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Music: Static Major - Fire Lovin' (Pleasure P demo)

I have no idea how this song leaked or anything...but it's here!!!!!!


  1. Now thats what im talkin about TSM doin the damn thang , I luv wakin up and hearin the MAJOR music, Makes my day that much betta............4life bwoiiii

  2. its kinda interesting how smooth Static sang on this one, didn't expect that from hearing the album version

  3. James Moore, I was talking to Buddha about it, I don't think we ever really heard Static this "soft" on vocals. I mean, it's almost like he half assed it but then again it's just the demo. Maybe we are so spoiled that all of his demos usually play out better than the actual song. In fact, we didn't even know that was Static at first, took us awhile to confirm it.

  4. What up Doe This ty from tha D... This rite here is smooth as hell. I rather here the demos now that static's gone 2 see how he song the songs he wrote for other artist. Keep em comin, Do u guys have any Ginuwine or Aaliyah demos

  5. well I wouldnt say its half assed, I actually like it, its just interesting to hear that a lot of the flair to it was added by Pleasure after the fact, as opposed to something like Illusion where Static's version was already tricked out

  6. After I GOT MY got all jacked up, im pleasured out.......4life. foreva da Ky representa STATIC/MAJOR

  7. them harmonies at the end,wow....smh...i know pleasure is still sick wit it that he won't get that type of vocal arrangement assistance again.

  8. His voice was amazing even in a demo!


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