Music: Al Green - Could This Be The Love (1995) (UPDATE With Instrumental)

Legendary Al Green released "Your Heart In Good Hands" album in 95. For DeVante who produced the song "Could This Be The Love", it was an honor, and what did he do??? He introduced again his fav Da Bassment artist: Playa!
They're on the hook & on the bridge with incredible vocals, Smokey is the one we can hear the most, Renee Anderson from Da Bassment is on the end of the track too.
It's great to see a legend like Al Green putting his trust in the younger generation, props to DeVante for doin a song that fits perfectly with the old school style & the newest style that Playa brings.

And here's a Live performance for y'all (just skip the 35 sec ad at the beginning of the video):

P.S: Maybe soon i can come with an extra for this post, stay tune.

Update: Thx to my man Stingy Boy for providing the instrumental, enjoy!


Buddha said...

Great post Farid. I love this track!

Farid said...

Thx man, time to go back to the basics!

Anonymous said...

thanks. This whole album was the truth.


Kelley said...

Never heard this song before! Love it! Thanks for posting! Now I have to go get the album.

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