Please Support Slam's Other Site YouKnowIGotSoul

What's up guys, I just reached the 1 year mark for the other site I do YouKnowIGotSoul. You all know I work hard on this site as well as that one, so I just wanted to introduce it for a minute to those who haven't been there. I just do what I can to help keep real r&b music alive. Chances are, if you like Static and Playa, you are going to like most of what I got going on over there. I've also done some pretty big interviews over there as well. So please, do me a favor and take a minute to check out the site and become a fan on Facebook. It's much appreciated!!


spinner said...

I Visit , ggreat music, slaammerrssss got soul.....4life

Anonymous said...

I visit your site also, great site with constant updates and interviews.


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