Add a Caption to This Picture of Static and Pleasure P

Like the title says, add a caption to this picture. What do you think was going through Static and Pleasure's head when the picture was taken? Have fun :-)


SPINNER said...

we ballin right now , we will get bak atcha BWOIIIII

B L said...

We takin over

SPINNER said...

Ok BL I agree wit u.Or Static say imma teach pleasure how to be a Writer , Producer, and as well as a artist.............4life

pooh said...

pleasure:"im bout to take all yo chics wit boyfriend #2"

static:"yea u r bruh, we doin it big..SHOW UP, PLAY BIG!"

B L said...

Lol u feel me spinn..

I see u pooh, static prolly was on his 'SHOW UP PLAY BIG' ish right here!!!

Louisville style

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