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Music: Static Major - I Got My (feat. Lil Wayne)

Here is the first single off "Suppertime". Unfortunately this song didn't blow up like it should have. With that being said though, the track is still crazy! With production by Rudy and some help from the duo of Goodfella and YV, Static put it all together and created a timeless masterpiece.

As Goodfella said, this is probably the ghettoest pop song ever.

So the question for today is: What was your initial reaction when you first heard "I Got My"?

And here is the Dimustrumental for all the instrumental lovers:

On a side note, I'm testing out a new music player, so give me your feedback below. I think this works better than Youtube.


  1. works like a charm :)
    honestly, I didn't really liek I got my at first..but it grew on me.

  2. My first reaction was "only Static!!..." creativity at its finest...

  3. Man this is so powerful I had to comment twice..i just listened to the instrumental..that's a hell of a beat, respect to Rudy..and plus this song jus mentally takes me back to when he first passed in 08, cuz that's when it first came out really, .. listnein to this song just gives me a bitter sweet feel, cuz it's such a dope song..and was a genious follow up for Lollipop, but the timing of it bein that it dropped right before/while he passed, i almost don't like listenin to it for that's jus sad man.

  4. I luv it , My nigga Poppin his Chest out sayin IM HERE ,All the hard work , years away from friends and fam, & the sacrafices was all worthIT. Cuz HE MADE IT. Then was called HOME , We still have his music ,and spirit errrrrrrrrrr day allllllllll day. People ask me y thats all i listen to , I say He deserves IT. Reppin til I get that Call Home ........4life

    @bl i c u BWOIIIIIII

  5. I first heard static from lollipop so i decided to see who he was and the first song that came up was 'I Got My', and it was in my ipod in an instant, cos i thought this was gonna be a top 10 hit. So i started looking at his other songs and stories and every time i heard a song come out on the net im like wow. so my love for him/his music all statrted from this song.

  6. I think da youtube player works better personally, unless yout tryna allow ppl to post songs on social networks

  7. Thanks for the feedback @Anonymous. I'll likely switch back to Youtube.

  8. Now that was a some real ish right there Spin Dr...reppin till the casket drop!!! MAJOR MUSIC!

  9. At The first time i didn't like it, i remember i heard in in mid 2007 on a mixtape, i was like "damn, what is that???" Truth is i wasn't ready for that, cause i was use to hear Static on Timbo beats or on regular rnb beats. But it grew up on me, & only sttaic could come with a song like that, but i like the 1st version without Lil wayne, & song got a little different mix.


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