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Mystery Cassette Tape (REVEALED)

Someone put this cassette tape in Slam's mailbox early today.

We have no idea what is in there because well...who still has a cassette player? lol. Slam will be sending it to the homie Andy's house so we can convert it to mp3.

Until then, let's play a game. What do you think is in this cassette?

First person to guess it right gets a prize I guess lol


The results are in...

Slam, you are NOT the father

Okay but anyway, we can now officially confirm that the tape contains...

drum roll please

*drum rolls*

Da Bassment music.

Stay tuned as we will letting you hear this stuff in the near future.


  1. I just hope it isn't recordings of Slam rapping back in High School! Lol

  2. umm, alotta bassment music? or static major music??

  3. Sadly enough, I still have a cassette player and cassette tapes. I also have a VHS.

    But, it's probably..... I personally would like it to be some old school unreleased material. Who knows.


  4. is it the lost demos that static left in that taxi cab?

  5. I had a cassette tape just like that once and on one side it had Mariah's Hero album and on the other side it was All-4-One! Maybe it's my long last tape!

  6. its a george michael cassette.

  7. yea i still got a rasio with a cassette player!!! vhs n all..neva leave old skool behind cuz u may need it one day..haha

    where did it come from, that'll help in the guess??

  8. music from da bassment!

  9. Clues recorded on tape about the mystery of Magoo's whereabouts.........the search continues!!

  10. whatever is on that tape, hopefully its something relevant to the site, that's also able to be shared lol, nothing worse than knowing about some music & not being able to hear it

    Magoo was managing producers, he managed the producer Hannon who works with Timbaland, and had production credit on the song "What You Been Drinkin' On" by Jim Jones, Diddy, Paul Wall & Jha Jha, which Attitude also recorded a song too ... he was also on the first Shock Value album

  11. It's probably a tape of playa jokin on each other in the studio late one night. lol

  12. I thinks its Playa's 1st Demo or something alone those lines something unreleased. Some Demo's Static did for other artist like Aaliyah,Ginuwine etc

  13. Its ginuwine tracks he made for him

  14. i like how they put static sitting next to devante & the rest standing up lol

  15. @ Yung Major, LMAO! I always kinda secretly liked that about this pic too...

    plus the slam you r not the father had me rollin, lol, yall nuts...ready to hear that BASSMENT ish!!

  16. strange i've seen that tape before, with my head-phones onmy head that i adourn, like the night waiting for the day, on my hands and knees praying that they would stay.
    Geees this life so strange un norm, all thees whispers of memories, people gone, wishing night would turn so quick to day, so the light could can chas...e the demon away. this must be sung in tune with GRACE JONES SONG STRANGE! CHEERS FELLAS memories from melbourn town.


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