Music: Da Bassment - Love You Down

This song is one of biggest mysteries to many Bassment fans. Fans have been wondering who produced this song and who was singing on the track for years. On the CD, the artist (whoever it is) is only credited as "Da Bassment".

Luckily, Tweet has helped shed the light on the song.

So from listening to this version, I'm going to say it is LB on the first verse. However he probably used Ginuwine's version as a reference because he does a lot of the same things G does when he sings.

As I gather all the information that has been given to me throughout the years:

This version of the song is performed by LB, Devante, Sugah. Produced by Devante and arranged by Playa. If anyone has any more information about the song, we would love to hear it.


Anonymous said...

This song is a monster. The whole soundtrack was great, but this was by far the best on the album. I use to listen to this track for hours.


producer James Moore said...

that's interesting, I was just listening to this a couple days ago & was thinking it didn't really sound so much like Ginuwine, & it makes sense because I had heard that Ginuwine & Missy were the first to leave, & that track listing for Ginuwine's had a version of this with Playa & Boogieman on it

Anonymous said...

one of my favorite remake! =)

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