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Music: Pleasure P - I Got My + Mixtape

Here is a song off Pleasure P's new mixtape "4 Your Pleasure Volume 1". I'm sure all of you will know this song. Thoughts?

and you can also download the whole mixtape for free:

Da Bassment Compilation: Timbaland, Missy Elliott & Magoo - Plenty Of Styles

Here is one of many Bassment songs we will be sharing with you from the cassette.

We're going to start it out with a rap joint by Missy, Timbaland and Magoo. I think it's amazing how polished all of them were already even though they didn't release any CDs yet.

More cassettes found

Looks like there will be more surprises coming our way. Neeze has found a couple of tapes himself. No one knows for sure what is exactly in these tapes, but let's hope it's more music!

Mystery Cassette Tape (REVEALED)

Someone put this cassette tape in Slam's mailbox early today.

We have no idea what is in there because well...who still has a cassette player? lol. Slam will be sending it to the homie Andy's house so we can convert it to mp3.

Until then, let's play a game. What do you think is in this cassette?

First person to guess it right gets a prize I guess lol


The results are in...

Slam, you are NOT the father

Okay but anyway, we can now officially confirm that the tape contains...

drum roll please

*drum rolls*

Da Bassment music.

Stay tuned as we will letting you hear this stuff in the near future.

Interview: Diamond Blue of Pretty Ricky (Part 1)

Check out this interview we did with Diamond Blue of Pretty Ricky. A lot of phone tagging was involved, but we finally got it done! In part 1 of the interview, Blue discusses about current projects that Pretty Ricky is working on and also about Static. You'll be surprised to find out what song Blue helped Static write!

Check out Pretty Ricky's new single "Topless"

And also be on the lookout for their new album Blue Stars 2.

Music: Southernaire All-Stars - Ghetto

We at the blog have let you hear a lot of exclusive music, and we're about to share another one with everyone. So you're probably asking, what is so special about this song? Well, this has been a song that many Timbaland fans have been wanting for a YEARS. It's been on ASCAP forever yet no one besides a selective few have actually heard the song. The wait is over though...

Check out this crazy track by Native, Yaushameen, J-Bird and Static.

Readers note: This has nothing to do with the cassette.

Shout out to Native for letting us hear this. Also big shout out to my good friend Jamar for hooking me up with this!

New Contest: Static Major What! Create a Theme Song for StaticMajorIsMusic

So I was listening to Ginuwine's "550 What!" which I might add is a personal favorite of mine and Buddha, and I got this great idea. When I heard Timbaland at the end rapping and throwing names out, it all made sense. So my pitch to the blog is, using a format like this, create a theme song for the blog. Now it doesn't have to sound anything like "550 What!" or even use the same beat, it could be all original music. But the catch is, if you could throw out the names of the moderators of the blog and even some of our more famous members, you would probably easily win this contest. Not only will we play the song when people visit the site, but we also have a prize in store, which will of course be worth your time. Once again, we'll have everyone vote on the songs that are submitted. Have fun!

Question of the week: What's next?

From time to time, all artists go through creative blocks and that is exactly what we are going through, so we turn to all of you fans. At we want to not only inform you about stuff, but we also want this site to be enjoyable. So the question is...what would bring the blog to the next level? More songs? More interviews? More contests? Let us know!

Music: Timbaland & Magoo - We At It Again

Of course we are all familiar with this song as it was released as a single on the "Romeo Must Die" soundtrack.

But check out this alternate version:

I know a lot of Timbaland fans have known about this song for a long long time, but this may new to some Static fans. You can probably tell that the chorus along with the beat are different.

Which version do you prefer?

Big shout out to J Boogie and talkingcrazy for sharing this.