Music: Yaushameen - Girlfriends (Feat. Aaliyah)

Yaushameen again... This time Aaliyah is on the track.
I don't know if there's a Static's touch on the song but, like DeVante did with Da Bassment, Static did a little bit of it by creating Southernaire Allstars. Pushing artists on the scene, & especially puttin Louisville up, & no matter what the money he did, no matter what famous he became, he never forget about his peeps, about his original crew.


talkingcrazy said...

thanks so much for the cdq, I LOVE this song!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for putting this cdq up in the "music download center" i saw that you put up a cdq version of the song steady ground on your youtube channel! it would be great if you could put that one up for download aswell! I'm really hoping that more unreleased stuff like where could he be? will be leaked in cdq

Farid said...

Edit: Static wrote the Aaliyah's verses, i knew it, but i don't know why i forget it.

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