Da Bassment Compilation: Ginuwine - Come On Baby

Here is a Ginuwine song from Da Bassment era. You can probably tell by the vocoder in the background that Devante Swing had something to do with this song. And he did as this song is produced by Devante and Darryl Pearson. You may also notice that part of the chorus is an interpolation of the Keith Sweat song "Right and Wrong Way".

Also check out Ginuwine's new single "What Could've Been" off his new album "Elgin". Be on the lookout for it.

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Anonymous said...

Props to you! Is there a way to get this track in full version and cdq??

That is not a vocoder. it's a talkbox

Anonymous said...

Here is the unreleased Ginuwine Album:

Ginuwine- Untitled CD
1996 Da Bassment/ EMI Publishing
Executive Producer: DeVante Swing

1. Lady-( prod. Darryl Pearson)
2. Pony (original)
3. Yeah Come On- (prod. Darryl Pearson)
4. I Want You- (prod. DeVante)
5. Rock ( prod. Darryl Pearson)
6. Feel It- (prod. Darryl Pearson)
7. Love U Down- (prod. DeVante) feat. Playa/DeVante/Suga/Misdemeanor/ Da Boogieman
8. Come On Baby- (prod. Darryl Pearson)
9. Soaking Wet- (prod. Darryl Pearson)
10. Straight Like That -( prod. Darryl Pearson)
11. One Reason Why- (prod. Darryl Pearson)
12.Come Inside- (prod. Darryl Pearson)
13. I'm Going To Fall In Love- (prod. Darryl Pearson)

Props from Germany

Anonymous said...

Where can i get that whole unreleased Ginuwine Album?

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