Music: Timbaland & Magoo - We At It Again

Of course we are all familiar with this song as it was released as a single on the "Romeo Must Die" soundtrack.

But check out this alternate version:

I know a lot of Timbaland fans have known about this song for a long long time, but this may new to some Static fans. You can probably tell that the chorus along with the beat are different.

Which version do you prefer?

Big shout out to J Boogie and talkingcrazy for sharing this.


Aaliyah93089 said...

I remember the alternate version was in the Romeo Must Die movie when Anthony Anderson was getting out the car going in Aaliyah's apartment. But didn't it have a different beat?

Buddha said...

Yep that one is another alternate version of the song. Never been leaked in full though.

Tye said...

Oh wow! I never knew about alternate versions. How many are there in total? I like this one, it's easier to nod your head to.

Sebastian said...

Yeah Buddha is right, do you think Neeze would have it? I liked the beat to that one too.

Wharton said...

I still love Static's chorus on this alternate version...overall the soundtrack version is better, I think

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