a person, I know he guided us through the rough patches we've had here on the site and allowed us to continue.

I know we've slowed down a bit since the EP, but we will be picking up again very soon and have a lot more content coming. If you have a chance to visit the site over the next few days and read this, let us know what you're thankful for. Finally, I leave you with a Playa song that just about sums it up.

Music: Sugah "Love Just Expired" from Da Bassment Cassette

Another exclusive from Da Bassment Cassette tape. Classic Sugah.

Album: Static Major - The Demos (EP)

1. Da Bassment - Nothin' But A B-Party Ya'll
2. Static Major - Never No More (Demo)
3. Static Major - You Saved My Life (Demo)
4. Static Major - We Need a Resolution (Demo)
5. Static Major - Read Between The Lines (Demo)
6. Static Major - Come As You Are (Demo)
7. Static Major - Fire Lovin' (Demo)
8. Southernaire All-Stars - Ghetto
9. Static Major - More Than a Woman (Demo) (First Version)

We Are Putting the Finishing Touches on the EP + We Need Your Help

What's up everyone, just wanted to assure you the EP is still on schedule to be available here later today. Neeze, Buddha and myself were up late last night hard at work on getting everything together to make sure we could deliver it today.

We need everyone's help in spreading the word about the EP. We want to use this project as a way to spread the word about Static's name and hopefully introduce a lot more music fans to his talent. So if you know of any sites or blogs or anything that usually posts these types of albums, please contact them and ask them to post this EP.

Also, what YOU can do is PLEASE post this link all over Twitter, Facebook, show a friend, tell a neighbor, anything you can. I know many of you have already brought in new fans and converted them to Static fans which is amazing, but we'd love to have more. It's very simple to post the link on Twitter and Facebook, just click the little buttons we set up above each post.

Finally, if you have not become a fan of the StaticMajorIsMusic Facebook page, please just take literally 2 seconds to click the like button on the box below. Thanks guys, and we hope you enjoy it!

Music: Yung Major "Letter to Static"

This tribute song and video were done by reader of this site Yung Major. Myself and Buddha actually go back with him on Youtube before this site even started, and he's one of Static's biggest supporters out there. Big shout out to Yung Major for putting this song together!

Music: Digital Black "Cut Tonight" featuring Static Major

This song was featured on Digital Black's 2007 album "The Autobiography of Benjamin Bush."

Pictures from Static's Birthday Party 11/12

These photos are courtesy of Dorian Washington. More to come as others from the site also took pictures.

Static's mother with Tim Barnett, Static's niece and his kids.

Avonti (Static's wife) with their daughter and their niece.

Avonti, Dorian & Tim.

Avonti with Black

Video Footage from Smoke Digglera's Smokin Sundays (Static Tribute)

Shout out to one of our favorite readers, contributors, and a huge Static fan, Pooh Bear for all of this footage!

Smokey performing "Cheers 2 U" and calls Static's mother (big momma) on stage!

Smokey and Black "Ride Till the Wheels Fall Off"

Smokey and Black "Cheers 2 U"

Smokey and Black "Together"

Smokey and Black "Bus Stop Breezy"

Music: Sugah "Fly Guy" from Da Bassment Cassette Tape

One of my favorites from the tape. Wish I had the full version of this song!

Happy Birthday Stephen Ellis Garrett aka Static Major!!!

Photo courtesy of Spinner and Stacey Wade

Video made by Pooh Bear

Video made by Yung Major

Special Tribute To Static/Major This Sunday 11.14.10 With A Very Special Guest At Jazzyblu At Smoke E. Digglera's Smokin' Sundays! Performances by Sean 1, Sly Still-On, Anthony Payton, Sub-Urban Situation, & Yours Truly Along With A Very Special Guest! Doors Open At 6pm!

Announcement: We Will Continue the Site + EP Is Still Coming + Skype/UStream for Static's Bday 11/11

I have some great news to share with you all. After taking the time to communicate with Neeze for a few hours, we were able to figure everything out so that we can continue working together with this site. The most important thing is, we have to remember why we're doing this, which is for Static Major, it's not about anyone else, and I think we've always all had that in mind for the site. Please, I ask that you refrain from bringing any negativity to the site, because as you can see from the cbox, Neeze has explained his position and he's not the bad guy he was made out to be yesterday. Through Static's power from up above, he brought us all together here to do this tribute for him, and we aren't stopping now!

Some more good news is that the EP is still coming and will be released on the 1 year anniversary of our blog which is next week. Stay tuned for that!

Finally, tomorrow night at 8 PM ET myself and Buddha will be holding a Skype/Ustream session for Static's bday where everyone can join us to listen to music, speak on Static's life, share a story, or just spend time with the community we've grown to become. We intend to stay up until the last person logs off and give this man the best tribute we know how! Please join us.

One last thing, thank you for the outpouring of support yesterday from everyone. We can tell you all really enjoy what we are doing with the site and appreciate our work, and most of all appreciate Static. Thanks so much for that.

Static's ASCAP page

Here is a list of songs that we've heard using the songs that are registered on ASCAP. Remember though, Static had like 4000 songs and a lot of them aren't registered.

Interview: Play N Skillz

Here is the interview we did with Play from the duo Play N Skillz

The grammy award winning artist gives us some info about Static as an artist as well as what they are working on currently.

Music: Ginuwine "Let's Stop Effin Around" from Da Bassment Cassette

Another exclusive from Da Bassment Cassette tape. Classic Ginuwine.

Upcoming Interview: Play-N-Skillz

Tomorrow we will be interviewing Play-N-Skillz who you might remember worked with Static on their album "The Process." Anything you'd like us to ask?

Interview: DJ Slam Asks Faith Evans About Making "1970 Somethin" and If She Met Static

As many of you remember, we put Static's demo version of "1970 Somethin" on our Christmas Mixtape last year. The final version had Faith singing it, and I had a chance to ask her about it in a recent interview I did with her. Unfortunately, it was the worst case scenario where the demo of the song was given to her. However, she did have a good answer to the second question I asked. Click Here to listen to the full interview.

Static Major "I Got My" Remix featuring DJ Khaled, Ludacris & Lil' Wayne

This isn't an official remix by any means (Ludacris' verse is from a song he did with R. Kelly) but it's still cool to listen to. This was released a few years back in 2008. I know a few people have mentioned it already on the blog including Neeze.

Music: Static Major "Boss Life"

As promised, once we reached 900 fans on our Facebook page you'd get a new Static song, so here it is! As a matter of fact, I'm not exactly sure of the title, or who is even featured on the song, but that's Static doing the hook. Anyone have any ideas?

I'm the type of person when I hear a song or a beat once, I can usually immediately identify where I heard it before if I hear it again. So when I heard the beat for "Boss Life," I knew I had heard it before and sure enough it was used on this Marques Houston song "Shawty Look Good" which he released as a bonus track.

Music: Static Major - You Saved My Life (Kieran Demo)

So someone hacked into my e-mail and leaked this song. This is why the track has been floating around the internet for the last couple of hours. As upsetting and unfortunate as it is, there's nothing we can do about it, so I've decided to just post it on the blog. This was meant for the EP, but it wouldn't have made sense to hide it from anyone, especially if it's all over the internet. And for the record, any other websites claiming that this song as an exclusive from their page is lying because the song is from Team Static.

So the moral of this story is to change your passwords from time to time.

Coming Soon: Static Major (EP)

As everyone probably already knows, Static's birthday is on November 11th. So to celebrate his birthday, Neeze has decided to put together an EP with some of the material on those mystery cassette tapes, along with some other songs. Nothing has been finalized yet, but I can tell you right now that people who enjoyed Static's demo version of "Never No More" will surely enjoy whatever we put on here.

So stay tuned! And check the blog every so often as we will be announcing details about the EP every couple of days.

November 11th...spread the word!

Interview: Stevie J

Here is the interview we did with Stevie J aka The Hitman. He gives us some great insight on not only working with Static, but also a lot of great information behind some of the songs he's produced. He also talks about the state of music today and where it's at.

Make sure you follow him at @hitmansteviej and visit his website:

Music: Denena ft. Static Major - What you working with

This song is a couple of years old and was featured on the Home Invaders Soundtrack, along with Backseat Girl, another joint Static was featured on. Enjoy Static's rapping and singing skills on this track!

Please Support Slam's Other Site YouKnowIGotSoul

What's up guys, I just reached the 1 year mark for the other site I do YouKnowIGotSoul. You all know I work hard on this site as well as that one, so I just wanted to introduce it for a minute to those who haven't been there. I just do what I can to help keep real r&b music alive. Chances are, if you like Static and Playa, you are going to like most of what I got going on over there. I've also done some pretty big interviews over there as well. So please, do me a favor and take a minute to check out the site and become a fan on Facebook. It's much appreciated!!

Static's Mom & Niece Attend Smokin Sundays 10/17

This video was taken by one of our biggest supporters, Pooh Bear, who was in attendance for Smokey's performance. Towards the end of the video, you'll get a chance to see Static's mom and niece in attendance. Very good to see!

Jazzyblu Presents Smoke E. Digglera: Smokin' Sundays

Support our man Smoke! He's currently hosting a series of events on Sunday's and our very own Pooh Bear attended last Sunday's set (video coming shortly). If you are in Louisville, you definitely gotta get over there and check this out.

Interview: Static Major ('Frisco to da Ville' dvd)

This is one of the (unfortunately very few) Static interviews out there. This was taken from the 'Frisco to da Ville' dvd.

Rashad Haughton (Aaliyah's Brother) on Static

I recently hit up Rashad Haughton, who is Aaliyah's brother and was very close to her, on Twitter to ask about Static. Here is what he had to say. Full interview to follow??

Bassment Listening Party TONIGHT AT 10 PM ET

What's up everyone, TONIGHT AT 10 PM ET we will have a listening party for the Bassment material we converted from the tape. Even though we plan to eventually post most of it on here, most of what we will play is exclusive and hasn't been heard but just about anyone. So please come and join us this Sunday. Let us know if you plan to attend by dropping a line on here.

Edit: It's going down tonight, we'll have the ustream link up for everyone 30 mins prior to the start.

Da Bassment Compilation: Timbaland - This Ain't Nothin' But A B-Party

Timbaland - This Ain't Nothin' But A B-Party by StaticMajorIsMusic

Here is a rather interesting song by Timbaland...

Hey, we did say that we were going to post everything on this cassette lol

Stephen Garrett Waggener High School Football Picture

Props to Neeze for sending this over. Static is number 29. Can anyone guess who that is to the left of him?

Music: Southernaire Allstars "Ride It Out" featuring Static Major

We were fortunate to come up on some of the Southernaire Allstars material that was to appear on their album "Ghetto," so we will continue letting you all hear it. What do you think?

Upcoming Interview: Stevie J (The Hitman)

I'm sure you guys already know who Stevie J is. He's produced hits for many artists and he's giving us an opportunity to interview him soon. What connection does he have with Static? Well they were all part of Da Bassment together, though it should be noted that Steve was technically Dalvin's artist. Nevertheless though, they spent time together and it'll definitely be cool to hear what he has to say about Static.

Let me know if you guys have questions.

Music: Static Major - 20/20 Vision

I believe this song was produced by Rudy, but I may be wrong. And for those that have listened to the interview we did with Rudy, you may remember Rudy mentioning that Pleasure P recorded this song as well. This track is actually one that I think would fit well with Pleasure.

What do you think of this jam?

Stephen Garrett's Football Jersey Retired at Waggener High School + Plaque

Big shout out to my man Spinner for sending this over. He spent this past Friday celebrating Static's football jersey being retired by his old high school. It's a great honor, and this is a really cool plaque! I know that Neeze, Static's mother, and also his kids were in attendance for the ceremony.

Interview: Craig Kallman

Here is the interview Slam did with Atlantic CEO Craig Kallman. Craig gives some insight on Static's reputation in the music industry and also speaks on the chemistry Aaliyah and Static had. Definitely check out this interview!

And big thank you to Astrid and Trisha for helping setting up this call. Also thanks to Craig for doing the interview with us.

Da Bassment Compilation: Missy Elliott - Red Lights

It's time for another Bassment gem. Enjoy a young Missy doing her thing on the track!

and check out for more info about this song. Missy reused this song and gave it to the R&B group The Truth! a couple of years later.

Da Bassment Compilation: Playa - Come On Girl

EDIT: The song is actually called "Come On Girl". Thank you to Smokey for pointing that out.

Here is a snippet (get used to that word because most of the cassette contains snippets Lol) of the song "Come On Girl" by Playa. The song was produced by Darryl Pearson.

Da Bassment - Sexual Healing by StaticMajorIsMusic

Static absolutely destroys the track! Even though Static is great at switching up his style from track to track, at times I wished he just sang songs like this all the time because his voice was truly special. You can also hear Smokey singing on the second verse before the song fades out and Black is doing adlibs on the whole song.

Music: Static Major "It's the Way"

This song has been floating around since even before we started this site, I think Static may have had it up on this Myspace page, but unfortunately we still don't have the CDQ so we've held off on posting it until now. Nevertheless, still a hot song! If I can remember correctly from what Neeze told us about this one, Static loved it.

Add a Caption to This Picture of Static and Pleasure P

Like the title says, add a caption to this picture. What do you think was going through Static and Pleasure's head when the picture was taken? Have fun :-)

New Static Single coming soon...

is this the new single?

Da Bassment Compilation: Jodeci - Get Back

Here is an early version of "Get Back" by Jodeci. K-Ci shows impeccable vocals at the beginning of this song. Classic Jodeci.

On a side note: We're looking to interview any of the members of Jodeci. So if anybody has any info on where to find them, please let us know!

Upcoming Interview: Craig Kallman (Friday)

Many of you guys are probably saying "who?" Well to provide a little background information about Craig, he is the Chairman and CEO of Atlantic Records. Along with that, he's connected to Static in many ways as he was heavily involved in starting the careers of artists like Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Brandy, Pretty Ricky and Pleasure P; all of whom have worked with Static. He's given us an opportunity to ask him some questions and like always, we want to hear your questions.

Music: Da Bassment - Love You Down

This song is one of biggest mysteries to many Bassment fans. Fans have been wondering who produced this song and who was singing on the track for years. On the CD, the artist (whoever it is) is only credited as "Da Bassment".

Luckily, Tweet has helped shed the light on the song.

So from listening to this version, I'm going to say it is LB on the first verse. However he probably used Ginuwine's version as a reference because he does a lot of the same things G does when he sings.

As I gather all the information that has been given to me throughout the years:

This version of the song is performed by LB, Devante, Sugah. Produced by Devante and arranged by Playa. If anyone has any more information about the song, we would love to hear it.

Music: Static Major "Spendin All My Cash"


Interview: Tweet

Check out this interview Slam did with Tweet. She spoke about Da Bassment, Sugah, her solo projects and of course Static! Get educated and learn more about the Southern Hummingbird.

Be on the lookout for her new album "Love, Tweet".

Da Bassment Compilation: Ginuwine - Come On Baby

Here is a Ginuwine song from Da Bassment era. You can probably tell by the vocoder in the background that Devante Swing had something to do with this song. And he did as this song is produced by Devante and Darryl Pearson. You may also notice that part of the chorus is an interpolation of the Keith Sweat song "Right and Wrong Way".

Also check out Ginuwine's new single "What Could've Been" off his new album "Elgin". Be on the lookout for it.

Check Spelling

Music Video: Missy Elliott - Hit em wit da hee

No, Static didn't write this song and no, he doesn't sing in it. You might be wondering why I'm posting a Missy Elliott video now. Well, I suggest you look closely at persons that are featured in the the video(especially around 2:03)...

Da Bassment Compilation: Sugah - Sugar and Spice

Here is a rare exclusive for everyone. We've all heard Bassment material by Playa, Missy (Sista), Ginuwine, Timbalad & Magoo but we've never heard anything from Sugah. So today we present to you "Sugar and Spice" which was produced by Timbaland and written by Missy Elliott.

Some of the Aaliyah fans may recognize this title because Jomo Hankerson spoke about the song in an article back in the day:

"In the process of recording One in a Million, we got a demo from Timbaland and Missy. The song was called “Sugar and Spice,” which felt a little too kiddie to us, but the structure of the record, the melody, had what became Tim’s signature triplebeat on it. We were overwhelmed, and we sent it to Aaliyah. She called us back like, The track is crazy, this is the best thing I’ve ever heard. So we flew Timbaland and Missy into Detroit to work with her."

So is this the same song? You betcha it is. So we've let you guys into Sugah's world and we've also solved an Aaliyah mystery. Now the question remains, did Aaliyah record the song? Something we'll probably never know, but until then enjoy the sounds of Susan, Rolita and Tweet.

And stay tuned as we will post the interview with Tweet soon.

Check out more info about the song

Music: Static Major - Fire Lovin' (Pleasure P demo)

I have no idea how this song leaked or anything...but it's here!!!!!!

Music: Timbaland & Magoo - Luv 2 Luv Ya (feat. Playa)

So we're going to feature the original and remix to the song Luv 2 Luv Ya. Even though one is a remix, they're essentially different songs with a different vibe, different lyrics and even a different female rapper.

First we have the original featuring Smokey and Static on the bridge and St Nick (also known as Nikki from the Ginuwine song "Holler")

You may or may not know that the hook of that song is actually from the Donna Summer song "Love To Love You Baby"

And then we have the remix of the song which was released as a single. This one features Shauna and has Playa doing backgrounds on the hook.

Which version do you prefer?

Music: Pleasure P - I Got My + Mixtape

Here is a song off Pleasure P's new mixtape "4 Your Pleasure Volume 1". I'm sure all of you will know this song. Thoughts?

and you can also download the whole mixtape for free:

Interview: Diamond Blue of Pretty Ricky (part II)

As promised here is the second part of the Pretty Ricky interview. Enjoy!

Da Bassment Compilation: Timbaland, Missy Elliott & Magoo - Plenty Of Styles

Here is one of many Bassment songs we will be sharing with you from the cassette.

We're going to start it out with a rap joint by Missy, Timbaland and Magoo. I think it's amazing how polished all of them were already even though they didn't release any CDs yet.

Music: Static Major - U Know

One of my favorite Static songs. It's been out for a while now but it never gets old.

Stay tuned, Team Static has some dope stuff coming up!

More cassettes found

Looks like there will be more surprises coming our way. Neeze has found a couple of tapes himself. No one knows for sure what is exactly in these tapes, but let's hope it's more music!

Mystery Cassette Tape (REVEALED)

Someone put this cassette tape in Slam's mailbox early today.

We have no idea what is in there because well...who still has a cassette player? lol. Slam will be sending it to the homie Andy's house so we can convert it to mp3.

Until then, let's play a game. What do you think is in this cassette?

First person to guess it right gets a prize I guess lol


The results are in...

Slam, you are NOT the father

Okay but anyway, we can now officially confirm that the tape contains...

drum roll please

*drum rolls*

Da Bassment music.

Stay tuned as we will letting you hear this stuff in the near future.

Interview: Diamond Blue of Pretty Ricky (Part 1)

Check out this interview we did with Diamond Blue of Pretty Ricky. A lot of phone tagging was involved, but we finally got it done! In part 1 of the interview, Blue discusses about current projects that Pretty Ricky is working on and also about Static. You'll be surprised to find out what song Blue helped Static write!

Check out Pretty Ricky's new single "Topless"

And also be on the lookout for their new album Blue Stars 2.

Music: Static Major ft. Pretty Ricky - Wheelz fall off (remix)

This is the remix to Wheelz fall off featuring the boys from Pretty Ricky. Do you prefer the original version or this remix?

K-Ci & JoJo Interview

Here's a short interview with K-Ci & JoJo. They talk about Da Bassment for a short bit here.

Music: Southernaire All-Stars - Ghetto

We at the blog have let you hear a lot of exclusive music, and we're about to share another one with everyone. So you're probably asking, what is so special about this song? Well, this has been a song that many Timbaland fans have been wanting for a YEARS. It's been on ASCAP forever yet no one besides a selective few have actually heard the song. The wait is over though...

Check out this crazy track by Native, Yaushameen, J-Bird and Static.

Readers note: This has nothing to do with the cassette.

Shout out to Native for letting us hear this. Also big shout out to my good friend Jamar for hooking me up with this!

Music: Feez ft. Static Major - Body

This has been out for a while now but I haven't really heard anyone speak about it. Song was produced by Solo.

Video: Static Major ft. Lil' Wayne - I got my

I'll let the video speak for itself lol

New Contest: Static Major What! Create a Theme Song for StaticMajorIsMusic

So I was listening to Ginuwine's "550 What!" which I might add is a personal favorite of mine and Buddha, and I got this great idea. When I heard Timbaland at the end rapping and throwing names out, it all made sense. So my pitch to the blog is, using a format like this, create a theme song for the blog. Now it doesn't have to sound anything like "550 What!" or even use the same beat, it could be all original music. But the catch is, if you could throw out the names of the moderators of the blog and even some of our more famous members, you would probably easily win this contest. Not only will we play the song when people visit the site, but we also have a prize in store, which will of course be worth your time. Once again, we'll have everyone vote on the songs that are submitted. Have fun!

Question of the week: What's next?

From time to time, all artists go through creative blocks and that is exactly what we are going through, so we turn to all of you fans. At we want to not only inform you about stuff, but we also want this site to be enjoyable. So the question is...what would bring the blog to the next level? More songs? More interviews? More contests? Let us know!

Music: Timbaland & Magoo - We At It Again

Of course we are all familiar with this song as it was released as a single on the "Romeo Must Die" soundtrack.

But check out this alternate version:

I know a lot of Timbaland fans have known about this song for a long long time, but this may new to some Static fans. You can probably tell that the chorus along with the beat are different.

Which version do you prefer?

Big shout out to J Boogie and talkingcrazy for sharing this.

An interview with Static's wife Avonti Garrett

A lot of exclusive footage and pictures along with some nice words from Avonti. Definitely check out this video!

Music: Static Major - Flashback

Here is a track we've been meaning to post, but Slam has been busy making $$$$$

This track was produced by Rudy.

Music: Lil' Flip ft. Static, Ludacris, Tity Boi- I came to bring the pain

Beside working together with Lil Flip on the Suppertime mixtape, Static has collaborated with him on the track 'I came to bring the pain', featured on the 'U gotta feel me' album. The lyrics are included, so feel free to sing along ;)

Static Major "NEXT BIG STAR" Talent Show Event

Friends and family of Static are holding a talent show September 11th from 11 am to 4 pm (CLUB ENVY, 4TH STREET, Louisville, KY).

So be sure to check it out if you're in the Louisville area.

Go to for more information Interviews Ginuwine

Here is the interview my man Slam did with Ginuwine not too long. We were having some difficulty getting this interview together because our schedules were really conflicting. Luckily we were able to coordinate a time with Ginuwine and were able to talk with him for a bit.

Unfortunately we were unable to ask Ginuwine a lot of questions as it was late when we started the interview. G still shared some great memories of Static, Aaliyah and Devante. He also touched on the making of "Pony" along with "Same Ol G" and "Final Warning", and also discussed current projects that he has going on.

Make sure you check out his SPRUCE charity foundation at

Along with that, look out for Ginuwine's new single which should be out sometime soon.

Music: Chante Moore - This is a test

I have absolutely no idea what happened to Chante Moore, but I do know that she and Static came up with this dope song. 'This is a test' was featured on the Romeo Must Die soundtrack, to which Static contributed a lot.

Slam's Blackberry (How Do You Represent Static?)

Just wanted to show yall a picture of my blackberry real quick to show everyone I'm representing Static no matter where I go. Of course I have people all the time asking who that is on my background, and those conversations lead to potential new fans. How do you represent Static and keep his memory alive??

Music: Ginuwine - Number 1 Fan

Stay tuned for our interview with Ginuwine. We will be posting it in the next couple of days.

Team Static remembers Aaliyah 9 years later

The loss of Aaliyah 9 years ago still affects a lot of people including myself today. Not only did we lose an R&B artist who was on the verge of superstardom, we also lost a risk taking and trend setting person who inspired millions around the world with her voice. Luckily for us though, Aaliyah left behind plenty of music, tons of footage and a bunch of photos. So instead of being sad over this day, we should celebrate the legacy that she has left behind and know that her music will continue to be played for years to come. Rest in peace Aaliyah!

Music: Static Major - Never No More (Aaliyah Demo)

Whatsup everyone? I just wanted to share something with everyone. I hope you all enjoy this...

Also make sure you all follow me at

I may have more gems to share with everyone soon.

- Neeze

Neeze remembers Aaliyah...

Music: Static Major - Questions (Aaliyah's Demo) (UPDATE WITH FULL SONG)

As we all know, Static & Aaliyah were close, you can feel the chemistry between the writer and the singer, and Static most impressive talent was his ability to write for a woman, to express a woman's feeling.
So there's the song "Questions" produced by Buddha, wrote & sung by Static, a demo song for Aaliyah, made around 2000-2001 i think. I don't know yet if she had the chance to record it for herself, but Static version shows his falsetto skills, he wrote for a woman, & even sing the demo like Aaliyah should sing it, amazing!
Stay tune for a snippet listening, something rare that i'm sure you don't wanna miss!

UPDATE: Here is the first installment of Static Music Monday.

Music: Yaushameen - Girlfriends (Feat. Aaliyah)

Yaushameen again... This time Aaliyah is on the track.
I don't know if there's a Static's touch on the song but, like DeVante did with Da Bassment, Static did a little bit of it by creating Southernaire Allstars. Pushing artists on the scene, & especially puttin Louisville up, & no matter what the money he did, no matter what famous he became, he never forget about his peeps, about his original crew.

Ginuwine's fav Aaliyah moment

Nice to see that G gave a little shout out to Static in the video too.

Music: Aaliyah - Extra Smooth

What's up everyone? I have been listening to Aaliyah's Red Album a lot lately, and it still amazes me how this album never gets old. I want you to enjoy this song with me: Extra Smooth, one of my all-time favorites.

Don't forget next week is Aaliyah's death anniversary. Be sure to check out the blog then, cause the one and only Neeze will have an extra special surprise for us then: as he has announced on twitter he will post an Aaliyah demo then!

Static Trivia: What Song Did Static Mention These Drinks In?

Music: Static Major - Coffee In Da Morning (UPDATED WITH FINAL VERSION)

Edit #2: Here is the final and mixed version of the song. This version of the song (again produced by Rudy) features a slight modification of the beat.

Edit: Here is the first version of the song in CDQ. This is not the final mix of the song, however this is the version that most of us know.

One of the best Static songs out there. I have no idea how Static made a Sex metaphor with something like Coffee, it's ingenious.

And a bonus for everyone, here is him performing it live.

Sadly, this won't be on Suppertime.

Tony Thompson - Slave (1995)

Tony Thompson fromt the 90's group Hi-Five released his solo album in 95 entitled "Sexational".

Once again, DeVante produced a track called "Slave" with the help of some Bassment members: Darryl Pearson is co-producer, Missy Elliott worked on the track too, but there's some others guest on the track, just look at the credit:

Do you notice something special ???
Background vocals by Steve Jawan, that means Static for Steve & Smokey for Jawan, both of them are on the background vocals with Missy. DeVante at the end of the song has a talking part, again, he says Static name, did i told you Static was his fav artist out of the Bassment Crew???