Interviews Ginuwine

Here is the interview my man Slam did with Ginuwine not too long. We were having some difficulty getting this interview together because our schedules were really conflicting. Luckily we were able to coordinate a time with Ginuwine and were able to talk with him for a bit.

Unfortunately we were unable to ask Ginuwine a lot of questions as it was late when we started the interview. G still shared some great memories of Static, Aaliyah and Devante. He also touched on the making of "Pony" along with "Same Ol G" and "Final Warning", and also discussed current projects that he has going on.

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Along with that, look out for Ginuwine's new single which should be out sometime soon.


B L said...

Ask G how he felt/what his thoughts were when he saw Static in videos years after they stopped working "crank it up" and "lollipop"

Anonymous said...

Where were you when you heard the news that Static had passed, and how did you feel?

Also how is your new album coming along and what can we expect to be different from it than your other albums?


(German)Chris said...

Can you please ask him if anything happend in the relationship between him and Timbo.And if there is any chance that they hit the studio together again for his next album.


Anonymous said...

I want to know how was Static in the studio with G and Tim

SPINNER said...

WHen was the last time that he worked with STeve and Y didnt he call on him to do more work?

producer James Moore said...

1) ask him about how he started out in Da Bassment & what was the day-to-day experience 2) ask him what it was like from the time he decided to leave Da Bassment up until the time The Bachelor was released
3) ask him about the song Bryan-Michael Cox said they were doing that was written by Static

SPINNER said...

Short But to the Point , ThX TSM, Love all the efforts that yall put in, YALL DO WORK FOR REAL.......4life

Anonymous said...

Thx for the interview,

If you get a chance next time,
PLEASE ASK... if he sang on "Love You Down"... particularly the first verse or was it indeed LB

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