Music: Digital Black "Halfway" featuring Static Major

Here's a song from Digital Black called "Halfway" off of his 2004 album "Memoirs of an R&B Thug" that features Static. When I was first listening to the song, I thought it was a cool song. But once I heard Static jump on the track, it totally blew me away. The way he harmonizes and just completely adds a new element to the song is just amazing to me. I'd love to hear other people's thoughts and if you had the same reaction.

Digital Black "Halfway" featuring Static Major


Anonymous said...

i love this of my favs on the album. the whole thing is good actually! its cool to hear the different styles between them as solo artists vs playa.

LCSS said...

This is a good song. Black brings the emotion and Static sets it off w/ that harmonies on bridge.

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