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Music: Static Major "Boss Life"

As promised, once we reached 900 fans on our Facebook page you'd get a new Static song, so here it is! As a matter of fact, I'm not exactly sure of the title, or who is even featured on the song, but that's Static doing the hook. Anyone have any ideas?

I'm the type of person when I hear a song or a beat once, I can usually immediately identify where I heard it before if I hear it again. So when I heard the beat for "Boss Life," I knew I had heard it before and sure enough it was used on this Marques Houston song "Shawty Look Good" which he released as a bonus track.

Music: Static Major - You Saved My Life (Kieran Demo)

So someone hacked into my e-mail and leaked this song. This is why the track has been floating around the internet for the last couple of hours. As upsetting and unfortunate as it is, there's nothing we can do about it, so I've decided to just post it on the blog. This was meant for the EP, but it wouldn't have made sense to hide it from anyone, especially if it's all over the internet. And for the record, any other websites claiming that this song as an exclusive from their page is lying because the song is from Team Static.

So the moral of this story is to change your passwords from time to time.

Coming Soon: Static Major (EP)

As everyone probably already knows, Static's birthday is on November 11th. So to celebrate his birthday, Neeze has decided to put together an EP with some of the material on those mystery cassette tapes, along with some other songs. Nothing has been finalized yet, but I can tell you right now that people who enjoyed Static's demo version of "Never No More" will surely enjoy whatever we put on here.

So stay tuned! And check the blog every so often as we will be announcing details about the EP every couple of days.

November 11th...spread the word!

Interview: Stevie J

Here is the interview we did with Stevie J aka The Hitman. He gives us some great insight on not only working with Static, but also a lot of great information behind some of the songs he's produced. He also talks about the state of music today and where it's at.

Make sure you follow him at @hitmansteviej and visit his website:

Please Support Slam's Other Site YouKnowIGotSoul

What's up guys, I just reached the 1 year mark for the other site I do YouKnowIGotSoul. You all know I work hard on this site as well as that one, so I just wanted to introduce it for a minute to those who haven't been there. I just do what I can to help keep real r&b music alive. Chances are, if you like Static and Playa, you are going to like most of what I got going on over there. I've also done some pretty big interviews over there as well. So please, do me a favor and take a minute to check out the site and become a fan on Facebook. It's much appreciated!!

Jazzyblu Presents Smoke E. Digglera: Smokin' Sundays

Support our man Smoke! He's currently hosting a series of events on Sunday's and our very own Pooh Bear attended last Sunday's set (video coming shortly). If you are in Louisville, you definitely gotta get over there and check this out.

Rashad Haughton (Aaliyah's Brother) on Static

I recently hit up Rashad Haughton, who is Aaliyah's brother and was very close to her, on Twitter to ask about Static. Here is what he had to say. Full interview to follow??

Bassment Listening Party TONIGHT AT 10 PM ET

What's up everyone, TONIGHT AT 10 PM ET we will have a listening party for the Bassment material we converted from the tape. Even though we plan to eventually post most of it on here, most of what we will play is exclusive and hasn't been heard but just about anyone. So please come and join us this Sunday. Let us know if you plan to attend by dropping a line on here.

Edit: It's going down tonight, we'll have the ustream link up for everyone 30 mins prior to the start.

Stephen Garrett Waggener High School Football Picture

Props to Neeze for sending this over. Static is number 29. Can anyone guess who that is to the left of him?

Upcoming Interview: Stevie J (The Hitman)

I'm sure you guys already know who Stevie J is. He's produced hits for many artists and he's giving us an opportunity to interview him soon. What connection does he have with Static? Well they were all part of Da Bassment together, though it should be noted that Steve was technically Dalvin's artist. Nevertheless though, they spent time together and it'll definitely be cool to hear what he has to say about Static.

Let me know if you guys have questions.

Stephen Garrett's Football Jersey Retired at Waggener High School + Plaque

Big shout out to my man Spinner for sending this over. He spent this past Friday celebrating Static's football jersey being retired by his old high school. It's a great honor, and this is a really cool plaque! I know that Neeze, Static's mother, and also his kids were in attendance for the ceremony.

Interview: Craig Kallman

Here is the interview Slam did with Atlantic CEO Craig Kallman. Craig gives some insight on Static's reputation in the music industry and also speaks on the chemistry Aaliyah and Static had. Definitely check out this interview!

And big thank you to Astrid and Trisha for helping setting up this call. Also thanks to Craig for doing the interview with us.

Da Bassment Compilation: Playa - Come On Girl

EDIT: The song is actually called "Come On Girl". Thank you to Smokey for pointing that out.

Here is a snippet (get used to that word because most of the cassette contains snippets Lol) of the song "Come On Girl" by Playa. The song was produced by Darryl Pearson.

Da Bassment - Sexual Healing by StaticMajorIsMusic

Static absolutely destroys the track! Even though Static is great at switching up his style from track to track, at times I wished he just sang songs like this all the time because his voice was truly special. You can also hear Smokey singing on the second verse before the song fades out and Black is doing adlibs on the whole song.

Music: Static Major "It's the Way"

This song has been floating around since even before we started this site, I think Static may have had it up on this Myspace page, but unfortunately we still don't have the CDQ so we've held off on posting it until now. Nevertheless, still a hot song! If I can remember correctly from what Neeze told us about this one, Static loved it.

Add a Caption to This Picture of Static and Pleasure P

Like the title says, add a caption to this picture. What do you think was going through Static and Pleasure's head when the picture was taken? Have fun :-)

New Static Single coming soon...

is this the new single?

Upcoming Interview: Craig Kallman (Friday)

Many of you guys are probably saying "who?" Well to provide a little background information about Craig, he is the Chairman and CEO of Atlantic Records. Along with that, he's connected to Static in many ways as he was heavily involved in starting the careers of artists like Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Brandy, Pretty Ricky and Pleasure P; all of whom have worked with Static. He's given us an opportunity to ask him some questions and like always, we want to hear your questions.

Music: Da Bassment - Love You Down

This song is one of biggest mysteries to many Bassment fans. Fans have been wondering who produced this song and who was singing on the track for years. On the CD, the artist (whoever it is) is only credited as "Da Bassment".

Luckily, Tweet has helped shed the light on the song.

So from listening to this version, I'm going to say it is LB on the first verse. However he probably used Ginuwine's version as a reference because he does a lot of the same things G does when he sings.

As I gather all the information that has been given to me throughout the years:

This version of the song is performed by LB, Devante, Sugah. Produced by Devante and arranged by Playa. If anyone has any more information about the song, we would love to hear it.

Interview: Tweet

Check out this interview Slam did with Tweet. She spoke about Da Bassment, Sugah, her solo projects and of course Static! Get educated and learn more about the Southern Hummingbird.

Be on the lookout for her new album "Love, Tweet".

Da Bassment Compilation: Ginuwine - Come On Baby

Here is a Ginuwine song from Da Bassment era. You can probably tell by the vocoder in the background that Devante Swing had something to do with this song. And he did as this song is produced by Devante and Darryl Pearson. You may also notice that part of the chorus is an interpolation of the Keith Sweat song "Right and Wrong Way".

Also check out Ginuwine's new single "What Could've Been" off his new album "Elgin". Be on the lookout for it.

Da Bassment Compilation: Sugah - Sugar and Spice

Here is a rare exclusive for everyone. We've all heard Bassment material by Playa, Missy (Sista), Ginuwine, Timbalad & Magoo but we've never heard anything from Sugah. So today we present to you "Sugar and Spice" which was produced by Timbaland and written by Missy Elliott.

Some of the Aaliyah fans may recognize this title because Jomo Hankerson spoke about the song in an article back in the day:

"In the process of recording One in a Million, we got a demo from Timbaland and Missy. The song was called “Sugar and Spice,” which felt a little too kiddie to us, but the structure of the record, the melody, had what became Tim’s signature triplebeat on it. We were overwhelmed, and we sent it to Aaliyah. She called us back like, The track is crazy, this is the best thing I’ve ever heard. So we flew Timbaland and Missy into Detroit to work with her."

So is this the same song? You betcha it is. So we've let you guys into Sugah's world and we've al…

Music: Timbaland & Magoo - Luv 2 Luv Ya (feat. Playa)

So we're going to feature the original and remix to the song Luv 2 Luv Ya. Even though one is a remix, they're essentially different songs with a different vibe, different lyrics and even a different female rapper.

First we have the original featuring Smokey and Static on the bridge and St Nick (also known as Nikki from the Ginuwine song "Holler")

You may or may not know that the hook of that song is actually from the Donna Summer song "Love To Love You Baby"

And then we have the remix of the song which was released as a single. This one features Shauna and has Playa doing backgrounds on the hook.

Which version do you prefer?