Ginuwine's fav Aaliyah moment

Nice to see that G gave a little shout out to Static in the video too.


B L said...

This raised my eyebrows. It's powerful to hear that his fav moment w/ Aaliyah was during the creating of my fav Ginuwine song!! (and mayb it is b/c static is all up in it) And that was real of him to make sure he shouted a RIP to Static. Respect to G!

Wharton said...

Too bad Aaliyah or Static aren't here to also talk about the making of "final warning" hopefully Missy was present and remembers it as well! Great to see G pay some respect to Static.

SPINNER said...

Thx G Thats was Good Shout out, I bet those sessions were truly PRICELESS. I know Steve Could Crack Jokes , Truly missed RIP BABYGIRL, ANd Major......4life

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