Album: Playa - Throwback Legendz

I'm sure a lot of you have already heard most, if not all, of the album.

Smokey has been selling it on his website and I've also been uploading the songs on Youtube. So instead of choosing one of those two options, we've decided to let everyone download this unreleased classic album for free.

And I bet a lot of you could probably care less because you've heard every song already right? Wrong. Check out the final version of "Hollywood" that was not included in Smokey's unreleased Playa compilation. So consider this an exclusive courtesy of

Big shout-out to Farid for hooking me up with this track and also the entire album in CDQ.


Anonymous said...

thanks, have the unreleased compilation from Smoke. But, this is nice to have if only to compare the differences between some songs. Thanks


Anonymous said...

what video is that picture from?

Buddha said...

We At It Again

Nalle A. said...

If anyone has a working link to this gem please hit me up!

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