Music: Denena ft. Static Major - What you working with

This song is a couple of years old and was featured on the Home Invaders Soundtrack, along with Backseat Girl, another joint Static was featured on. Enjoy Static's rapping and singing skills on this track!


SPINNER said...

Before TSM there was youtube and this along with a few others is all i had , And stays in rotation , so i respect al that has been done for the Memory and Craft of Stephn Ellis Garrett. Neva to Late . Neva Gone From my heart.....4life

B L said...

I 2nd that spinner. This joint was in major youtube rotation back around 08ish...he went IN on this too. Static the spitta!!...quick to click clack...get ya click Clacked...move too quick black..push ya shit back...u got a problem??we can fix that...yea FEEL ET

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