Music: Static Major - Mixed Girl (feat. Goodfella & Teflon)

Here is another exclusive by Static, Goodfella and Teflon. Produced by G-Fresh.

This is a rather...interesting song. Not much more I can say about it, other than the fact that it is Slam's fav Static song.

Music: Ginuwine - So Anxious (Timbaland's Anxiety)

This was a bonus song off Ginuwine's "The Life" album.

and check out what Ginuwine said on twitter:

crazy much fun i mis static tho he was one of the best writers in the world dont know where i would have been if he and i didnt write pony 6 minutes ago via web

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Music: Trey Songz & Bayje - Bidness Or Pleasure

Here is another unreleased song that Static wrote. Many of you have heard the interview Jimmy Sprinkles (shout out to him for checking the blog daily) and probably heard Static say that he was working with Trey Songz.

Well here is one of the two songs he did with Static. According to ASCAP, they also worked together on a song called "Pusha Man" and both of these songs are produced by LT Moe.

Hopefully we get to hear Statio's version in the future. As I'm listening to Bayje sing with her amazing vocals, I'm wondering how Static would have sounded doing those parts. I can imagine him busting into his falsetto and bringing the song to LIFE.

Music: Tamieka - Give It To You

Here is another track Static and Tamieka worked on together and it features production from Spark1One.

Many Smokey fans will recognize this beat as he used the beat on his song called "It's Urs".

Which version do you prefer? And big thanks to the talented Tamieka for sharing this track with us!

Music: E.T. Selfish ft. Aaliyah - Danc'n (CDQ)

As we showed you earlier, there were a bunch of songs on that Aaliyah CD that Neeze showed us, and one of them was called "Danc'n". Is this the same track?

You betcha it is.

This song by E.T. Selfish was produced by Keybeats and written by Digital Black.


Here is the song in CDQ. Thanks to ET for sending this joint!

And here is some background information about the song, straight from ET himself:
As far as the story behind recording Danc'in. When the family got back from Australia, everybody set up shop in LA to mix the Aaliyah album. We were in the studio one day (Digital Black, KeyBeats & Selfish). Black & E. Seats pulled up the track and told us to go to work on it. The song already had Aaliyah's vocals on it from when Digital Black wrote the song in Australia. So of course when KeyBeats & Black offered it to us, we wanted to kill it. We wanted everybody to here it and relate. We wanted to make you feel like you were in the club, on the dance floor, getting it in till they turn on the lights.

Make sure you holla at him on myspace @

Music: Serius Jones ft. Rudy - World Keeps Movin'

If you've followed Static's career you must already know what a versatile musician he was. Not only was he an incredible singer, but he could also drop the dopest rhymes and craft the flyest beats. This song showcases his production skills. Enjoy, and don't forget to leave a comment to let us know what you think!

Static to appear on R&B singer Jarvis' new album

ATLANTA, GA –As his business presence in the world of entertainment continues to expand, DJ Khaled is proud to announce the latest addition to his We The Best Music Group imprint. Khaled, who pulls double duty as president of Def Jam
South, has recruited Atlanta based singer Jarvis as the next star to emerge from the We The Best machine, and the label's first R&B act.

While Jarvis is a newcomer to Khaled's label and he will not be such a novelty to R&B fans. The 21-year-old, gifted with a voice rich and controlled beyond his years, was first introduced to the world six years ago with the release of his debut single "Radio." Released on So So Def in 2004, the single not only grabbed the attention of fans, it also put the industry on notice of what mogul Jermaine Dupri had noticed: R&B's next big star had been discovered. While music business
politics have delayed Jarvis's emergence into the public, he has used his journey, which also included a stint on Ludacris's Disturbing Tha Peace imprint, to continue to hone his skills as he works to develop the next evolution of R&B classics.

For Khaled, the decision to sign Jarvis as his first R&B act, was an easy one. "I didn't know who he was," Khaled confeses. "I prayed for a Superstar and got exactly that in Jarvis. He just hasn't had his chance yet. I heard some of his new records and it was so amazing. I heard the passion. He's young, the girls love him, and I feel like under my brand, whit his hit records, he's about to explode."

Despite his status as a "celebrity DJ," and multi-platinum artist in his own right, Khaled has remained committed to breaking new artists. As a true student of the music business, Khaled also knows that success in today's industry requires patience, dedication, and most importantly hard work. Under the industry veteran's guidance, Jarvis is currently putting the finishing touches on his We The Best debut Cardiology, due out in early 2011. With the assistance of some of the biggest names in contemporary urban music, including The Runners, Static/Major, Rock City and The Bizness, Jarvis is creating a body of work that is sure to stand the test of time. His mission: to be the newest voice to honor the legacy of the R&B greats who inspired him as a youngster, while infusing the genre with all that his generation has been exposed to musically and culturally.

For more on Jarvis, please visit You can also follow him on Twitter at For all media inquiries, please contact Tai Saint-Louis with The Remedy, LLC at


Can't wait! Hopefully it's a smash and is able to keep Static's name out there.

Static Major discography

Here is something that I started, but never really completed.

The vision and goal is to have Static's entire discography from released to unreleased to leaked material. For all of the hardcore Static fans out there, feel free to name some released songs that I have not put on the list (I know there are many). Remember, RELEASED.

Interview: Angi Maxx

Multi-talented singer/songwriter/ sound engineer Angi Maxx was kind enough to take time out to talk to about working with Static and about her musical career.
Big shout-out to her!!

How did you get involved in music? Which artists have you worked with?
I got involved in music at an early age, I come from a legendary musical family. My grandfather was an orginal member of the " Fairfield Four". The first black gospel quartet to be on radio. My uncles were signed to Columbia records in the 70's and my aunts are singers and I was on the road with one Regina McCrary when she was touring with Bob Dylan I was only 14.. I think that is when I knew for sure that i wanted to pursue music as a career.

Do you write your own music?
I do write most of my own music however I love to collab. It always makes things more interesting to me.

You’re also a certified sound engineer. Why did you decide to educate yourself in this field? Does this influence or help you in any way with your own music?
I went to engineer ing school to liberate myself from the never ending drama I encountered with men in the business. It helped me tremendously. It opened new doors and allows me to record and mix and produce in the moment. It also allows me to make money in different ways while still being involved with music.

Which (musical) accomplishment are you most proud of?
So far my most proud accomplishments are releasing my first CD in 08 which got nominated for an award and deveolping a music program for children that was picked up by the Preston Taylor Boys and Girls club. 2009 was our first implementation of the program and I am currently doing it again for this summer. It has opened many doors and opportunities and educated many inner city children on how to make a record.

What advice would you give to aspiring producers, song-writers, singers who want to start a career in the music business?
I would advise people to persue it with all of the passion they have. To acquire all of the knowledge they can in the field, study an instrument and to have thick skin because everybody will not like what they do but many people will.

You are the owner of ‘Sound Zon’. Could you explain what your company does and why you decided to start your own company?
Sound Zon started because someone wanted to buy and song from me and asked me to sign the publishing over to them. I didn't know what that meant so before I signed I started to ask questions and found out that the most money was made by the publisher. So, I started my own publishing company. Now, I am able to fully function as a publisher and recording studio etc... Sound Zon Music Group houses 1110 productions, Sound Zon music studio and " Angi Maxx" the first artist, also the Innercity Music Program.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
My influences are my family first and Stevie Wonder, EarthWind and Fire, Ella Fitzgerald, Coltrane, Patriece Russian, Nancy Wilson, Nina Simone, etc... I love jazz and soul music and hip hop... Really most of the music I encounter I truly absorb something from it no matter what kind it is or who the artist is. I am truly a music lover. I started taking piano lessons in the 3rd grade and studied flute until I graduated from high school so I have a true appreciation for all music.

How did your collaboration with Static Major happen? Did you know him beforehand?
Ahh, Static. I was in Atl in the 90's and met some artist/producers that I worked with as a vocalist/writer. A couple of them were eventually signed to Blackgroud/Universal and Static was the producer of the group called the " Southeraire Allstars" and they decided to record their album/CD here in Nashville. Of course when they were here they called me and asked me to come hang out. I did and they were recording at " The Sound Kitchen" in Franklin. One day and I was there and they had a preproduction set up in one of the rooms and Mathew( B-12) asked me to play some keys and build a trak with him. I did and it sounded great. The next day they asked me to come out again and told me that the trak we did the night before was being put on the album for " The Hamptons". Static had heard the trak and had written a song to it overnight. He was so cool and down to earth and he always smelled so good.

Which songs did you do with Static Major and could you share your memories about these songs and (working with) him with us?
I love mostly all of his work. To me he was brilliant songwriter and a great vocalist and producer. It is hard to pick just one song. He was really cool and laidback. He also worked constatantly. He was inspired by normal things.. he could turn anything into a beautiful melody and words to match.. his work ethic was amazing to me and also inspiring.. his hooks.. wow.. he wrote with feeling of what ever he was going thru or experiences that were just everyday things.. he could turn it into a song people could relate to and sing.
Is there anything that you learned from Static while working with him? Has he influenced you in any way and if so, how?
Infinetly inspired by my encounter with him. They were here for several weeks and the experience was priceless..

What are you currently working on, and what are your plans for the future?
I am currently working on my second CD release. I was hoping it would be ready by the early fall and that is what I am still shooting for. I am also working on the childrens project which will yeild 4 singles or an ep to benefit the Boys & Girls Club YMCA.

Do you have any websites we can visit if we wish to know more about you and your music?
You can check me out at Myspace, Revernation, Twitter, Itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Emusic, etc... Google Me!!

Album: Playa - Throwback Legendz

I'm sure a lot of you have already heard most, if not all, of the album.

Smokey has been selling it on his website and I've also been uploading the songs on Youtube. So instead of choosing one of those two options, we've decided to let everyone download this unreleased classic album for free.

And I bet a lot of you could probably care less because you've heard every song already right? Wrong. Check out the final version of "Hollywood" that was not included in Smokey's unreleased Playa compilation. So consider this an exclusive courtesy of

Big shout-out to Farid for hooking me up with this track and also the entire album in CDQ.

Music: Pleasure P - Made For Pleasure

Here's a Pleasure P song that leaked not too long. The song is written by Static and produced by Bigg D. I'm guessing this was an unreleased track from his first CD and not for his next album.

Check it out and let me know what you think.