Music: Playa - Lust

Track was produced by Timbaland, which is still hard to believe for me because it doesn't sound like a Timbaland beat at all. The song is hot though. Check out extended part of the track...

Static Major March Madness Matchup 15 Winner: Timbaland "I Am Music" feat Aaliyah & Static

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Another interview with Static

Static electricity
Static plays some cuts from "Suppertime" while cruising around town in his pristine 2003 Bentley Armage R. His wide-ranging and velvety vocals melt over the tracks, which range from bouncy headnodders to sensual, soul-searching cuts. With lyrics that hearken back to old-school soul, one track plays out like a love letter set to music; another is laced with suggestive sexual innuendo. A few include well-placed rap verses. All of them make you think.
"I'm coming with some OG music," Static says. "I walk a thin line between hip-hop and R & B."
This music is an odd juxtaposition to "Jeepers Creepers 2," the movie playing on three screens of Static's in-car theater system. The murderous rampage of the film's gruesome monster somehow ceases to be revolting when set to Static's heartfelt words.

"My new step is to establish myself as an artist," says Static, who admits he's going after R. Kelly's musical crown. "I know that will bring my songwriting more to the forefront. It's gonna be beautiful because people are gonna think I just popped up. But when they look at my résumé, they'll be like, `We been listening to this dude's work for so many years and didn't even know it.'"

Talking with laid-back Static is comfortable and easy. He speaks slowly and deliberately, occasionally adjusting the position of two diamond-encrusted watches on his left wrist, or fiddling with the diamond and platinum bracelets on his right. The diamond-and-platinum theme carries over to the Kentucky-shaped medallion hanging around his neck. He's wearing sunglasses, but you can sense his eyes sparkling as he discusses his music.
"This could be a long interview," he says, sipping an amaretto sour with three shots of Crown Royal. "I've got a lot of eras to get through."

Along for the ride
Static has been singing in church since he was 3, but didn't decide on a career in music until he was a student at the University of Louisville. At the time, he was (and still is) in an R & B outfit called Playa, along with fellow Louisvillians Benjamin "Black" Bush and Juwan "Smokey" Peacock. One night, Black and Smokey went backstage at a Jodeci concert and sang. Jodeci's DeVante Swing, a singer/songwriter/producer, was so impressed that he returned to Louisville in 1991 to meet the whole group. "He decided to sign us," Static says.

In 1992, Static began staying at DeVante's home in Teaneck, N.J., a situation that lasted about six years.

"I picked up a lot of techniques," Static says. "I watched Jodeci put together two albums" — 1993's multi-platinum "Diary of a Mad Band" and 1995's platinum-selling "The Show, the After Party, the Hotel" — "and I went on tour with them."

The DeVante connection also meant Static was running with and working around music's up-and-coming artists at the time — hip-hopper Missy Elliott, R & B crooner Ginuwine, producer Timbaland and rapper Magoo — people who remain talented, relevant artists today.
"So when I got up there," Static says, "I was the least important. (The other artists) were already in the middle of their projects. I got to see Missy Elliott do her thing before anybody knew her. She's always been incredible. Between her and DeVante, they were the ones who pushed me to step my creative game up."

The on-ramp
Because so many artists were stretching DeVante's songwriting and production duties thin and Timbaland was only creating tracks for Elliott, Static and the members of Playa started doing those things for themselves.

"We had to kind of prove ourselves within the crew to start getting music," Static says. "To get DeVante's attention, you had to show up with something to play for him. It had to be dope, and you had to be playing it as he walked in the door."
It was during that time Static wrote what would later become his first No. 1 hit, "Pony" by Ginuwine.

"It was a trip," he says. "The day we did it and I played it for DeVante, he told me it was going to be a smash."

But while DeVante may have opened the door for Static, success was not guaranteed. Yes, he was staying with cats who drove Lamborghinis, who had elevators in their cribs and crafted a grip of hits. But it wasn't always a smooth ride. Everyone worked loads of hours — sometimes 24 straight — and Playa wasn't making any money yet.

"There was a starving period — I was fasting," Static says, laughing. He can joke about it now, but he's serious when he recalls the rough periods.

"You just kinda broke," Static says. "You just hope somebody orders a pizza. ... Or you'd wait until 7 or 8, eat that pack of noodles then drink water from then on. You'd go to sleep early so you forget about it. That's the worst feeling in the world, knowin' you don't have nothin' to eat."

Fork in the road
Eventually, there was a falling out with DeVante. Many of the artists associated with him, including Playa, left to pursue other recording deals, Static says.

Playa ended up with a Def Jam deal. But since the group was now minus DeVante's input, Def Jam stripped it of any creative control over the project.

"They knew we'd worked with DeVante, Missy and Timbaland for the last six years, but they wouldn't give us that credit," Static says, adding that "Pony" was also about to hit No. 1. "But that wasn't enough juice for them to let us have a say in our careers."

After a hot music showcase performance in front of then-Def Jam heads Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles, Playa regained enough control to put out "Cheers 2 U," an album the group felt satisfied with. But there would be more battles — losing battles — over which singles to release. The first song, "Don't Stop the Music," hit No. 26 on the R & B charts; the second, "Cheers 2 U" hit No. 10, while the album plateaued at No. 19.

The overall negative experience with Def Jam "left a bad taste in our mouths," Static says. So instead of sticking around to shoot a third video, Playa decided to leave on a high note — after the title song made the Top 10.

Highway to fame
Luckily, the group had an astute management team, Barry and Jomo Hankerson, who also owned Blackground Records (home to Timbaland, Tank and the late Aaliyah). The two Hankersons urged Static to earn some dough by "staying busy on the song-writing tip."

When Elliott was too busy with her own projects to write Aaliyah's song for the "Dr. Doolittle" soundtrack, Static swooped in with "Are You That Somebody?" Another hit was born.

"That was perfect for me," Static says. "From that point on, they thought of someone else besides Missy to write songs for Aaliyah. They just came straight to me."

That opened the door even wider. "From Aaliyah, I did a song with Jay-Z, Nas, DMX and Ginuwine," Static says. "I made sure every song I played was a hit."

When Static presents his songs to an artist, it's in his voice, using his harmonizing; then the singer re-records it. However, Douglass says, "I would always find that I liked Static's version better. It's the way he delivers a song. He's got such an ill-sounding voice."

While Static mostly works out of New York or L.A. these days, he lives just south of Louisville near Mt. Washington with his wife, Avonti; their three children — 10-year-olds Stephen Garrett Jr. and Donald Jackson Jr. and 3-year-old Makari Amil Garrett — and Static's niece, Alexis Garrett, a sophomore at duPont Manual High School.

Even if Static explodes as an artist, the family plans to stay put.

"It's my home," Static says. "I spent enough time away from here. I only missed one Derby in my whole life, and it was the worst weekend I ever had."

But as for "Suppertime" — well, Static hopes that goes global. "This is an album I truly have ownership of. People always say I give away all my best joints, but that's just because they ain't heard what I'm keeping for myself."

Attention Playa Fans! Your Votes Needed!

Slam here, don't mean to turn this into a plug for my own blog, but I figure heck why not. If you haven't been to my site, I'm currently doing a "March Madness" on my own blog for r&b. Today, Playa is facing off against Blackstreet, so I would appreciate if everyone would take a minute to vote. Just click the picture below to go and vote!

Music: Static Major - Crown and Coke (Feat. Goodfella)

Here is a banger from Static and Goodfella...

Static Major March Madness Matchup 14 Winner: Pretty Ricky "On the Hotline"

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Static Major March Madness Matchup 13 Winner: Ginuwine "Final Warning"

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Static Major March Madness Matchup 12 Winner: Nas "You Owe Me"

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Music: Static Major - G Party (feat. Native & Goodfella)

Hear that chorus? We've all heard it before!

Static Major March Madness Matchup 11 Winner: Timbaland & Magoo "Luv 2 Luv Ya"

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Music: J.Valentine - Doggystyle

I came across J.Valentine's twitter and noticed he was talking about a new track leaking. He also mentioned Static in the same tweet, so I went song hunting and here it is:

You hear Static doing the background vocals? Crazy!

The song is a definite banger. If you don't know or remember J.Valentine, you better check out his music. He had the jam "She Worth The Trouble" and is going to be doing big things soon.

Music: Static Major - Tipsy 4 Ya

This song was on the Static/Lil Flip mixtape.

Static Major March Madness Matchup 10 Winner: Ginuwine "Same Ol G"

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Skype Listening Party at 8 PM EST

Material from Da Bassment and much more music!

Music: Playa - Tru Entertainer

As many of you already know, I consider myself a huge Playa. But I had no idea this song even existed until Neeze decided to share it with us.

This song was done in Australia during the recording of the Aaliyah album.

Static Major March Madness Matchup 9 Winner: Ginuwine "Pony"

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Suppertime: Listening Party Recap

I'm telling you guys, it was a ball! We played a bunch of joints from Suppertime, and then Neeze rolled in and started playing a bunch of unreleased stuff.

- An old JoJo track called "Bad Boy"
- A Brandy joint produced by Dr Dre, written by Static
- A huge amount of records from Static's library

All in all, for those that no showed, you guys missed out on a lot.

But everyone deserves a second chance. We'll have more listening parties in the future. And check this out, if we get a huge amount of people on Skype, Neeze will play stuff from...



Suppertime Listening Party

We're on live now! MUSIC STARTS IN 30 MINS OR SO

Add me on Skype: s00perbuddha

Music: Timbaland & Magoo "Joy" featuring Ginuwine & Playa

In my opinion, on most of Timbaland's albums, it seems that most of the best tracks don't even feature him primarily on the song. "Joy" is a personal favorite of mine from the 1997 album "Welcome to Our World" and features both Ginuwine and Playa on the track with a rap by Static. This is the first of a few songs I'm going to feature that have Static rapping. I always found his raps to be a bit different; very "melodic" and very unique to say the least.

Static Major March Madness Matchup 8 Winner: Aaliyah "Loose Rap"

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Suppertime Listening Party: Round 2

Alright, we realized a lot of people didn't find out about the listening party until after it had happened, so I'm giving all of you another chance.

Be on Skype tomorrow at 10 pm EST (7 pm PST) as we will let you guys get a taste of Suppertime. Hope to see you all there!

Music: Static Major - Can't Control Myself

Beat is produced by Timbaland. The song was never completed but it's still hot.

Static Major March Madness Matchup 7 Winner: Aaliyah "Are You That Somebody"

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We've hit the 100 post plateau so it's a good time to thank all the readers that have been here from day 1 and also the new readers who are checking the blog out everyday.

As part of our thank you, we're gonna give you readers an opportunity to listen to some Suppertime snippets.

It'll be on Skype tonight at 10 pm EST (7 pm PST). Yes, I know it's on a very short notice, but as some great person once said, "you snooze, you lose".

All you have to do is download Skype:

Make a username and then add either DJ Slam or I.

My username: s00perbuddha
Slam's username: thedjslam

I'm gonna try getting Neeze in the chat too, so if you guys want to ask him any questions, here is your chance!

Let's do this!

Music: Playa "Woozy" (Romeo Must Die Soundtrack)

Although Aaliyah stole the show in the movie and also on the soundtrack, Playa also contributed a nice little song to the soundtrack for "Romeo Must Die." The soundtrack was actually released by Blackground records and featured other Blackground artists such as Ginuwine, Timbaland & Magoo. Ginuwine's "Simply Irresistable" was actually also written by Static for this album.

Static Major March Madness Matchup 6 Winner: Aaliyah "More Than a Woman"

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Static Major March Madness Update

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention to everyone:

E-mail me ( your predictions for the final 4, final 2 and eventual champion.

The person that can correctly predict all of those picks will win a prize. It might even be Suppertime...

Deadline is Monday.

Music: Static Major - Soldier

Released on the B-side of the "Till The Wheels fall Off" 12" Promo single, "Soldier" is a track that hasn't been talk about that much. This is a banger, OG Music again on the production, on the lyrics & Static does a rap. According to ascap, Pretty Ricky got a song called "Soulja", is it another song Static gave away ?? Neeze! Need help :)
Like always, we bring you exclusive listening on the Staticismusicblogspot! Enjoy & let everybody knows the real source for Static Major Music!

Static Major March Madness Matchup 5 Winner: Aaliyah "Rock The Boat"

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Music: Devante Swing - Gin N Juice (Remix)

A throwback track for everyone. The video threw me off the first time I saw it. Boogeyman's caught me off guard, lol. Interesting to see Black rapping as well.

And here is live footage of Smokey and Black performing at the K-Ci concert a couple of days ago.

All My Life

Love U 4 Life

Cheers 2 U

Music: Static Major - Dirty Mind

I'm sure a lot of ya'll already know about this track, seeing as how it was one of the very first Static songs to leak on the internet.

Well, here is the song in CDQ...

And just a quick note for everyone, I don't have a problem with anyone downloading these songs for personal use. But for the bloggers out there who post these exclusive tracks on their personal blog, please keep in mind that we put a lot of effort into this blog and it would mean a lot to us if you would redirect the listeners to our page.

Static Major March Madness Matchup 4 Winner: Nicole Wray "Raise Your Frown"

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Music: Solange - Get Together

This is a track I wanted to put in the tournament, but I wasn't sure if a lot of people knew this track. It's a jam though.

Static Major March Madness Matchup 3 Winner: Aaliyah "Don't Know What To Tell Ya"

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Static Major March Madness Matchup 2 Winner: Aaliyah "We Need a Resolution"

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A video from E.Seats

E.Seats from the production duo Keybeats has decided to share this video with us...

You get to see Static circa 2000

Music: Smoke E. Digglera - On The Downside (feat. Static Major)

We've already posted some material from Digital Black, so let's continue the Playa trend and showcase Smokey aka Smokey E. Digglera of Playa.

This song, "On The Downside", comes from Smokey's latest album "The Truth In The Booth". I have no idea when the song was made, but I do know that the song was produced by J-Dub and Buddah (no relation to me though, lol). As usual, it's a hot joint and really makes you think about relationships and the difficulty of being in one.

Static Major March Madness Matchup 1 Winner: Aaliyah "Try Again"

The Matchup 1 Winner is Aaliyah "Try Again" and it wasn't even close as expected. Nice job everyone voting, let's keep it going!

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Question Of The Week #7

You think you know Static and the rest of the Superfriends clique?

If you've done your research, you would know each members' alias.

I'll give you the easy one.

Ginuwine: Flash Gordon

Fill out the rest!

Timbaland and Missy Elliott:

The first person to get it correct will receieve an unreleased Static joint

Edit: Congrats to LCSS for getting it correct.

Tim & Missy: Wonder Twins
Magoo: Green Latern
Ginuwine: Flash Gordon
Aaliyah: Wonder Woman
Static: Ice Man
Black: Wolverine
Smokey: Aqua Man

Music: Playa - Aaliyah, Aaliyah

As we continue the Aaliyah theme...

I'll be honest with ya'll when I say this song actually got me emotional when I first heard it.

Music: Static Major - Eye Candy

I've been posting a bunch of rap tracks for everyone, but it's time I flip it back to R&B for a minute. This track was produced by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins and also features a rap by Darkchild.

I don't really know a lot about this track, but notice how Rodney Jerkins says "Darkchild...Playa"? Does that mean this was going to be for Playa?

Music: Playa "One Man Woman" featuring Aaliyah (Happy Birthday Babygirl!)

I have to admit, I'm such a sucker for this song. For me, this is one of those feel good songs that I could put on at any time, no matter what, and it will put me in a good mood. Can you believe that Aaliyah would have been 31 today? I sometimes forget that she accomplished so much at such an early age. Even if you put her body of work up against most other r&b artists, she still comes out on top. Of course, we have to give Static his due as he penned many of her major hits. But as Tim mentioned, the two had a very special chemistry and worked very well together. One thing is for sure, they are still creating those hits right now up in heaven.

Taura "Aura" Jackson talks about "Crazy" and Static Major

I've posted some information on the blog exclusive joint "Crazy" by Aura already, but I figured it would make more sense if we heard it straight from her, because she was actually there. So here is the very talented Aura talking about the history of the track:

I was signed to Atlantic at the time. Gee Roberson was my A&R and he manages Kanye. Kanye came to the studio and had forgotten his records, but I'm an avid Joni Mitchell fan and had some of her records there. It was like magic watching Kanye work. He crafted that beat like it was a priceless sculpture. When it started to come together Gee, who managed Static at that time too said "What do you think about Static co-writing with you?" Well, I was ecstatic, pun fully intended. Within an hour or so, Static came over. I was fully aware and familiar with his work with Playa, Aaliyah, Genuine and he had also written my girl Truth Hurts super sick single "Addicted", so I was excited. He came in; Kanye had a long flight and fell asleep on the sofa. I sat in the control room with Static and watched the pure unadulterated creativity that exuded from this genius called Static Major. He didn't write anything down, like Jay-Z. He would bring a pretty lady to remember for him, and she'd write it down. I chimed in added my truth to his perception of me and it was magical. Anyway, he went into the booth and laid the song in like one take, maybe two. My husband Alonzo Jackson was there the whole time, as impressed and floored as I was. When Static was getting ready to leave, Kanye woke up and couldn't believe that he was done so fast and he was highly impressed with this writer extraordinaire that never disappointed him. They both left within ten minutes and left me there to record it by myself. A couple hours later they came back and LOVED how it came out. They both talked about how they thought that it would be a huge record for all of us, but honestly it was already huge for me. I was an instant fan of Kanye and the vision that he had for his future, that played out exactly as he hoped and prayed and I had been a fan of Static's for a while, so I was basking in the moment. It took Clipse a good while to lay their part but it was finally done, Gee called me and said "You've got to hear this". Then Kanye called and said "They laced you" and it was actually "Crazy" to me because I really felt like the perfect balance had been calibrated. At the initial session, Kanye said on the intro "...I know that Joni Mitchell never lied". But at the mix session he changed it to "...I know my homie Aura never lied". I cried, yo. It was coming together. He wrote the script for the little intro about not going work to work tomorrow and all was beautiful, or so I thought.
After months and months of going back and forth Joni Mitchell finally decided that she was not going to clear the sample. I prayed so hard, like PLEASE, but her mind was made up, and honestly I respect her reason not to clear the sample, which was not to support the economy at the time of war which she and I are both opposed to. But it was my first single, a single that only a select few had a chance to hear, love and appreciate, hate or whateva', as long as you heard it. I was dropped Atlantic, but I would not trade that experience for the world. I worked with Kanye several more times and hadn't heard from Static until my husband starting working for Aftermath. He was and A&R for an extraordinary artist named Tiffany Villarreal and when they started looking for writers for her project I of course went right to Myspace and sent Static a message. I said something like, "I'm not sure if you remember me, but yadi-yah" and he responded with "What? Of course I remember you; I still think that your song would have been my biggest". At around the same time a girl that I knew had given me his number so I just called him. He was actually in Miami working with Little Wayne and he was so happy to hear from me. We talked for a good minute, gloating on Kanye's success and how proud we both were of him. He encouraged me not to give up and told me that I should still leak the song, but I never did. So Dre ended up flying him to California and he wrote songs for Tiffany in the same fashion, him like a soul crooning Jay-Z with a little chic by his side, penning his every thought. That was the last time that I saw him..I think that was 2006.
Static was a force, a lyrical genius and as he always said "Can't nobody eff with me and these harmonies".
I know that he's now in peace....probably still writing for Aaliyah and I know it's angelic and beautiful.
Rest in peace, good brotha'.

Love always,
Taura "Aura" Jackson

It's an amazing read, especially to those who admired Static's amazing talent. I would definitely have to agree with Static when he said "Crazy" would have potentially been a huge hit, because the song is timeless. It's still as hot as when I first heard it a couple of years ago.

I'd also like to thank Taura for sharing this information with us at the blog. I contacted her on Facebook a while ago and didn't really expect a reply, but she was cool all the way through.

Check out her myspace page because she definitely has some heat on there.

Static Major Is Music: March Madness

As you've probably noticed with those "Questions Of The Weeks", I wanted to read your opinions and find out what your favourite Static songs were. Well, to make things more fun, we have created something similiar to the NCAA: March Madness concept, only with songs that Static had written/performed.

Get ready to vote for the best Static related song of all time! We'll post a matchup every day, and we expect everybody to vote.

Music: Digital Black "If You Don't Call" featuring Static Major

Another song from Digital Black featuring Static, "If You Don't Call" is from Black's 2005 "R&Street Mixtape Volume 1." Once again, I'm just amazed by the Static's harmonies, because to me that's what really makes this song catchy to me.

Digital Black "If You Don't Call" featuring Static Major

Music: Native - After Hours... (Feat. Static Major)

It's a Lousiville thing, y'all know Static is a KY representer, & how he likes to work with local rappers, especially Goodfella & Native.
So this is the hood side of Static i want to talk about with the song "After Hours..." produced by Chink Santana (he did most of his work with Ashanti, at the Murder Inc days). Like he said in an ineterview one time "If it can be played in the hood, then it's not right", so there he is, between rappin' & singin', his rap is so smooth, he doesn't really rap or sing in that song, it's a mix of it.
As always, vocal arragements are his trademark, you can recognize his touch in one in a million.
So here's a taste of this hood music, thx again to Neeze for the song.

Music: Digital Black "Halfway" featuring Static Major

Here's a song from Digital Black called "Halfway" off of his 2004 album "Memoirs of an R&B Thug" that features Static. When I was first listening to the song, I thought it was a cool song. But once I heard Static jump on the track, it totally blew me away. The way he harmonizes and just completely adds a new element to the song is just amazing to me. I'd love to hear other people's thoughts and if you had the same reaction.

Digital Black "Halfway" featuring Static Major

The Making of the "Aaliyah" album

With guest appearances by Playa, Keybeats and Timbaland.

Music: Static Major - Off At

Here is another joint off the mixtape, featuring the very talented Yaushameen. This track was actually Static's favourite song and it's easy to see why.

Music: Ginuwine "Final Warning" featuring Aaliyah & Static Major

Here's another gem that was written by Static for Ginuwine. As Tim pointed out in the interview, G didn't have enough time to record the whole thing, so those are still Static's vocals on the chorus, which for us Static fans, is obviously a great touch on the song. If you didn't have a chance to listen to the interview with Tim that was recently posted, this song was a late addition to the "100% Ginuwine" album and that's why they were pressed for time in recording it. Since G was so quick to take credit for the songs Static wrote for him, where would his career really be without Static's writing?

Question Of The Week #6

How did you discover Static Major? Let us know your story!

I'll be back with my story!

Music: Playa - Here's My Number

And here is a video from Lil Flip's youtube page. He's been wanting to put this joint on one of his next albums.

Southernaire/SWATT Music Era Feature: Goodfella

If you're a big Static fan, then you've probably heard of Goodfella before. He was on the fan favourite joint "Slow Jams", along with many other tracks that have leaked onto the internet.

Here is his latest one song titled "Yeah". Let us know your honest opinion on the track!

And here is a track that may be familiar to some of you, but it may be new to the rest of the readers here. Here is "Ghetto" featuring Static.

Music: Tank "Unpredictable"

Here is one of the two songs that Static wrote for Tank on his second album "One Man." I was always a big fan of this beautiful song even before I knew Static wrote it, and it makes me like it that much more! Would love to hear a Static version of this song......paging Neeze......

Music: Static Major - At The Bar

It's not even a Monday, but I've been playing this song a lot lately so I had to share it with everyone now!

This song showcases Static's music ability from the lyrics, to the vocals, and then to the sick rap. And according to ASCAP, our very own Neeze had a hand in writing the track :)

Check back soon as we have more surprises coming. We've already heard Static the artist, but we're going to show you the other sides of Static. Tim has already mentioned rare footage coming, and I'm going to fill you in on the SWATT music era. Music from the rest of Static's team is coming soon!

Coming Soon: Never Before Seen Video Footage of Static Major in the Studio!!!!!

An interview with Static Major

This was probably done in 2004 or so...

How did you start writing songs for other artists?

I left Louisville in 1992 and I got thrown into the Jodeci camp and that was back when he had Timbland, Missy, Ginuine, Tweet and we all was starvin, workin. Then we all branched out to our own separate ways. And I was blessed to write a lot of hits. Im in a group called Playa. We put out an album in 1998. The three of us, all from Louisville. Now Im getting ready to release my solo album.

Did you get all this opportunity from just being around those folks?

Actually the Aaliyah situation came through my management. They the owners of Blackground Records and thats the label that Aaliyah was on, not to mention thats her uncle. So they manage me and they managed Timbaland and Ginuwine at the time. That was the camp. I just was showing up with the right records. Me and Aaliyah had a hell of a chemistry. She really trusted my sound and where I was going with it.

Did you work close with her? Did she have a lot to say about how she wanted the songs to be?

Me and baby girl used to stay in the studio till 4 or 5 in the morning every night. We even worked on her album in Australia when she was over there working on Queen of the damned. We was over in Australia for like 2 months.

How old was she when you first worked with her?

When I first started working with her she was like 18 or 19. If you dont remember, she was on Playas album. I did a duet with her on Playas album, so we had been working with baby girl for a good 5-6 years strong, before the tragedy.

What did you do with David Banner?

We got a young producer named Sears. He produced the majority of Lil Flips first album. Hes from Louisville and my man Neezy manages him, Swat Music. Sears and Banner got a relationship through Flip, and Sears got a relationship with Lil Jon and a lot of the guys down in the Atlanta. I happened to be in Atlanta, working on Sunshine Anderson and David Banner fell through. Sears laid a track and I put down the hook for him. Banner had already said he wanted to do a joint with me. It just came together like that in the studio. One night in the studio, we didnt put it together until like 4:30 in the morning. And it wound up being Banners first single, "Crank it Up."

What you do is probably more lucrative then just becoming a rapper or a singer right?

You gotta think the songwriting and the publishing, every time the songs gets played on TV, whether they just using the music in the background of MTV or BET or sometimes they use it in movies, or for a soundtrack or compilation. Its like the publishing game is money coming at all times when you put out quality music, cause people keep recycling it.

As the songwriter of these Aaliyah hits you collect checks every quarter? And for the big hits the checks may never end.

Right cause they still playing em overseas. And like "Romeo Must Die", they still play it on HBO and Showtime and sometimes you might hear the music behind somebody on MTV. Ill tell you another big song I wrote was that "So Addictive" from Truth Hurts.

Whats your album all about?

My album is called Suppertime on the Feddy Side. And its about its time for me to eat. Even though Ive been eating, but I put my artistry on the back burner to really focus on the songwriting and producing side of the game. But now Im all the way focused. Playa is still together but we gonna do solo projects. Suppertime, its time to eat. Im coming after R. Kelly and Usher. Im coming to take R. Kellys throne. And my resume already speaks for itself, the worlds been hearing my sound since "Pony." And a lot of those songs, my voice is still in em a whole lot. So its a variation of all different things. Im a real innovative writer. Id like to think I changed the game a whole lot, even with "Pony." Id like to think I changed the way people wrote their songs. And a lot of my hits that I wrote changed the way people wrote music. So I put all of that energy into my album. The first single is called "Stallion" and Im getting ready to go to radio with it right now.

When did you first realize that "Pony" was going to be such a big song?

Devante Swing told me it was that big the day after I did it. He told me I was going to get songwriter of the year and I got an ASCAP award for it. I sat there and watched it climb the charts and when it went to ..1 it stayed there for 7-8 weeks. "So Anxious" stayed ..1 for 13 weeks. "Try Again" was like the first pop single to come out to go ..1 that wasnt a commercial single. I just try to stay serious about my music and my craft, the money will come.

Who will you release your album with?

Ive got some offers on the table and of course I can always put it out with Blackground but I expressed my feelings with them that we might need to take mine somewhere else in another system. We been talking to Jimmy Iovine, Lyor Cohen and we got a good relationship right now. We gonna take it to radio ourselves right now and create some synergy with it and use our relationships that we got and stir up some chaos on that end.

Sounds like youre looking for a label deal rather than an artist deal.

Right, cause we already got a situation, Swat Music, already through Blackground/Universal with my man Neezy.

Are you working with any artists from Louisville?

GoodFella from Victory Park. Coming out through Universal. Track Stars produced his first single. We going to radio right now with it. Universal says it sounds like the next Nelly. Thats gonna be the first thing we drop.

What part of Louisville are you from?

Im from the West End of Louisville, but then Im from all over Louisville. My mama was a single parent; I done lived in the West End, Barrytown, I done lived in all the boroughs in Louisville with the exception of a few.

When did you start singing?

I started singing when I was 3 in the church. I never would let anybody know that I sang because I felt that you was soft if you sang, so nobody in the streets knew I could sing. Only people who knew were people in my church.

When did you come out?

I guess it was about my senior year in High School, this girl talked me into getting into a talent show with her. Then shortly after that, Playa got together and went on to get us a deal with Def Jam. We really couldnt see eye to eye with Def Jam, they couldnt understand a true r&b group like us. We was like the essence of r&b, but we was ghetto. R&B to them meant suits and ties, but r&b to us was just our vocals. We came in with t-shirts and thingyies. But they tried to clean us up and clean up our whole sound so we wound up having to walk away from Def Jam.

Has there only been one Playa album?

Yeah, that was in 98. And the words still lingering right now.

You gonna stay in Louisville?

I left Louisville in 92 and I lived in New York, New Jersey, DC, Virgina Beach, LA and after 8 years of that I came back home in 2000 and wound up getting married. I got 3 kids and its always been a job to me. Once I realized I could take care of my business at home thats what I did. Its slowed me down in some instances, but its kept me grounded in other areas. Overall Im happy. I got every producer in the game wanting me to write a song with them, from Dre to Timbaland to Kanye West to Jazze Pha to Rodney Jerkins to Scott Storch to Nephew to Hi Tek, Pharell, Noontime, any producer in the game thats selling records, Seven. These are all producers Ive worked with because they know Im gonna show up. Bink, they love working with me. I just stay busy and come home and do the family thing for a couple of weeks then I go out of town and stay busy. And I dictate my schedule, I decide who I want to go in the studio with and if it makes sense or not. A lot of times a producer will get an offer to do a big project and Ill be the first person they think of to call to get some songs together for that person. We got Sears from here though and a few others from here whos production is just as good as an
You got any other artists from out here?

Native, we been working on his album for a minute. Native is real street and grungy but hes so street its been a challenge trying to find the radio record without watering down his street. GoodFella is the first one we getting ready to come with. Universal is loving his package.

What else have you got out?

I got two songs on the Jojo album, she just did 100,000 first week and I got two songs on the Brandy album that just dropped and the Sunshine Anderson album, I got like 4 on there. Looks like I got 2 on the new Nas thats coming out, cause I do hip hop too. "Dont Change the Game", that was me on there, and also that Ginuine and Nas record, I did that too.

Will your record be straight r&b?

My record is a cool mixture. You should be able to tell from the songs that I done told you. I got rappin on there, Im rappin on there, I got GoodFella on there. But the r&b is some classic nuts. Its on R. Kellys level. Past Ushers level in my opinion. The lyrics is real slick and edgy like all my lyrics have been. So I took it even further to the edge. My album aint really r&b, but it is. The person that I am and the music that I listen to brings the street out of it, so its a real nice mixture. Its OG music. I got production from Timbaland on there, Dr. Dre on there, Ima have Scott Storch on there and also Pharrell.

Did you know Pharrell back when you were working with Ginuine and them?

Magoo used to tell me about Pharrell all the time. He used to tell me "Man, you remind me of Pharrell." At that time Pharrell was with the Teddy Riley camp. He had did "Rump Shaker", that was like his first hit. We met one time back in the day in Virginia and we never got the chance to work. I got a great deal of respect for him and Chad cause I heard about them way before that and they showing and proving today. And Magoo told me about Iverson before he did his thing. He was like wait till he go to college, this little dude he aint even that tall and he dunks on everybody. Then he went to Georgetown and did his thing there and sure enough he went to the pros and is doing his thing. They had a lot of talent in Virginia Beach and Magoo was the one telling me about it when we was out there starving. Now Pharrell is working on Slim Thug and Snoop.

Interesting how he was gonna go with "Stallion" as his first single. That's my jam. Shout out to the homie Spark.

Music: Playa "Let It Go"

If you've heard this song by Playa and the beat sounds familiar, that's because it should. Alicia Keys released "You Don't Know My Name" with the same beat in 2003 and the song reached #3 on the Billboard Top 100. Although we don't know the story of why the beat, which was produced by Kanye West, is used for two different songs, I might venture a guess at it. You see, once it was realized Playa's second album would not be released and thus "Let It Go" would be shelved, I'm pretty sure Kanye wanted to capitalize his gains on the beat and sold it to Alicia. Maybe Tim can clarify, as this is just my guess!

Here is the Alicia Keys song for comparison purposes. Which do you like better?

Question Of The Week #5

Whatsup guys? Buddha speaking here...

I just want your thoughts and opinions on certain things that we're about to do on the blog.

First and foremost , happy new year to everyone. And onto business, since it is a new year we're going to change a few things around here.

For one, starting this monday I'm going to post an untagged version of each track from the mixtape. Just like twitter has it's "Music Monday", we have "Static Music Monday".

And to follow up that comment with a question, in the future, would you rather have mixtapes like the Christmas ones or us just posting individual tracks from time to time?

And if we do choose the mixtape route, do you guys strictly want Static's songs or also tracks that Static has written for others (like that Aura track I just posted)?

Thanks a lot everyone and let's make 2010 a big year for the blog.

Static Major 4 Life!

Music: Aura - Crazy (feat. Kanye West and Clipse) (UPDATED WITH FULL SONG)

Once Playa decided to go their separated ways, we soon saw Digital Black and Smoke E. Digglera release their debut albums. As time went by, they went to work on their second albums and released them a short while later. The only member of Playa that has yet to have their album released is Static. You may wonder to yourself, "why?". It is well documented that Static wanted "Suppertime" to be the perfect album so he reworked his album many times until he was satisfied with it.

A few years ago, a tracklisting of Suppertime leaked onto the internet and although it doesn't have a lot of the songs that are confirmed for the album ("I Got My", "Coffee In Da Morning", "4 a Long Time"), there are some interesting bits to it.

Static Major - Suppertime On Da Feddy Side
1. 9 to 5
2. At The Bar
3. Crazy Feat. Kanye West
4. Souljah
5. Until The Wheelz Fall Off
6. Sick & Tired Feat. Kanye West
7. Get Together Feat. Timbaland
8. Dirty Mind
9. Here Is My Number Feat. Lil Flip
10. Hummers & Escalades
11. Guest List Feat. Jazze Pha
12. My Playground
13. Suppertime
14. U Must Know Feat. Pretty Ricky
15. The Weekend
16. She Ain't So Bad Feat. Timbaland
17. Lova

Songs that you may recognize on that list, as they have all leaked onto the internet are "9 to 5" featuring Native, "Until The Wheels Fall Off", "Dirty Mind", "Here Is My Number" featuring Lil Flip and Playa, "My Playground", and "The Weekend" featuring Lil Flip and Playa. Huge Timbaland/Playa fans may also notice the never heard, but confirmed track "She Ain't So Bad".

Though that is cool and and all, the song we're going to be paying attention to is track #3, which is "Crazy" featuring Kanye West. Huge fans of Kanye may remember a song with the same title on his "Second Semester" mixtape. Is it the same song? You betcha it is. From the arrangements to the adlibs, you can tell this was a Static track.

Unfortunately, the full version of this song by Aura has never leaked onto the internet. Will we ever hear it? Who knows. And what about Static's version? That remains to be seen as well.

Big shout out to my boy Zo for the info.

EDIT #1: "Aura went back into the studio with Static (from the group Playa) and created the aforementioned Crazy, a song everybody agreed was the one to go with. Unfortunately Joni Mitchell wouldn't grant clearance for the sample (protesting against the war by refusing to support the American economy). And that was that."

EDIT #2: And if you need more proof:,s,w,p,b,v&results_pp=20&start=1

EDIT #3: According to Tim Barnett, the track was made for Aura. So I guess that whole tracklist is fake, lol. They did the track back in 2002, in LA.

EDIT #4: This was my very first post on the blog and it only makes sense to start out the new year with something special. Neeze has decided to share this very rare track with us. I'm sure this will make a lot of Kanye fans, Clipse fans, Aura fans, and of course Static fans very happy.

I should probably also note that Kanye retouched the track after. The vocal sample sounds a bit different on it than the snippet and Kanye says "Joni Mitchell never lie" instead of "my homey Aura never lie". Rest assure though, I'm on the hunt for the final version of the track.