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Question Of The Week #6

How did you discover Static Major? Let us know your story!

I'll be back with my story!


  1. I discovered Static through Aaliyah because she was my favorite singer. Of course, I knew about SuperFriends and mention of Da Bassment. Aaliyah always mentioned Playa and Static and shouted him out when he wrote songs for her.

    During those years, I remember Cheers 2 U video, etc. Then when her album Aaliyah hit, she mentioned Static was on the album. I remember he was from Playa, but didn't know which one he Later on, when he put out songs for his album, Suppertime 05-06 on the Internet, I started doing research on him again, to get familiar with him and his work.

    After I heard he had passed, that's when I really got into him heavily because I realized then that he was mega-talented. He wrote most of the songs that have been hits in the past 10 yrs or so. Plus, comments from his family and friends just made him seem so much more special.

  2. Back in 96 I was listening to Pony. I didn't even think Ginuwine sung the song. I knew the harmonies were not him. So I followed G and the entire camp until Playa came out. Then Static confirmed on Video Soul that he did Pony. I then knew that he was behind all the hits of the Bassment Camp. After that it was all about That Major "Static".

  3. The song Lollipop

  4. Here's my story. Soon after Aaliyah's death, I really started searching for every song she ever did. Eventually I stumbled upon "One Man Woman" (yes I admit I didn't discover Playa until this time) and I thought the vocals from Playa and especially Static were amazing. It wasn't until I heard "Loose Rap" and "I Am Music" that I REALLY became a fan of Static and began checking for every song he did.

    I actually didn't find any of Static's solo material until after his death though. It took a lot of searching but I was able to find "Till the Wheels Fall Off" and "I Got My" and after that I just tried to find anything I could.

  5. Playa introduced me to Static/Major. Once I got into their music I learned thru interviews and his work with Aaliyah that he wrote hits. When Playa broke up I kinda fell off from their music. I got reacquainted with Static when Pretty Ricky hit the scene and he did writing and BGK vocals (w/ Pleasure P) on their debut and follow-up album. The Lollipop joint blew me away and I was shocked it was Static all over the track w/ Lil Wayne.

    I learned about Suppertime thru myspace. I fell in love w/ "Wheels Fall off" thru further research of the album I got hands on “U Know” and “Speed of Light”. After that I was a serious Static fan. I furthered learned about Static’s hits thru internet research and the ASCAP database.

    I was surprised to learn he had passed. Its clear Static had major talent that was God sent he has contributed a lot to the music game outside of Playa and Timbaland. I think it’s a shame that all most people remember him for is “Lollipop”

  6. For me, bein from Louisville,it was Playa that originally turnt me on to him. I would read who wrote what, who produced what on albums..and On most of the songs on Cheers to u, I kept seein "S. Garrett", i'm like damn Dude is NICE wit that pen. Then his voice was so different, kinda reminiscent of Maurice White from Earth Wind and Fire, or Babyface. That monotone, smoothe shit. Then come to find out my barber was actually one of his day one homies and would fill me in on what he had goin on in the industry, post playa.So i had been checkin for suppatime since around 04. When he died, it felt like one of my peoples died. No exaggeration. Rocked me real real tuff. RIP to a louisville legend

  7. I discovered because of Missy & Timbaland, I don't really remember if The Rain or Up Jumps Tha Boogie came out first, but that had me hooked, and I was already an Aaliyah fan, and I liked Pony, the first official song from Static, I guess you would say was Don't Stop the Music, which I had bought the single from being obsessed with the whole crew

  8. I became Static fan off of his little cameos and guestspots on DeVante's 05 GIN & JUICE track and the Mr Dalvin TRUE OG joint. both off the Dangerous Minds sndtrk. Also, as that yooouuuung soundin cat on Dalvin's remix for Sista's BRAND NEW. Was a big Jodeci fan, then as I started hearin more, by the time the GIN & JUICE remix dropped, i was sold....cant wait for the album this year, so bittersweet.

  9. I first knew of him from Lollipop then after i heard "I Got My" & "Till The Wheels Fall Off" i did my research & was amazed, i then heard a bunch of his leaked songs & was like "damn i like all this dudes songs".I still cant find a static song that i dont like.

  10. I discovered him through Aaliyah, more in particular her 'Loose Rap' song -that's one of my favorite songs- and then started doing research on who wrote it...after that I followed everything Static did.

  11. from the brand new remix and of course the gin and juice og and remix


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