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Showing posts from August, 2010 Interviews Ginuwine

Here is the interview my man Slam did with Ginuwine not too long. We were having some difficulty getting this interview together because our schedules were really conflicting. Luckily we were able to coordinate a time with Ginuwine and were able to talk with him for a bit.

Unfortunately we were unable to ask Ginuwine a lot of questions as it was late when we started the interview. G still shared some great memories of Static, Aaliyah and Devante. He also touched on the making of "Pony" along with "Same Ol G" and "Final Warning", and also discussed current projects that he has going on.

Make sure you check out his SPRUCE charity foundation at

Along with that, look out for Ginuwine's new single which should be out sometime soon.

Slam's Blackberry (How Do You Represent Static?)

Just wanted to show yall a picture of my blackberry real quick to show everyone I'm representing Static no matter where I go. Of course I have people all the time asking who that is on my background, and those conversations lead to potential new fans. How do you represent Static and keep his memory alive??

Team Static remembers Aaliyah 9 years later

The loss of Aaliyah 9 years ago still affects a lot of people including myself today. Not only did we lose an R&B artist who was on the verge of superstardom, we also lost a risk taking and trend setting person who inspired millions around the world with her voice. Luckily for us though, Aaliyah left behind plenty of music, tons of footage and a bunch of photos. So instead of being sad over this day, we should celebrate the legacy that she has left behind and know that her music will continue to be played for years to come. Rest in peace Aaliyah!

Neeze remembers Aaliyah...

Music: Static Major - Questions (Aaliyah's Demo) (UPDATE WITH FULL SONG)

As we all know, Static & Aaliyah were close, you can feel the chemistry between the writer and the singer, and Static most impressive talent was his ability to write for a woman, to express a woman's feeling.
So there's the song "Questions" produced by Buddha, wrote & sung by Static, a demo song for Aaliyah, made around 2000-2001 i think. I don't know yet if she had the chance to record it for herself, but Static version shows his falsetto skills, he wrote for a woman, & even sing the demo like Aaliyah should sing it, amazing!
Stay tune for a snippet listening, something rare that i'm sure you don't wanna miss!

UPDATE: Here is the first installment of Static Music Monday.

Music: Yaushameen - Girlfriends (Feat. Aaliyah)

Yaushameen again... This time Aaliyah is on the track.
I don't know if there's a Static's touch on the song but, like DeVante did with Da Bassment, Static did a little bit of it by creating Southernaire Allstars. Pushing artists on the scene, & especially puttin Louisville up, & no matter what the money he did, no matter what famous he became, he never forget about his peeps, about his original crew.

Music: Aaliyah - Extra Smooth

What's up everyone? I have been listening to Aaliyah's Red Album a lot lately, and it still amazes me how this album never gets old. I want you to enjoy this song with me: Extra Smooth, one of my all-time favorites.

Don't forget next week is Aaliyah's death anniversary. Be sure to check out the blog then, cause the one and only Neeze will have an extra special surprise for us then: as he has announced on twitter he will post an Aaliyah demo then!

Static Trivia: What Song Did Static Mention These Drinks In?

Music: Static Major - Coffee In Da Morning (UPDATED WITH FINAL VERSION)

Edit #2: Here is the final and mixed version of the song. This version of the song (again produced by Rudy) features a slight modification of the beat.

Edit: Here is the first version of the song in CDQ. This is not the final mix of the song, however this is the version that most of us know.

One of the best Static songs out there. I have no idea how Static made a Sex metaphor with something like Coffee, it's ingenious.

And a bonus for everyone, here is him performing it live.

Sadly, this won't be on Suppertime.

Tony Thompson - Slave (1995)

Tony Thompson fromt the 90's group Hi-Five released his solo album in 95 entitled "Sexational".

Once again, DeVante produced a track called "Slave" with the help of some Bassment members: Darryl Pearson is co-producer, Missy Elliott worked on the track too, but there's some others guest on the track, just look at the credit:

Do you notice something special ???
Background vocals by Steve Jawan, that means Static for Steve & Smokey for Jawan, both of them are on the background vocals with Missy. DeVante at the end of the song has a talking part, again, he says Static name, did i told you Static was his fav artist out of the Bassment Crew???

Interview: Pretty Ricky

While we're still waiting on the details about the interview with Ginuwine, I am happy to announce and confirm that we will be interviewing Diamond Blue of Pretty Ricky on Tuesday. So post your questions!

Edit: Unfortunately I will not be there for the interview, so we will not be able to stream it live. Neeze and Slam will still be conducting the interview and the interview will be posted soon after on the blog.

Music: Playa - Stressin'

Here is an unreleased Playa song from back in the day. I don't know any background behind this song, so Neeze can fill us in on the track. I don't believe Static is on this track, but it's still a nice jam.

Make sure you listen to the interview we did with the other 2 members of Playa.

Smoke Digglera:

Digital Black:

Song is provided by Tim "Neeze" Barnett.

Music: Al Green - Could This Be The Love (1995) (UPDATE With Instrumental)

Legendary Al Green released "Your Heart In Good Hands" album in 95. For DeVante who produced the song "Could This Be The Love", it was an honor, and what did he do??? He introduced again his fav Da Bassment artist: Playa!
They're on the hook & on the bridge with incredible vocals, Smokey is the one we can hear the most, Renee Anderson from Da Bassment is on the end of the track too.
It's great to see a legend like Al Green putting his trust in the younger generation, props to DeVante for doin a song that fits perfectly with the old school style & the newest style that Playa brings.

And here's a Live performance for y'all (just skip the 35 sec ad at the beginning of the video):

P.S: Maybe soon i can come with an extra for this post, stay tune.

Update: Thx to my man Stingy Boy for providing the instrumental, enjoy!

Music: Pretty Ricky - On The Hotline (Instrumental)

Here is the instrumental to the Rudy produced smash hit "On The Hotline" by Pretty Ricky

The beat in the song is a combination of samples taken from the Isley Brothers' "Between the Sheets", Grandmaster Flash's "The Message" and Newcleus' "Jam On It", not to mention Rick James' hit single Mary Jane.

I should also mention again that Static wrote an entirely different song called "After Dark" to the same beat.

Music: Static Major - Speed Of Light

Here is one of my person fav Static songs. This is probably one of the more popular Static songs as it was on his myspace for a long time. The song also showcases Static's harmonies and how great they were. I believe this song was produced by Rudy, but I may be wrong on that. Anyway, enjoy!

Music: Aaliyah - More Than A Woman

Here is the second Aaliyah refresher for everyone. It actually took me a while to LOVE this song, especially when I compare it to "We Need A Resolution" and "Don't Know What To Tell Ya". It still hasn't really completely caught onto me yet, but I know a lot of people love this song.

Nevertheless, ths song does contain great lyrics courtesy of Static and the video is great; Aaliyah looked GREAT in this video.

And here is the alternate version of the video:

And here is the sample of the song by Maya El Hennawy:

I can confirm to all of you that Neeze does have Static's demo of this song, so stay tuned!

Interview: Smoke E. Digglera of Playa

Big thanks to Smokey for doing this great interview with us. I hope all of you enjoy this interview and have a great time listening to it. We certainly did.

Thank You All...

Whats up people? I just wanted to personally thank each and everyone of you that take the time out to visit our blog. For me this is more than just a blog, its a chance to keep the memory alive of my best friend in the world. It really means a lot when I come on here and read the different posts that you all leave. I frequently talk to his moms and one of the things that she said to me was that this blog is the realest thing that she has seen that represents her sons legacy. With that being said I would personally like to thank Team Static (Slam, Farid, Buddha, Dimu and TalkingCrazy) for helping me to keep my homies memory alive. For me he was more than just a musician, he was a brother! I am humbled by you all.

Tim "Neeze" Barnett

Music: Pretty Ricky - Get You Right

Here is a nice slow jam by Pretty Ricky. Static really did a great job on the first two Pretty Ricky albums, providing them with a nice mixture of slow and fast tracks. And although most of the songs were sex driven, he was able to make each song different.

And while you're listening to Pretty Ricky, check out their new single "Cookie Cutter".

Be on the look out for an interview with Diamond Blue of Pretty Ricky coming soon!

Music: Holly Rae - Body Language

It's always fun looking at Static's ASCAP page; Not only can we see all the work he's done, but we also use the list to find new songs.

And with the list, Looserap and Farid have found another Static-penned song. This one is called "Body Language", produced by Scott Storch. ASCAP only has Static and Scott Storch's names in the credits and makes no mention of Holly Rae, but as I listen to the song, I can tell that this joint is in fact written by Static.

Music: Aaliyah - Never No More

So with the announcement by Neeze about those Aaliyah demos being found, I figured this would be a great time to refresh everyone's memories on some of the songs.

Today we have "Never No More" which was produced by Bud'da. This is one of the most powerful Static-penned songs EVER and really showcases Aaliyah's vocals. And that bridge with Aaliyah and Static going off? Crazy!

One can only imagine how Static sounded on the track by himself. Like I told Neeze earlier, if his falsetto is anything like it was in "Questions" then we're all in for a real treat.

What are your thoughts on this song? Remember, Neeze mentioned he MIGHT share some of these demos with us if we all participate. :)

Music: Static Major - I Got My (feat. Lil Wayne)

Here is the first single off "Suppertime". Unfortunately this song didn't blow up like it should have. With that being said though, the track is still crazy! With production by Rudy and some help from the duo of Goodfella and YV, Static put it all together and created a timeless masterpiece.

As Goodfella said, this is probably the ghettoest pop song ever.

So the question for today is: What was your initial reaction when you first heard "I Got My"?

And here is the Dimustrumental for all the instrumental lovers:

On a side note, I'm testing out a new music player, so give me your feedback below. I think this works better than Youtube.