Music: Native - After Hours... (Feat. Static Major)

It's a Lousiville thing, y'all know Static is a KY representer, & how he likes to work with local rappers, especially Goodfella & Native.
So this is the hood side of Static i want to talk about with the song "After Hours..." produced by Chink Santana (he did most of his work with Ashanti, at the Murder Inc days). Like he said in an ineterview one time "If it can be played in the hood, then it's not right", so there he is, between rappin' & singin', his rap is so smooth, he doesn't really rap or sing in that song, it's a mix of it.
As always, vocal arragements are his trademark, you can recognize his touch in one in a million.
So here's a taste of this hood music, thx again to Neeze for the song.


B L said...

SWATT mu-ZIK!!! 502 got smthn to say!! Yes suh hotdammit!!!

talkingcrazy said...

pure hotness!!!this is my joint right here!!thanks so much for posting this

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