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Music: Static Major - Questions (Aaliyah's Demo) (UPDATE WITH FULL SONG)

As we all know, Static & Aaliyah were close, you can feel the chemistry between the writer and the singer, and Static most impressive talent was his ability to write for a woman, to express a woman's feeling.
So there's the song "Questions" produced by Buddha, wrote & sung by Static, a demo song for Aaliyah, made around 2000-2001 i think. I don't know yet if she had the chance to record it for herself, but Static version shows his falsetto skills, he wrote for a woman, & even sing the demo like Aaliyah should sing it, amazing!
Stay tune for a snippet listening, something rare that i'm sure you don't wanna miss!

UPDATE: Here is the first installment of Static Music Monday.


  1. Nice post! I wonder if she ever got to record it. RIP Aaliyah and Static.

  2. I will be damned....u would think after all these yrs of listenin to static i wouldn't be too surprised at his talent for real anymore....stuff like this proves me wrong. Damn he was cold...

  3. Tim "Neeze" BarnettDecember 24, 2009 at 6:25 PM

    As some of you may know, I was right by Statics side when this shit was going on! And with tht being said, I always felt that he was speaking directly to babygirl (Aaliyah). The chemistry was off the charts. I miss my lil brother and lil sister dearly! I hope that you all enjoy and help us in continuing the legacy. They were both just really getting started!!! R.I.P. Static and Aaliyah, you both are truly one in a million!!!!!

  4. Tim "Neeze" BarnettDecember 24, 2009 at 6:28 PM

    @Tye, and for the record, she did record it. It was in that lost bag that I mentioned in the interview. Lol.

  5. Hey Tim, how many "unreleased" aaliyah music did U lose in that bag man?!

  6. Tim "Neeze" BarnettDecember 25, 2009 at 9:15 AM

    @dboy4100, just a couple. Some were placed on her last album. The good was that the internet era hadn't taken over yet! Lol.

  7. Wow! I wish we could hear Aaliyah's vocals from this! So they were on those hard drives in that lost bag and nowhere else? :( Whoever has those hard drives needs to return them or something! It'd be a shame if they were sold and just erased.... :(

  8. Lol cuzza this song i been callin people "laaaazzaaayyyy"...singin it , or tryin to, like Stats. people been crackin up. Anythng to keep the big homey's name in peoples heads!!

  9. When i first heard this i thought "static is doing too much"...after the 3rd listen i was feeling it hard...especially the way he goes into the 1st verse w/ "Are you as happy as you make me?"...his vocal control is nice on this song...lyrically the song is deep and the arrangements are nice...I am sure Aaliyah did it justice as well

  10. OMG this song...wowwww amazing! I wish we could hear some unreleased Aaliyah songs..

  11. i love this song so much..demo or not, its great!!

  12. Amazing...damn..sometimes, i get sadly angry, thinking of all they still had to share with us...RIP the discret giant of music and the princess of heart...

  13. I freaking love this song! I love the harmonies (I'm the biggest fan of harmonies), the arrangement and the questions themselves. I feel bad cuz I sound so awful singing falsetto! I love when he sings, "Is this foreeever or temporary?" lol I used to go around campus just singing that part!

  14. Simply beautiful.
    This needs to be on my playlist.


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