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Music: Static Major - Dirty Mind

I'm sure a lot of ya'll already know about this track, seeing as how it was one of the very first Static songs to leak on the internet.

Well, here is the song in CDQ...

And just a quick note for everyone, I don't have a problem with anyone downloading these songs for personal use. But for the bloggers out there who post these exclusive tracks on their personal blog, please keep in mind that we put a lot of effort into this blog and it would mean a lot to us if you would redirect the listeners to our page.


  1. lol tell em fam! I peeped that w/ the "aaliyah aaliyah' joint on youtube. Glad u spoke on the way this is my SHITT!!! Ain't nothin like the way he started this song, he was like Jeezey w/ the ad libs, but on a r n b tip!! This song is like "Rock wit u" by MJ to me, jus a feel good, lift u up melody!!

  2. Plus these lyrics are different a lil bit??!! Where this version come from?? On the original he said, " u drive me crazy, like YOU'RE miss daisy, on this one he says, like "I'M miss daisy"..which i guess makes more sense lol but damn that was a nice surprise...

  3. Yeah, I noticed that too lol. Neeze sent me this version so you'll have to ask him.

  4. know what bruh, i figured it out that quick..he must've originally written this for a woman, maybe Aaliyah??? then redid it and kept it for himself. That has to b what happened cuz there's a line in there that i had to rewind a couple'm sure Neeze will vouch that's the case...

  5. Love this the trax. Glad you spoke on the downloading it's amazin how ppl show love to artist AFTER they pass on (when they didn't pay them any mind when they were alive). It seems to me all ppl give Static credit for is Lollipop and that's ONLY cuz Lil Wayne was on it.
    It's a sad affair...back to the track, Dope post!

  6. Tim "Neeze" BarnettJanuary 20, 2010 at 7:45 PM

    Buddha thats why we need to tag the songs. They all should say! From now on, lets do that. If they want to download them then we will make sure that the people know where the came from....@ B L, you are correct team... He decided to keep it for Suppertime so he changed it....

  7. I guess we'll do that for now, Neeze!

  8. Tim "Neeze" BarnettJanuary 21, 2010 at 4:54 AM

    Thats whats up. All Im interested in is the world hearing them. I would rather word spread that this blog has the exclusive shit. Not everyone and their momma taking them and pushing it off as if they have the hook up on the exclusives .....If this cant be done then I will not provide anymore exclusive things from his vault, bottom line!!!! When you come to this blog its about reconizing not only Static the musician, but Stephen Ellis Garrett the person..... Real Talk....

  9. I knew it Neeze!! I'm cold! lol...


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