Upcoming Interview: Stevie J (The Hitman)

I'm sure you guys already know who Stevie J is. He's produced hits for many artists and he's giving us an opportunity to interview him soon. What connection does he have with Static? Well they were all part of Da Bassment together, though it should be noted that Steve was technically Dalvin's artist. Nevertheless though, they spent time together and it'll definitely be cool to hear what he has to say about Static.

Let me know if you guys have questions.


producer James Moore said...

ask him about his experiences producing for Playa, Sugah and the rest of Da Bassment

also, when did he decide to leave the camp, and what was the transition like once he left

Anonymous said...

could you ask him where he was and how he felt when he heard the news that static had passed? and if he was in touch with static/playa after da bassment.

SG said...

Being that Stevie was part of Bad Boy's "The Hitmen" please ask him if Puff ever tried to sign any of Da Bassment artists and if so did Puff show any interest in Static?? I really think that Puff learned a lot of game from DeVante and Jodeci and he emulated what Da Bassment was with his Bad Boy roster later on..

Wharton said...

Stevie J representing Fluvanna,VA!

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